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Millions of women who love curling their hair in curls, know how much trouble it brings. And how many endless hours you need to spend in hair curlers, trying to achieve the perfect result. The solution to this daily nightmare is chemical. curling hair that lasts a long time and saves a lot of valuable time. There are many different types of chemical perms, and the most relevant and most harmless will be discussed in this article.

Spiral curl

The most fashionable hairstyle in the eighties were curls. Curlers and curling tongs were sold everywhere. To this day, girls are very fond of playful curls, which give the hairstyle pomp and volume. Spiral vertical chemistry, 30 years later, is again in vogue, and many, and women around the world, have again begun to resort to this retromethodoc to create alluring hairstyles.

types of permSpiral curling of hair is done with the help of a long bobbin: the master winds the curls vertically all over the head and treats with a fixative composition, which can be alkaline, acidic and neutral.The result of this procedure are flowing and dense curls. They look like corkscrew curls or coiled spirals, and their thickness and size depends on the size of the bobbins used.

To perform a spiral perm, the hair can be both long and short, and the shape of the haircut must be cascading and done before the procedure. This hairstyle is perfect for owners of a long elongated face and sharp features.

Body wave

When using this type of perm, large waves are produced using large-diameter rollers. This hairstyle on long hair looks very beautiful and helps to give it volume. When choosing this technique, it should be noted that when unwinding, the long strands are slightly aligned at the roots and in this part of the head the curls will not be as intense. If a uniform curl is needed for a hairstyle, this can be easily achieved with the help of rollers of different diameters. But only a highly skilled master can wind the strands so that the transition between different rollers is not visible and there is no even space left.Another way to achieve a spectacular wave is Olivia Garden hair curlers, which are used to create a perm perm.

biowave hairHaircut for such a chemical. Curling should be cascading. The procedure allows you to achieve the desired volume and eliminates the long daily styling. Instruments for curling still have to be used, because the hair without their use will look too fluffy. Also note that the volume wave is not suitable for those who have thin and sparse hair, because to achieve the desired volume on such hair will not work.

Partial Perm

With this kind of perm, curls of medium diameter are formed, which are located in certain areas depending on the hairstyle, for example, on the tips. The curl itself can be any, but the most often used technique is a natural wave, it is also possible, if desired, to make them small and spiral-shaped with the help of various bobbins.

 light permPartial curling is perfect for girls who collect hairstyle from behind, as this technique is similar to soft waves, which are achieved with the help of curling. The procedure can be performed on any in the hair,Since the composition does not touch the scalp during application, it is still necessary to be extremely careful of the owners of thin and weakened hair, because this can make them too flat at the roots.

Layering and texturing

When creating curls in this technique, two different sizes of bobbins are used for perm. During the process, strands are wound all over the head, and are processed with a fixative composition. As a result, the curls will be of various sizes along the entire length, the hairstyle will look more natural and uniform. Such chemistry can even out and hide some defects, as well as this technique is suitable for those who have too homogeneous and unnatural hair.

Boost up

Radical chem. a curl during which the curl is on the bobbin and the composition is placed at the roots, which gives the hair a lush volume and helps it to rise a little. This technique is ideal for women with thin lifeless and fallen strands. Boost up is today an incredibly fashionable retro procedure, this method does almost no harm due to the use of gentle formulations and lasts 1-2 months, depending on the intensity of hair growth.

Inlaid perm

In order to create an elastic curl strand is formed on the large rod. During the procedure, the stylist winds the hair on the curling, closer to the ends, creating the illusion of a cascade. Inlaid perm adds fullness and volume for fine hair and is great for those who have a rectangular or square face shape. The waves help to balance the angular lines of the square and the rectangle and the face becomes prettier and more pleasant.

perm reelsThis perm is best done to women with hair of the same length, shoulder length and below.

Biowave hair

This is an advanced technique of chemical. perm for which different methods are used: Italian, Japanese and others. Its difference from the usual in that the hair is not subject to destruction, gain natural shine and smoothness. This is achieved due to the fact that cystine is the main component that acts during a hair curling session.

large hair carvingCurl with such a technique is mainly created with the help of barrettes and hair curlers and medium or short hair is best suited for this. As a rule, the hairstyle is created from fairly thick curls of the same size, the size of which can be controlled.The only drawback of such a perm is that the effect, as correctly, does not last as long as other chemicals. Curling, especially if the hair is long.


Such a light perm is an excellent choice for those who choose naturalness. The stylist during the session creates loose waves that look like light beach curls and beautifully frame the shoulders. This style allows you to improve the shape of the face, give it a prettiness, and also provides a soft form. It is possible to make a large hair carving on any length, but the longer the better the effect of random bending, which is obtained over the entire length without the formation of precise curls.

Classic intense

This is a simple procedure that will help facilitate daily styling and get playful lambs for the long term. During it, different compositions can be used depending on the desired effect and condition of the hair. When exposed to chem. the composition of the keratin bonds are broken hair, and they are deformed depending on the fracture. Vertical perm technology with classic separation can also be used.

Classic curls easy to lay and just care for them. This is ideal for those who want to save themselves from the usual styling and is suitable for hair of any length. Intensive curling works well with most forms of individuals. The only thing to consider is the length that can balance the image.

Harmonious image:

  • for a rectangular face - short;
  • for round - below the chin;
  • for the heart - at the level of the chin.

Chemistry is the opposite

The reverse hair perm or straightening technique is an interesting method that is suitable for those who have natural curls from nature. During the session, curls are aligned and become smooth. Such chemistry can be made on any type of natural curl and no matter: thick, thin, coarse, long or short hair. The reverse technique works great with most face shapes, but for women with rectangular and square shapes, it’s better to refuse such an operation, since straight lines only emphasize sharp corners.

How to choose a technique

There is a large selection of different techniques with all sorts of results, which allows you to achieve the most desirable image. Technologies differ in the type of chemicals used.substances for fastening and type of rod. The scrolling options suggested above are the main and most popular today. All species can be combined, and the results of mixing - this is a new species.

american permIn order to make it easier to understand the huge number of varieties should be divided into several classifications:

Reagents and agents for chemical wave:

  • alkalis - high risk of trauma, maximum resistance;
  • neutral method - acts gently and is more stable than acid;
  • amino acids - restore the structure and are used in biowave;
  • gels - used for the permanent (radical chemistry);
  • acids - do not harm the hair and are short-lived, are used mainly for easy chemical perm;

Rod types:

  • spools;
  • curling;
  • scooters;
  • papilotki;
  • bobbins (cylindrical, spiral);
  • curlers.

vertical perm technology

Ways to position on the head:

  • perpendicular to the parting, starting from the forehead;
  • composite - division into several vertical rectangular blocks;
  • staggered vertically and horizontally;
  • into three strands - the curl is wound from the middle, and the remaining section is divided into two parts, which are individually assembled into the remaining two bobbins for a perm.This technique is used very rarely and applies only to long hair.

In order to determine and be confident in the result, it is necessary to look at photos with the works of the master when choosing a salon, since many factors in different hairdressing salons are significantly different. And if chem. the curl will be done at home, then you need to contact a specialist to determine the composition of the hair and the method of treatment.

How to take care of curls after chem. curls

A few instructions and helpful tips:

  1. After treatment of hair with aggressive formulations for 24 hours, it is impossible to wash your hair, as this will lead to the deactivation of chemical. substances and curls just disintegrate.
  2. You must always use indelible mousse, conditioners and special nourishing shampoos, as well as apply a regenerating mask at least 1 time per week. This will help chemistry look better and last longer.
  3. In no case should overheating be prevented, since in this case the curls may even fall off. Drying the hair dryer must be done at the very minimum mode, and it is better to completely refrain from it.
  4. All chemical Curls, including Bio, dry hair.In this regard, you should refrain from frequent washing.
  5. You can not go to bed with wet hair and leave a towel on them.
  6. When combing, you must use a comb and avoid brushes.
  7. You can not straighten curls with ironing, as damage can be irreparable.
  8. After chem. procedures hair change color a little, becoming lighter, so it is desirable to make the color, but not earlier than after 2 days, and it is best to wait a few weeks.

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