PDU snowmobile: review, specifications and reviews

The manufacturers of the Canadian company Bombardier, which focuses on the production of various motor vehicles, have developed and launched the PDU, a snowmobile that is suitable for tourists, hunters, fans of extreme sports, as well as explorers of mountain peaks and snow plains. The model has incorporated a number of improvements, received an updated frame, has undergone structural changes. Consider the functionality, characteristics, capabilities of such a unit in the context of its most popular types.brp snowmobile

Snowmobiles PDU: Specifications

Since the technique under consideration is available in several variations, the parameters of each model are different. Average scores are shown below:

  • The length / width / height is 3.2 / 1.1 / 1.15 meters.
  • Weight - 220-310 kilograms.
  • The nominal width of the ski track is 0.97 m.
  • The chassis is made of aluminum alloy, made in the form of a spatial structure with a front telescopic suspension and a rear sliding counterpart.
  • Brakes represent disk knot with hydraulics and the parking mode.
  • With a motor, it aggregates the transmission, equipped with a variator and the possibility of reverse in electronic mode.

In addition, all modifications are equipped with heated steering columns, seats and working devices. Informative panel allows you to track all the important indicators.

Power plants

The PDU is a snowmobile that is equipped with several engines, depending on the modification of the car. Main engines: 550F, 600ACE, 600E-Tec. The cost of an SUV depends on the type of power plant.snowmobile brp 600

Power of the units varies from 55 to 115 horsepower. The volume is indicated by the first digit of the marking (550 or 600). The limit rate of the considered equipment reaches 160 kilometers per hour. The newest model 1200 is equipped with a 1.2 liter engine, with a capacity of 130 "horses". It is designed to operate in the harshest conditions.

Snowmobiles - lineup

The PDU is a technique that is operated with the aim of solving various tasks in snow-covered areas. The technical parameters of each model are focused on the features of a particular region.

Thanks to good traction and ergonomics, the units are used not only by tourists, but also by extreme riders. The range of the manufacturer includes such models as:

  1. "Tundra",
  2. "Expedition"
  3. "Freerider",
  4. "Adventure" and others.

Already from the names themselves one can understand the possibilities and features of these machines.snowmobile brp links

Six hundredth series

The BRP-600 ("Scandic") snowmobile is equipped with a sixty-horsepower four-stroke engine. The power plant is manufactured by Rotax, has liquid cooling, two cylinders and a volume of 60 cm3. The engine is equipped with an electronic fuel intake system, which allows to increase the performance of the unit while reducing fuel consumption.

The front telescopic suspension has a power reserve of 150 mm, while the rear has a similar indicator of 340 mm. Structural features of this site make it possible to provide excellent smoothness of movement and excellent handling. The car confidently behaves on a snow nast of any density thanks to a caterpillar (width - 50 cm) and ground hooks, which guarantee stable grip.


"Sixth" BRP - snowmobile, which is a universal model, designed for two people. The powerful engine and design allow you to cross the area with various snow indicators. The fuel tank capacity is 45 liters. This reserve is enough to overcome three hundred kilometers. This is an important aspect that guarantees a long journey through the snow without refueling.snowmobile brp tundra

Steering column technology is made of durable metal, equipped with rubber pads, comfortable for the grip. The SUV has a hitch that allows you to carry trailed loads weighing up to a quarter of a ton. The driver is protected against oncoming airflow and snow by installing a high windshield that provides good visibility. This element is made of durable material that can withstand the blows of branches and pebbles when moving along forest or mountain paths.

Modification number 800

The Lynx BRP snowmobile (800 series) is a unit designed to overcome all kinds of obstacles in deep snow. In addition, this technique is able to perform all sorts of tricks, including jumps and rapid turns. The model is considered one of the best in its class.

The snowmobile is equipped with modern high-quality shock absorbers, arm brand suspension, which provides good handling and maneuverability in the snowy expanses of any configuration and depth. Bundocker of this series is designed for extreme driving, has the appropriate design and characteristics. Beginners who have not yet felt the full power and agility of the car, should be more careful behind the wheel.

Special features

The eight-series series BGP snowmobile has a two-stroke engine with a pair of cylinders. Its capacity is 164 horse power, and the volume of 79.5 cm3. The fluid system, electronic fuel injection and hydraulics provide economical, productive and safe machine operation.snowmobiles bpd characteristics

The equipment is mounted on a special reinforced platform, has a hydraulic brake unit. The caterpillar is 40 centimeters wide; additional stability is guaranteed by 59-mm lugs. The curb weight of an SUV is 234 kilograms, which greatly facilitates the implementation of complex tricks.

About modification for a harsh winter

The BRP-Tundra snowmobile is a multifunctional vehicle.It can work in various load modes. This ability has emerged through the use of ITC technology, which corrects the position of the throttle. The power plant operates in three positions, namely:

  1. Sports ride;
  2. "Eco" - mode;
  3. Standard movement.

A 60 or 90 horsepower motor is used as a driving unit. Such an engine optimally combines power capabilities and fuel economy.brp snowmobile prices

On the steering wheel there is a gas trigger and a flap control lever, which allows one-touch transfer mode of movement to another position. The equipment is designed for a couple of seats, equipped with a driven and driving pulley, a Brembo stainless steel brake assembly, as well as wide tracks with ground hooks that affect the stability and maneuverability of the machine.

Cost and reviews

The prices of the PDU snowmobiles vary widely, depending on the model and type of powertrain. In the domestic market, such SUVs can be purchased from 400,000 to 1.3 million rubles. Used machinery will be much cheaper.When buying, you should pay attention to the integrity and operability of the main undercarriage and traction units.

Snowmobiles are under tremendous pressure, therefore, users of such machines know how to choose a unit that meets all standards of reliability and safety. According to the owners, the PDU is a snowmobile that has proven its capabilities in practice. Consumers properly appreciated the excellent handling, comfort of movement (as far as possible on such a device) and good maneuverability.

Any equipment is prone to breakage, and PDU is no exception. But if you follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer and properly operate such a unit, the snowmobile will serve faithfully for many years, without failing the owner when traveling in the most severe conditions.snowmobiles model range brp


The considered equipment is very popular with tourists, extreme lovers, connoisseurs of winter hunting. Due to the variety of modifications, any consumer can pick up a copy for specific conditions and at a convenient price. As practice and test drives show, the PDU is a snowmobile that has few equal analogues in the corresponding class.

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