Pickled cabbage with beets: cooking recipes

Cabbage is such a versatile vegetable, from which a variety of dishes are prepared, in a variety of ways. Her fried, pickled, pickled, boiled. One of the most useful processing methods is pickling, in which our vegetable maximally retains all its properties. The reason - it is not subjected to heat treatment. In addition, this dish looks original and bright. So we will now learn a few recipes for preparing pickled cabbage with beets.

Recipe number 1

Ingredients: two kilograms of white cabbage, one beet, a glass of 9% vinegar, a liter of water, two tablespoons of salt, half a glass of sunflower oil, one head of garlic and one bitter red pepper. And now we proceed to the story of how pickled cabbage is cooked with beetroot slices. Clean, wash the cabbage and cut into two parts. Then cut each half along - about two centimeters thick and finally - into cubes.Sterilize the jars, dry. Pieces of cabbage laid in a jar dvuhsantimetrovym layer. Wash sweet red beets, peel it and cut into cubes.pickled cabbage with beetsThin in a jar. Rings cut the washed bitter red pepper. Peel the garlic, cut the clove into four parts. Again we return to the can and lay in it layers of cabbage, garlic and pepper. We repeat the pieces of our vegetable and beets. We make marinade, which is designed for a three-liter can. In one container, mix a liter of water, salt and sugar. Dissolve all this, bring to a boil and pour in sunflower oil. Turn off the fire. Cabbage pour this hot marinade and cover with a lid. We are waiting for complete cooling and refrigerate for five days. Pickled cabbage with beets is ready, it turned out bright burgundy color and has a savory taste.

Recipe number 2

Cabbage is a year-round vegetable and you can always figure out a salad from it. This recipe is similar to Korean. Cooking it yourself. Ingredients: one and a half to two kilograms of cabbage, one beet, one onion, three or four cloves of garlic. For the marinade needed: water - one liter, sugar, sugar - half a glass, salt - two tablespoons, vegetable oil - half a glass, vinegar 9% - 50 ml, allspice, bay leaf.So, we prepare such a dish as pickled cabbage with beets. To begin, prepare the brine. Fill the pan with the specified amount of water, pour in sugar and salt, two or three pieces of allspice for aroma and bay leaf. Boil, add vegetable oil and vinegar. Another minute boil. Meanwhile, chop the cabbage into pieces of the desired shape and put in a bowl or deep pan. Next, cut the beets into strips and mix them with the cabbage. Add crushed garlic and half rings chopped onion, mix well again. Cut vegetables from the hot brine. Cover with a lid, leave for eight hours at room temperature. Then remove the storage in the refrigerator. You can eat in a day.

Recipe number 3

This recipe is one of the easiest. Ingredients: one kilogram of cabbage, two beets, two carrots, five cloves of garlic, 50 ml of vegetable oil, a glass of 9% apple cider vinegar, three tablespoons of salt, 130 grams of sugar.cooking pickled cabbage with beetsHigh-quality cooking of pickled cabbage with beets is very much dependent on properly prepared marinade. We will start with it.Pour into the pot a liter of water, add vinegar, salt and granulated sugar. We put on the fire, boil. When all the ingredients are dissolved, turn off the heat and set the container aside. Shred the cabbage in small rectangular pieces, spread on a dish and mash lightly with your hands. Peel and chop the carrots. Beets, washed and peeled, cut into sticks as well. Cut the garlic. We lay out the layers in a dry and clean jar: cabbage, beet, then carrot and garlic. Repeat the layers to the top and pour in vegetable oil, two tablespoons. Fill the cooled brine, cover with lids and leave for two days at room temperature. Then we roll the covers and for another day in the fridge. The dish is ready, you can serve.

Recipe number 4: the preparatory stage

Cabbage, cooked in a similar way, is called chamomile. It happens that there are several days left before the New Year, and there is no such vegetable for the holiday table. What to do? Nothing wrong. Now we will tell you how cabbage marinated with beets is prepared, quickly and tasty.pickled cabbage with beets quicklyIngredients needed: one and a half kilograms of cabbage, 400 grams of beets, 200 grams of carrots, a head of garlic.For one liter of water, for the marinade, you will need: 150 ml of 9% vinegar, 150 grams of sugar sand, two tablespoons of salt, four leaves of bay leaf, several peas of black pepper and one tablespoon of vegetable oil per one half-liter jar. Cabbage is recommended to take elastic, late varieties.

Cooking process

How to cut cabbage, decide for yourself, you can cut small cabbages into only four parts. It all depends on the packaging. Crush beets, carrots and garlic. Cooking marinade. Put sugar and salt, bay leaf and pepper in water. We put on the stove and boil. Remove from the heat and pour in the vinegar. Let it cool. Meanwhile, we fill the selected container with layers: cabbage, carrot, then - beets and garlic. Doing so several layers. And you can just mix everything and lay tight.pickled cabbage pieces with beetsMarinade, which has already become warm, pour the container to the top. Water with vegetable oil, odorless. In just a few minutes our marinade will acquire a beautiful color. We roll up and leave for five days in a dark place. After the pickled cabbage with beets is ready, you need to store it in the refrigerator or basement. Bon Appetit!

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