Phone "Lenovo A536": reviews, specifications

In 2014, a new inexpensive phone was released - “Lenovo A536”. Expert reviews have predicted him great popularity. The device combines an excellent working potential, a beautiful appearance, a relatively good equipment. For all this you have to pay about 5,000 rubles. The owners claim that this phone has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, which will be described in the article. Of course, many of them are fully justified by the price. The phone belongs to the budget segment, and its “filling” fully complies with the requirements of the category.

Let's understand, is it worth the money smartphone "Lenovo A536"? Reviews, features and description below.lenovo a536 reviews

What comes in the box?

"Lenovo A536" is packed in a small white cardboard box. It contains a photo of the phone itself and information about the model and manufacturer. Buyers do not have much frills, in a word, a budget series. However, the equipment surprised many.We were pleased with the modern charger with a USB cable (micro connector). There is a headset, though not the most expensive. Each item is individually packaged in a plastic bag. Necessarily the branded rechargeable battery is completed with “Lenovo A536”. Customer reviews are enthusiastic and laudable, as few expected such a wide range in the budget segment. A pleasant surprise was the presence of a cover (bumper made of silicone) and a protective film. Naturally, there is all the necessary documentation (warranty card, list of service centers, manual). Of course, many buyers have noticed the absence of a memory card, but for this price it is not critical. It can be purchased lenovo a536 reviews


Many people liked the Lenovo A536 smartphone. Reviews fully confirm this. Such an interest in appearance is fully justified. The front panel has a silver frame, which serves as a decor. It looks especially impressive on the black version. The rest of the set of elements is placed according to the standard scheme: on top - the earpiece, front camera and logo, below - the control buttons. This decision was positively accepted by buyers, not finding flaws.The only thing you could add was the backlight of the basic keys. As for the remaining connectors, the ports for the USB cable and headphones are on the upper edge, and the microphone compartment is on the bottom. The side buttons to lock the screen and adjust the volume, as usual, are located on the right. There is nothing unusual and innovative in the design. However, buyers consider it uncritical.smartphone lenovo a536 reviews

Ease of use

Those who have already purchased the phone "Lenovo A536", left a mixed feedback. Why? There are many comments to the usability. The first thing buyers noticed was the glossy surface. It has two obvious drawbacks - sliding in the hand and fingerprints on the back cover. Many people pay attention that during use you need to hold the phone tightly enough, as it constantly strives to slip out. It is advisable to use two hands, as the size of the device does not apply to small ones. Some owners have used it to prevent slipping, use a hole to remove the back cover.

Brief characteristics

What characteristics will please "Lenovo A536"? Reviews on this topic are not very happy, because not everyone liked simple equipment.However, in fairness it should be noted that in the budget devices it is pointless to expect a flagship filling.

  • Dimensions: 139.6 × 72 × 9.95 mm. The sizes are impressive.
  • Case: monoblock.
  • Standard: GSM 850/900/1800/1900.
  • Frequency range: 3G, WCDMA (UMTS 900/2100).
  • The number of SIM cards: two.
  • Processor: four cores, 1.3 GHz.
  • Processor Type: Mediatek MT6582M.
  • Memory: RAM - 1 GB, ROM - 8 GB.
  • Type and size of memory card: microSD, 32 GB.
  • Platform: Android version 4.4.
  • Screen: 5 ", 480 × 854 pixels.
  • Matrix - TFT.
  • The number of flowers - more than 16 million.
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • Data transfer: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.
  • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS.lenovo a536 specifications reviews

"Lenovo A536": characteristics, reviews and screen description

Unfortunately, the screen indicators are not ideal. The combination of a large diagonal and weak resolution can be seen with the naked eye. Many have noticed this when watching movies. However, there are more than enough parameters to work. According to the owners, the situation is saved by a high-quality matrix and good viewing angles. The chromaticity on the screen varies somewhat only when tilted vertically (uncritically). If you rotate the device horizontally, then such problems are not observed. In the transfer of the color palette is dominated by blue shades. Because of this, the screen displays the image in a cold tone. Brightness can be adjusted individually.In bright light, there is a slight fading, but the information remains readable.smartphone lenovo a536 reviews specifications

Interface Reviews

The Android operating system is used in the "Lenovo A536". Feedback on version 4.4.2 is generally positive. The shell is branded, it is already familiar from other devices of this company. The menu is sorted by catalogs, it is displayed in full on one screen. Application icons are standard. If you wish, you can add and remove widgets. Like many other smartphones, there is a curtain at the top. She is informative. Here you can view information about events and notifications, as well as get quick access to some functions. At the bottom of the screen are four icons. They can be customized to your liking.

The phone is equipped with proprietary applications only. From all of the customers, Security (provides data protection), SYNCit (synchronization), AccuWeather (weather), social networks, games, and original Yandex programs were especially highlighted.

Camera Reviews

According to buyers, the main camera is the main advantage of “Lenovo A536”. Reviews of it can be read only laudatory. It has a resolution of 5 megapixels. At first it seems that this is not enough.However, the pictures are still able to surprise with quality. It is provided by the presence of flash and autofocus. All photos are saturated, bright, clear, without noise. You can change the settings. Many people liked the option “Geo-tagging”. Thanks to her, the device will automatically determine the geographical location of the area, which is captured in the photo. The front camera is not suitable for selfie, as its resolution is only 2 megapixels. Owners are advised to use it only for conversations, such as Skype.

When shooting videos, the user can change the resolution of the camera from QVGA to Full HD and vice versa. Remarks of the owners relate to the lack of an autonomous button on the case that would activate the photo / video mode. You can launch the camera in the Lenovo A536 model only through the menu. This, of course, is somewhat inconvenient, but users have already come to terms. Also pay attention to the options for slow-motion shooting, electronic stabilization, recording 30 frames per second in Full HD quality, the use of sound.Lenovo A536 owner reviews

"Lenovo A536": reviews of the owners of the autonomous work

How long does a mobile device work without recharging? This question is asked every second buyer at the point of sale.However, those numbers that sellers call are officially declared by the manufacturer. And the buyer, of course, would like to know the real figures. After examining the results of testing, the task of which was to check the duration of battery life, we can draw certain conclusions. A 2000 mAh capacitive battery will be just a little longer than four hours when watching high brightness video. With an average load, the duration of battery life without recharging is approximately 1.5 days. For gamers, it is important to know how the battery behaves when playing for a long time on the device. During testing, the game was launched Dead Trigger. For three hours, the battery is discharged only by 23%. According to such results, it can be assured that the device will work for about 3.5 hours.Lenovo A536 Customer Reviews

Let's sum up

After reading this article, you can highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the model "Lenovo A536". The advantages of many customers include the battery life, the main camera, no doubt, a large screen, a simple menu, good sound of the speakers and microphone, no squeaks when you press the case, the classic arrangement of buttons and connectors.The disadvantages, according to reviews, are the resolution of the front camera and the screen, the lack of a second menu with application icons and the displayed button for taking pictures, a simple set of functions. However, all buyers said that the combination of price and equipment in this model is more than perfect.

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