Change of passport: how is it going and what is needed for this?

The duty of every citizen (without exception) is a change of passport. This document we all receive three times in our lives. And at least. Some - more often, for personal reasons by name, patronymic, etc.). Many people think that changing a passport is a long and tedious thing. But it's not so scary.

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When is the time?

Passport change is required at 20 and 45 years. The first identity card we get at age 14, while still teenagers, children. For 6 years, the person's appearance changes, he becomes older - and now, it is almost impossible to catch the external similarity with a child, whose picture is in the passport. Because you need to go to the FMS and change it to a new one. He will serve his owner for 25 years. Yes, the next change of passport is coming only when a person turns 45. The vast majority of girls, of course, change the document again during this time. Due to her getting married and changing her last name. But some decide to leave the maiden - and they do not have to go through this procedure again.

 how to exchange a passport

What is needed for this?

So, now you should list the list of documents you need to have with you to get a new identity card. The first is a statement of the established form. By the way, the sample can either be downloaded (it is today, thanks to the fact that it is freely available), or you can watch and take it at the local department of the Federal Migration Service.

In addition, you will need an old passport, two pictures (35 by 45 mm in size), a residence permit certificate (you can not take it in the housing office, a page from the old ID card with registration will suffice), as well as a military ID, passport, certificate of citizenship etc.

But not only that is important. In order to successfully change a passport, in addition to all the above, a person must also bring a receipt for paying the state duty. The account number to which it will be necessary to transfer a certain amount (usually 300-350 rubles) can be viewed in the district FMS. Receipt should not be thrown away. Suppose that at the time of 2016 it is possible to provide and only its details - it should be warned against errors In state agencies, the requirements are constantly changing.

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State services

Now is the age of modern technology. And today you do not need to go to the passport office at all, stand in long lines to file documents. Today, the exchange of passports is possible via the Internet.Namely - through the portal of public services. Just to start there you need to register. Everything is very simple. The passport details of the person and full name, place of registration, phone number and e-mail are indicated. In general, the registration process takes about 10-15 minutes. But then you need to confirm your identity. The most popular way is this: within 14 days, a letter is sent to the registered person by mail. Absolutely free. It contains a unique code that a citizen will have to enter in a special confirmation field by logging into your account. After he does this, the profile will be activated. And the person will be able to use any service.

How to exchange a passport on the portal? Very simple. It is necessary to leave a request in the appropriate section - and that's it. It will also take about 10 minutes. The form is as simple as possible - passport information, registration information, full name are indicated there. etc. Then you will need to upload a high-quality digital photo for the future ID. When everything is ready, you will only have to wait for notification on the e-mail or phone.

 passport exchange


Finally - a few words about what time you need to meet, making a new passport.After the occurrence of 20/45 years (or after changing the name), a person has exactly 30 days to apply to the FMS. It would seem a lot! But many do not fit into this period. They forget some documents, collect them, pay state fees, decide simply to “postpone for later” ... and pass 30 days. And if you do not have time - you have to pay a fine. 2000 rubles for all, and 3-5 thousand - for residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

By the way, it will take 10 business days to wait for a new passport. But in fact, the document is done several times faster - in less than a calendar week. But if a person decided to make a passport at the place of stay, rather than registration, you will have to wait 2 months. These are the rules.

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