Politician Leonid Volkov: biography, photos and interesting facts

Members of the coordinating council of the opposition of the Russian Federation over time, become known and popular. Leonid Volkov is one of the brightest opposition politicians of our time, an employee of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and the head of the campaign headquarters of Alexei Navalny. Basic facts and information from the biography of Leonid Mikhailovich will be given in this article.

early years

Leonid Volkov was born in 1980, on November 10, in the city of Yekaterinburg. Here he spent all his childhood. Leonid's father is an honored teacher, a teacher of physics and mathematics at the Ural State University. By nationality is a Jew. It was his father who instilled in Leonid the love of exact technical sciences. This fact from the biography of Volkov played a huge role in his subsequent biography.

In 1987, the future politician graduated from the Sverdlovsk school and applied for admission to the same university where his father works.The faculty chosen by Leonid is Physics and Mathematics. He successfully studies here until 2002. After graduating from undergraduate, he decides to go to graduate school. In 2006 he defended his doctoral work on the topic "Models and algorithms for information processing in electronic document management programs". Having successfully defended his thesis, Leonid becomes a candidate of science.

Carier start

Prior to his political activities, Leonid Volkov worked in a variety of different companies and organizations. The future politician started making money while he was studying at the university. In 1998, Leonid’s talent as a young programmer was noticed by several organizations at once. Ultimately, Volkov gets a position in the Sverdlovsk company SKB Kontur. Here Leonid quickly moves up the career ladder.Leonid wolves

After graduating from graduate school in 2006, Volkov gets a job in the Office of Federal Projects (FPE). Here he soon becomes the main leader. Leonid gains a truly valuable experience in creating his own projects, which helps him greatly in the future. Volkov is developing electronic accounting systems and introducing new ideas into the company.

In 2010, Leonid Volkov leaves UFP. This is due to his active political activities.

Political activities: 2007–2009

The political life of Leonid Volkov was born back in 2007. Then he decides to act as a volunteer at the polling station. The goal is to monitor the progress of presidential and parliamentary elections. Two years later, Leonid decides to independently stand for deputies of the Yekaterinburg Duma. He wanted to do this as a self-promoted candidate in a single-member district. In his program, politician Leonid Volkov emphasized the problem of housing and communal services. He promised voters transparency and openness in spending funds regularly deducted by residents.

Shortly before the election, the Solidarity opposition movement is formed. The first person to whom the party drew attention was Leonid Volkov Volkov. The politician had previously planned to run as an independent candidate, and therefore refused to support from the movement. On March 1, 2009, Leonid won, and therefore became one independent deputy of the Sverdlovsk City Duma.According to Volkov himself, an extremely interesting picture emerged in the Duma: as a result of the elections, there were only 4 independent candidates, and the remaining 31 belonged to the United Russia party.

Political activities: 2009-2011

At the end of 2009, Volkov Leonid Mikhailovich (photo in the article) decides to take part in the non-governmental association Golos, whose goal was independent control over the conduct of elections. Later Volkov was able to achieve the post of regional coordinator in this organization.

In 2010, the politician founded the company "Projector", whose goal was to help launch online projects. The first such project was the wonderful site DalSlovo, with the help of which absolutely every citizen would be able to track the fulfillment of their promises by politicians.

wolves leonid mikhailovich politician

Political and social activities are far from the only thing that a politician Leonid Volkov does. The biography of this person contains in itself many other interesting points. For example, in 2011, Leonid publishes the book Cloud Democracy, which tells in detail about the possibilities for developing democratic institutions through information communications and technologies.In the same year, Volkov takes part in the creation of the PARNAS party. A little later, Leonid Mikhailovich became the head of the Sverdlovsk branch of the party.

Political activities: 2011-2012

The “Party of People’s Freedom” did not last long. In June 2011, the Ministry of Justice refused to register the motion. In August of the same year, Volkov became the founder of the Volunteer Movement Yekaterinburg organization. The organization was engaged in the financing of urban improvement.

In April 2012, Volkov refused to participate in the creation of a party that would combine PARNAS and the Republican Party of Ryzhkov. Leonid Mikhailovich decides to organize his own political movement.wolves leonid mikhailovich politician biography

Georgy Alburov, head of the notorious “RosVybory” project, director of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Vladimir Ashurkov, as well as Leonid Volkov himself submit to the Ministry of Justice documents for registration of the People’s Alliance party. The main goal of the movement is to restore communication between the institutions of civil society and the state. Soon, politician Alexei Navalny announced support for the "People's Alliance", but he himself refused to join this party.

FBK and cooperation with Navalny

What is known Volkov Leonid Mikhailovich, a politician whose biography is simply filled with work with a variety of parties and organizations? So, in August 2012, Volkov appears in the Coordinating Council of the Opposition of Russia. Here he gets the position of chairman of the central committee.wolves leonid mikhailovich politician biography photo

In 2013, Leonid became the head of the campaign headquarters of Alexei Navalny, running for mayor of Moscow. According to Alexei himself, it was thanks to Volkov’s high-quality work that his rating began to grow rapidly. Navalny won the second place in the elections, significantly overtaking all the other competitors.

In 2015, Leonid Mikhailovich again appears in the party "PARNAS". The work here turned out to be difficult and difficult. Ministry of Justice now and then rejected the documents, not allowing to carry out the work of almost none of the polling stations.

Scandals and rumors

First of all, Volkov Leonid Mikhailovich is a politician. Biography, photos of this man - all for a long time in sight of the public. Like any other opposition figure, Volkov remains a very "inconvenient" person for the authorities.That is why it is not at all surprising that so many rumors, conjectures and intrigues have grown around him.

Probably the most famous incident involving Volkov occurred in June 2015. While being with Alexei Navalny in Novosibirsk, Leonid was "bombarded" by chicken eggs by disgruntled citizens. Trying to protect Navalny from journalists and egg throwers, Volkov broke the microphone to a LifeNews journalist (according to the politician himself, quite by accident). A criminal case was opened on Leonid Mikhailovich under Article 144 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - “creating obstacles to legitimate journalistic activity.” wolves leonid mikhilovich photo

Another scandal associated with the work of Volkov in FBK and alleged harassment to some employees. However, according to Alexei Navalny, "Volkov is a good person and a competent politician; if any complaints were received, a special committee would be created to decide the future fate of Leonid in FBK."

Personal life

What else is interesting Volkov Leonid Mikhailovich? Interesting facts of life, family and children - the politician tries to carefully hide all this, leaving only the fruits of his work visible to the public.In principle, this approach is the most literate for most public figures.politician leonid wolves

Only the following facts are known for certain: the first wife of Leonid Mikhailovich was Natalia Gredin. It was with her that he created the company "Projector" and many other major projects. From Natalia, Leonid has two children: Margarita and Boris. Volkov’s second wife was Anna Biryukova, a staff member of FBK.

Leonid himself is fond of reading, traveling and chess. Volkov is the author of more than 30 scientific papers and 2 monographs. Leonid considers himself an atheist and a supporter of the "European path" of development for Russia.

Leonid Volkov today

At the moment, Leonid Volkov is a project manager of the Anti-Corruption Foundation and the head of the Navalny 20! 8 project. Leonid travels with Alexei Navalny, who has declared about his presidential ambitions, in the cities of Russia and opens campaign headquarters. wolves leonid mikhailovich interesting facts of life

On March 26, 2017, Volkov and other FBK employees were detained by the police and subjected to administrative arrest. The reason - the refusal to leave the fund during searches by his police. Shortly before the arrest, Volkov covered lively protest actions around the country related to the investigation of the corrupt activities of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Thus, Volkov is a competent politician and an active public figure, keeping up with the times. Leonid Mikhailovich tries not to stop at what has been accomplished and not to be afraid of the difficulties that constantly await both himself and the entire Russian opposition community.

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