Pianist Daniel Trifonov: biography, creativity, and personal life

By the age of twenty-five, pianist and composer Daniel Trifonov had managed to conquer the world with his art. He is applauded in the best concert halls of Europe, America and Japan. He masterfully performs works by Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and other famous musicians.Daniil Trifonov

Several times this young pianist won the first prize at world-class competitions, and once at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw received the third prize. Every day, Daniel Trifonov rehearses from six to eight hours. If, he says, to take the instrument from him, it will be an unbearable flour.

Biography of Daniel Trifonov

The “keyboard poet” was born on March 5 in 1991 in Nizhny Novgorod in a family of musicians. The boy's father, Oleg Trifonov, was engaged in punk rock in his youth, but after years he began to study more serious music. Now he is a composer, his mother teaches music theory in a music school, and his grandmother leads a choir.Even the great-grandmother and great-grandfather of the young musician sang at one time and were collectors of accordions. At the age of five, little Daniel, as befits children of musicians, having an absolute ear, became interested in music and sat down at the piano.

At the age of eight he already performed the “Seventeenth Concert” by Mozart with the Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. The boy, not without a smile, recalled how during the concert he had a milk tooth. Even then, the strong will of the future composer showed up - the boy played his part to the end.

Gnesin School

Through the years, Daniel recalled how, at a concert in America, the lights suddenly went out. The musicians in the orchestra continued to play, turning on the flashlights of their mobile phones, and the young man, despite the initial impulse to stop the music, played to the end to the touch.

Daniil Trifonov concert

Having decided to develop an extraordinary talent of a son, parents move to Moscow with one goal: to give Daniil to study at the special Gnesins music school. Since 2000, Daniel Trifonov became a student of a teacher, Tatiana Zelikman.

First teacher

The name of Tatyana Zelikman is well known among pianists and musicians, her students were also Konstantin Lifshits, Mikhail Mordvinov, Alexander Kobrin, Alexey Volodin and other performers.And, of course, thanks to her and the efficiency that Tatiana Zelikman instilled in Daniel, he won the competition organized in Moscow in memory of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and in Tel Aviv at the Artur Rubinstein competition (received the first prize).

Feeling in himself composer's skills, Daniel Trifonov, at the age of fifteen, enters as a student an academic composer, an associate professor at the Gnesins' National Technical University, leading a composition class at the MSSMSh named after Gnesinykh, Vladimir Borisovich Dovgan. He even manages to compose his own composition called “Rachmanian”, in which the young man tries to follow the classical traditions. Study takes three years - from 2003 to 2006.

Meeting in america

At this, Daniel Trifonov, a pianist and composer, does not calm down and decides to continue his studies in the United States of America. He enters the Cleveland Institute of Music. There he meets his teacher, Sergei Babayan. This wonderful teacher and musician, who came to America quite by accident, immediately recognized the talent of the young pianist.

Daniil Trifon's biography

At the first meeting, Daniel came dressed, as befits a young man of his years, in a t-shirt and jeans, which overwhelmed the teacher, but this did not prevent their creative union.To combine concerts, preparation for competitions and studies, Daniel Trifonov goes to a special Artist Certificate program, which allows for more individual lessons, while reducing some subjects.

Music contests

Preparing for a music competition to be held in Verbier (France), the pianist chooses Chopin composition with the help of a teacher (Sergei Babayan), while most of the contestants stop at Rachmaninoff's “Third Piano Concerto”. Chopin performed by Daniel sounds at the competition in the capital of Poland - Warsaw, and at the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. In fact, it was a risky move, but Daniel Trifonov made it and did not lose. Mystic Piano won the first prize in all competitions.

This victory allowed the young pianist to play in the best concert halls in the world. Many modern conductors, such as Mikhail Pletnev, Neville Mariner, Kshishtof Penderetsky, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Alan Gilbert, agree to cooperate with him. The pianist tours with a concert around the world and performs with the world's largest orchestra in the UK (London Symphony Orchestra), with the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra conducted by Valery Georgiev and other orchestras.

Will power of a young musician

Daniel Trifonov with the help of numerous competitions could temper himself. He does not react to praise in any way, but he loves criticism, although lately he has heard less and less. The young man tries to plan the working day, and if in the tight schedule he still manages to find time for rest, he prefers to spend it with friends, go out of town, visit museums.

Daniil Trifonov pianist biography

Daniel Trifonov is a pianist, whose biography, despite his young age, is rather saturated. He likes to see paintings by Vrubel, Kandinsky, Serov, Rembrandt, El Greco. Fine art gives him extra energy, and his echoes can be heard in the way Daniel performs Scriabin, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Chopin.

Own music

Now this gifted young man writes both orchestral and chamber music, he has a piano concerto. He considers the composition of compositions to be the main thing in his life, but he cannot fully devote time to this yet.

The concert of Daniel Trifonov is flawless, but before that, he and his mentor carefully prepare the program. They look through all the nuances, analyze the technical details that are clear only to them.When giving a concert with an orchestra, be sure to browse and adjust the corresponding rhythm. And this is a very important point, because if there is inconsistency with the orchestra, a cacophony may arise, or the musician will simply not be heard in the hall.

Daniil Trifonov the pianist

Having a strong will, Daniel Trifonov before the performance gathers her into a fist and focuses on the music. He tries not to listen to the performance of other contestants, as this discourages the artist. At best, he listens to the sound of this or that performance in order to experience the acoustics of the concert hall. His mentor and teacher Tatyana Zelikman, working in Israel, asked Daniel to conduct a Tel-Hai master class, and after that all her eighty students decided to become the new Trifonovs.

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