Paul Fusco: biography, photo and creative way

Paul Fusco - American voice actor, puppeteer, screenwriter, director and television producer. Best known as the creator of the famous TV series "Alf", where in addition to producing, staging and writing the script was noted as a puppeteer and voice of the main character. After the closure of the series continued to develop numerous projects related to Alf.

Childhood and youth

Paul Fusco was born on January 29, 1953 in New Haven, Connecticut. In high school, he became interested in theater and film production and soon began his career as a puppeteer, illusionist and ventriloquist.

The beginning of a creative way

At the beginning of his career, Paul Fusco took part in local television shows for children, where he acted as a magician and a puppeteer. In the early eighties, he met Bob Fappiano and Lisa Buckley. Together they wrote, produced and played puppeteers for several projects of cable channels HBO and Showtime.

In 1984, the creative biography of Paul Fusco changed forever. He came up with the character Alpha, made a special doll and began to develop the concept of a television series.Through mutual friends, he met with screenwriter and director Tom Patchett, who helped him write a pilot series.

The series "Alf"

The series was soon launched into production on the channel NBC. The first season came out in 1986 and immediately gained recognition from the general public. The sitcom about the sarcastic stranger was one of the most popular television products of those times. In the first series inside the suit Alpha was the actor Mihai Misarosh, whose height was only 83 centimeters. After that, he was replaced by a special doll that Fasco himself ruled.

In the process of shooting

In total, there were four seasons of the series, which included ninety-nine episodes. Initially, it was decided to release five seasons, verbal agreement was received from the head of the channel to extend the sitcom, however, "Alf" was unexpectedly closed after the final of the fourth season.

Despite the unexpected closure of Alf, it still remains one of the most successful comedy series of the eighties, the rights to show it were sold in many countries of the world, and the main character is one of the most recognizable characters of popular culture.

Other projects

After the closure of the series, Paul Fusco began looking for sources of funding for the production of the project, which would help to logically complete the character's story.In 1996, ABC agreed to help Fusco shoot the television film “Project Alpha.” Apart from Fusco himself, no one from the main cast of the sitcom participated in the production of the film. Despite the presence of the famous actor Martin Schin, the “Alpha” project did not succeed with TV viewers .

During the show "Alpha" Paul Fusco took part in the creation of two animated series based on the series for the channel NBC. The animated series "Alf" told about the life of a character on his home planet Melmak before the events of the original series, and "Alpha Stories" were retellings of famous fairy tales and legends in a comical manner of a popular newcomer. In both projects, Fusco acted as executive producer and voice actor. Also during the show, Marvel Publishers released fifty comic book numbers based on the sitcom, the action of which develops in parallel with the events of the series and complements them.

Animated series

In 1991, Paul Fusco developed for the NBC channel the animated series Space Cats. He voiced one of the main characters. A total of thirteen episodes were released, but after the first season the series was closed.

In 2004, Paul Fusco released Talk Alpha, where he parodied the evening show genre. The newcomer from Melmak acted as a presenter and interviewed famous actors and artists, including Brian Cranston, Eric Roberts and Tom Arnold. A total of seven program releases were shown, after which the show was closed by the channel due to low ratings. In 2009, the program entered the rating of the worst talk shows in history.

Evening show alpha

Paul Fusco continues to voice Alpha for other programs. Among the recent appearances of the character are the popular series “Mr. Robot” and the parody documentary “Donald Trump: The Art of the Deal”.

Paul Fusco also appeared in the role of Alpha in several advertising campaigns, including the world famous fast-food chain Burger King.

In 2012, in the wake of the popularity of reviving franchises of the eighties, such as 21 Jump Street and Muppet, negotiations began on the production of a feature film based on the series Alf. Unlike past franchise projects, the picture should be filmed using computer graphics, not puppet characters. The creators of the sitcom are helped by the producer restarting the famous animated series Smurfs. Production and distribution of the film should take a large Hollywood studio "Sony".

Thanks to the popularity of the series, many by-products were released, including six video games based on the sitcom, plush toys in the form of Alpha and collectible photo cards. Paul Fusco as the creator of the character to this day receives deductions from sales of these products.

Paul Fusco and Alf

Personal life

Since 1978, Paul Fusco has been married to Linda Fusco, who during her husband's television career worked with him as a personal assistant, special effects specialist and screenwriter. The couple have a child, son Christopher.

Height Paul Fusco is 185 centimeters, weight 56 ​​kilograms.

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