Perfume "Champs Elysees": a description of the fragrance

Women's perfume as if exuding true femininity, tenderness and light spring mood. This is not the smell that can be called modern: it is worthy of the title "perfume, which is impossible to stop loving". If such a scent came to you from the first breath, it means that you are a true connoisseur of refinement and extraordinary softness in perfume. It is unobtrusive, but playful, light, but with a train it is able to seduce many.

Chic France, corked in a bottle

As you know, elegance is not subject to fashion. If for you the image of a beautiful lady, a chic, playful and slightly impudent nymph is attractive, then you will fall in love with the perfume "Champs Elysees". It is noteworthy that they are capable of not only forming an image, but will also harmonize perfectly with both the evening dress and the convenient way for a city walk. This is a perfume that does not distract attention from its owner, and even, on the contrary, appears as the last accent that allows you to feel more confident or even perfect.He so unobtrusively envelops you, distracts you from the dullness of everyday life, makes you see the beauty that surrounds you, and the beauty of your own inner world.perfume elysian fields

A composition that wins hearts

For more than a decade, the "Champs Elysees" perfume has been evoked only by its admired reviews from its owners. This is understandable, because not every fragrance allows you to feel at least a little bit like a Parisian woman. If you try to describe the fragrance in a few words for a person who is not yet familiar with it, it is best to say that the "Champs Elysees" perfume is shining, floral and fruity, but not cloying, as if crystal. They are unobtrusive, but noticeable, they can not be called monotonous. This fragrance emphasizes femininity, but does not add audacity.

The first sparkling notes of black currant, shimmering with hints of almond, further reveals the crystal rose petals, which slightly “soothe” the aroma, make it more noble. The heart of the fragrance is repulsed by mimosa - a gentle, fragile, so beloved and so long-awaited spring herald. Already at the base, you can distinguish the neat, not vulgar sensuality of hibiscus,which is balanced and accentuated by the sweetness of the almond tree. The fusion of all these shades as if sparkles from within, unfolds during the day, ennobles.

Perfect fragrance, which is really able to cheer up, give a real feeling of a mischievous spring, even in a slightly languid, grayish day, which is filled only with uninteresting things, when there is no time for a stroll through flowering gardens. It seems that only the perfume "Champs Elysees" can boast such a magical property.perfume elysian fields

Amazing story flavor "City of Lights"

Although the modern perfume "Champs Elysees", the description of which we considered, was presented to the public in 1996, the history of the aroma of Paris began back in 1904. Then the so-called classic version of “Champs Elysees” was created, which with the modern and well-known to us variant has not so much in common, only notes of incomparable mimosa, sweet rose, alluring almond and captivating hibiscus. Yes, the spirits "Gerlaine" "Champs Elysees" for over a century have been causing admiration precisely because they varied with the mood and taste preferences of modern women of the whole world, who always felt like Parisians in their souls.Today "Champs Elysees" is a great example of the fact that classics can be as changeable as the female nature itself. They are not filled with modern audacity and, perhaps, this is what makes this fragrance fascinating in the eyes of men, because they are able to emphasize the fragility of the nature of its owner. Such a girl as the most fragile flower, I want to protect, envelop with attention and always be with her.

It is a little about a bottle which has collected in itself spring

Perfume "Champs Elysees" (photo confirmation) beautifully packaged and have the original bottle. Feminine aroma breaks even through the glass, which holds the wonderful creation of the hands of real wizards of the perfume world - Jacques Guerlain and Jean-Paul Guerlain. Its outlines echo the silhouette of a tender female figure or the crystal of perfection. Or maybe it encloses the very pyramid of the Louvre, which became the last point of the most beautiful avenue of the modern world, which stretches, of course, from the well-known Triumphal Arch. Many interpretations can be seen in this bottle, but one thing is clear for sure: the spring sun, joyful smiles and warm wind are collected in the bottle, which immediately envelops its owner with the first drops falling on the skin.The perfection of its outlines is underlined by a flat cork, which, like a crown, completes the image of the bottle, becoming the last accent of elegance. Even the harmony of the crystal transparency of the bottle and the color of liquid gold, with which the perfume itself is enriched, tells us that the preciousness of the world of scents is stored here.perfume elysian fields aroma description

And what did the creators themselves say about their masterpiece?

“Champs Elysees” is a special perfume, like a charming song dedicated to spring and, of course, its first herald - fragile mimosa. But this song is not about a cold and too inhospitable spring, it is rather about those spring days that are remembered for life by its joy, the sun, blooming gardens and the real magic of reviving nature from an exhausting sleep.

The spirits of Guerlain "Champs Elysees" awaken in their owner all the most feminine and beautiful, which was hidden under the hard work of everyday life, pushing her to look high, to feel herself perfect and perfect lady who deserves all the colors of the world to her feet.perfume elysian fields reviews

Perfume that amazes not only with crystal fragrance

Many proprietors who liked the Champs Elysees (perfume), speak of their smell, as very persistent.It will not cause a feeling of suffocation because of its closeness even on the hottest day, that is, they are perfect not only for publication in the evening, but will also become your calling card for day receptions or important business meetings. Depending on how long you put it on your skin, you can easily notice that it is able to overflow with shades of different notes, which will take turns dominating, causing you to have a sense of delight and always lift your spirits. If you do not have enough sun in your every day and you would like your perfume to be really decent, moderately sweet, then Champs Elysees are created just for you.

Interpretation in EDP and in EDT

Depending on whether you want the “Champs Elysees” fragrance to be more persistent, or you are still a fan of light trails, you can choose for yourself the concentration of EDP, that is, a perfume that will hold even more than one day, constantly pleasing you with your presence, or EDT. That is, Champs Elysees toilet water is also on sale. Both options will be pleased with the high quality of the fragrance itself and its unique composition, which can be considered the standard of modern floral and fruit aromas.perfume elysian fields photo

Perfect gift for a decent woman

It is difficult to come up with a more elegant gift than the perfume "Champs Elysees". The description of the fragrance confirms that they are ideal for a girl or woman whose soul always has a spring covered with flowers and sparkling crystal dews. Such a gift brings joy, it will appreciate the modern lady who does not want to hide her femininity. It will be relevant not only in the spring. At any other time of the year, he will still be loved, so it is not at all necessary to wait for spring on the calendar in order to present a similar gift. They are thin enough not to bother on a hot summer day, but they also have warm notes that will warm you in winter. This is the fragrance that gives joy, and for joy there are no restrictions in time or season. This fragrance is suitable for falling in love, because the heart is most revealed for such feelings, when it is shrouded in spring light sunlight and transparent aromas of the first flowers.perfume gerlen eliseesky fields

If you indulge yourself, then only Champs Elysees

This is the gift that can be presented to your beloved. If you already seem uninteresting too sweet and "girl" scents that are cloying and quickly cease to like, then it is time to get a really decent perfume.He will very easily reveal your femininity and will not seem heavy, annoying. This is the fragrance that will not gather dust on the shelf with perfume, as it is selected not for the outfit, but for the mood and mood.

Should I buy a copy of the fragrance?

Spirits Champs Elysees Description

Please note that the description provided by us corresponds to the original, licensed perfume. If we talk about its copies, the ratio of ingredients may differ slightly, which will pull along with them and changes in the flavor plume, their level of resistance, the principle of disclosure of each individual shade on the skin of the owner. A good copy may not be as persistent, but it can also become an aroma that we love, because each of us has his own taste preferences. If you are a connoisseur of original Gerlen products and want to check whether this particular fragrance suits you, try starting with miniature bottles in 10 ml.

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