Pavel Kuzmin - theater and film actor

Actor Pavel Kuzmin was born in 1985 in the former Soviet Union. He celebrates his birthday on November 10th.

Pavel started learning the actor's craft while he was still studying at the Schepkin Higher Theater School. In particular, the talented student was entrusted with the role of Pritykin in the performance, staged after the work of Maxim Gorky “Barbarians”.

Professional guitarist and dancer Pavel Kuzmin was involved in graduation performances staged after the works of Mikhail Bulgakov, and in theatrical productions, the scenarios for which were works by Ivan Turgenev and Alexander Ostrovsky.

Pavel Kuzmin - theater actor

After studying at the institute (he began his studies in 2009), Pavel got into the Moscow Drama Theater. Stanislavsky, on the stage of which he played in performances of plays by J. Zhirod and Presnyakov brothers, as well as in performances for children.
Currently Pavel Kuzmin is an actor of the State Theater of Nations.

The first steps in the cinema

Pavel KuzminAs a film actor, Pavel Kuzmin made a name for himself back in 2009, when he starred in A. Eshpai’s drama “Ivan the Terrible”. The next work in the cinema was the role of Constantine in the film “Love on Demand”, and then the actor was approved for the role of Igor in “Melodies of Love”.

This fame came to him after the TV series "The Sky is on Fire" and "Aliens Wings."

One of the latest film works of the actor is the role in the series of directors Valery Uskov and Vladimir Krasnopolsky “To marry Pushkin”.

The main protagonist of this multi-part film is the businessman Sazonov, who is attempting to mend relations with companions. One of the options to achieve the desired - to arrange a daughter's marriage with the son of a business partner. The obstinate girl does not share her father's hopes for the future. To annoy daddy, met with a literary Pushkin from the province. But when the desire to take revenge on the father gives way to feelings, there are no longer any stunning plans.

Pavel Kuzmin ActorThe army of admirers of Pavel Kuzmin increased significantly after the release of the serial Queen of the Bandits. The basis of the plot of this series formed the life situation in which many people fall today.

If someone respects the entrepreneur Burov, then only the so-called criminal elements.But almost everyone is afraid of him. This rich madcap and the owner of the local market keeps the inhabitants of a small town in fear.

The beauty Polina is working on the market - a simple-minded and modest provincial girl. Polina used to earn a living through honest labor. When her mother was seriously ill and the girl urgently needed a large amount of money, Burov offered her a deal. He wants to buy Pauline’s love, and the girl, not finding any other way out of this situation, agrees.

In addition to the shooting, Pavel Kuzmin is engaged in dubbing of foreign films. The actor took part in the dubbing of the films Telekinesis, Mission Impossible: The Phantom Protocol and others. Despite his busy time in the cinema, Pavel finds time to play sports: kickboxing, gymnastics and karate.

Pavel Kuzmin: personal life

Pavel Kuzmin personal lifeVery few Internet sites dedicated to the life and work of theater and film actor Pavel Kuzmin, can boast any information about his personal life. There is only indirect information about the relationship of a film artist with the opposite sex, which can hardly be called absolutely reliable.

Pavel Kuzmin - an actor whose personal life (if you can only trust the unconfirmed information made public on the Internet) did not quite take place. He was allegedly married to actress Alla Yuganova, who now alone is raising their daughter.

Network users about the work of the actor

Pavel Kuzmin actor private lifeThe comedy animated film by Rinat Gazizov, The Adventures of the Good Soldier Schweik, received the highest rating of visitors to online cinemas. The film was created in 2009 in Ukraine.

The good-natured but very talkative Josef Schweik, disqualified from the army as a hopeless idiot, is again called to war to serve as cannon fodder.

The second place, judging by the number of downloads, users of the World Wide Web gave the series, filmed by director Karen Adamyan, called "Chess Player Syndrome".

In the quiet town of Torbinsk a “liquidator” of criminal authorities appeared. Popular rumor attributes a chain of mysterious murders to a certain chess player, whom no one knows by sight. Everyone is interested in apprehending a mysterious hero: the peace officers and the local lads.

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