Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi

Krzysztof Zanussi is a world-famous Polish film director, producer and screenwriter. His paintings entered the golden fund of world cinema. Krzysztof Zanussi was awarded many state and world awards and prizes. Biography and creativity of the Polish film director - the topic of the article.

kshishtof zanussi

early years

The famous director was born on June 17, 1939 in Warsaw, in a family of artists. Krzysztof received a versatile education. After graduating from school, he decided to make a scientific career and entered the University of Warsaw.

After studying at the Faculty of Physics, Krzysztof Zanussi continued his education. He decided to learn the wisdom of philosophy and entered the Krakow Jagiello University. Zanussi did not become a physicist, because even while studying at the University of Warsaw, he began to feel the beautiful world of cinema.

At first it was just a hobby. The future director was fond of amateur filming. It is noteworthy that some of them, for example, “Tram to Heaven” or “Students”, later became very famous. Gradually the passion of the movie began to grow into a passion.And at some point, Zanussi made his life choice. Science, he chose cinema.

New profession

Krzysztof Zanussi goes to Lodz, where he enters the High School of Theater and Cinema. When it is time to complete his studies, he embarks on his thesis and creates the film Death of a Provincial. This was the first serious picture. "Death of a provincial" was marked at film festivals.

Three years later, after graduating from the theater and film school, Krzysztof created the first full-length film entitled “The Structure of the Crystal”. The Polish film director has repeatedly stressed that he is engaged in shooting films both in order to get to know the world and to share his experience with other people.

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Author's style

A distinctive feature of Zanussi is the inclination to philosophical cinema. Although his paintings are colored, because of the peculiar landscapes on the screen, they give the impression of a black and white cinema.

In the Zanussi film “Illumination,” the central theme is the hero’s desire to comprehend a highly ephemeral absolute truth. Due to the fact that the mind does not know this truth, its search is gradually turning into a kind of mania.

In the film "The constant factor", released on the screens in the early eighties, the dramatic fate of the hero is played up. An honest young man hopes to know immutable values, but in reality he cannot find a place under the sun, because he constantly faces falsehood and lies.

What unites motion pictures "Illumination" and "Constant factor"? It turns out that although Krzysztof Zanussi did not become a scientist, the study of the exact sciences, in particular physics, was useful. The heroes of both pictures are people with logical thinking, employees of a scientific institute. Although they have to reckon with the fact that faith is needed, a peculiarity of thinking inevitably affects. A materialist manages to become lonely, even when surrounded by people.

Krishtof Zanussi is a filmmaker who creates his paintings based on the knowledge and philosophical conclusions he has been pursuing for many years. And therefore, perhaps, his films are not for everyone. The films of this unique artist are more likely for a narrow circle of viewers.

director kshishtof zanussi

In 1978, the Polish director created a very dramatic film "Spiral". This picture addresses the eternal questions associated with the fear of death, absolute truth, and faith in God.If we talk about religion, then we can make the inevitable conclusion - either a person believes in God or worships the Devil.

Krzysztof Zanussi was engaged not only in the creation of motion pictures. Since the end of the 1980s, the Polish film director began teaching. He lectured on cinema in the same school of theater and cinema, which he graduated from. In recent years, a number of operas and performances staged Krzysztof Zanussi.


In the list of his works such films:

  • "The structure of the crystal";
  • "Protective colors";
  • "The Year of the Calm Sun";
  • "Bra of our God";
  • "Heart in the palm";
  • "Black Sun".

Director Krzysztof Zanussi himself writes the scripts. He is a staunch opponent of globalization and postmodernism. This director never made films for easy viewing. His paintings make you wonder. Love, death and religion are topics that modern cinema touches less and less. The hero of this story does not pass them by. In his paintings, Krzysztof Zanussi speaks about human dignity and the impossibility to exist within the fatal system.

Films “Black Heart”, “Foreign Body”, “Heart in the Palm”,"Repeated version" - to date, the latest full-length paintings in the works of Zanussi. It is worth telling in brief about one of them.

kshishtof zanussi movies

"Black Sun"

The film was released in 2007. This story is about a happy married couple spending carefree time in their luxurious apartment. The picture, like many other works of Zanussi, is filled with symbols. The heroes of the film - Agatha and Manfredi - are like Adam and Eve, living in paradise. Eden symbolizes the apartment: silk bedding, beautiful paintings, decorative palm trees. But paradise is not unlimited. From the window opposite, with an annoyance, a drug addict, suffering from breaking, is watching with their happiness. And once in a fit of anger, he shoots a gun at Manfredi, who went to the balcony.

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