Paint "Matrix": a palette of colors

Every woman dreams of rich and bright hair color. However, among the abundance of modern paints it is difficult to find a truly high-quality product. Professional non-ammonia which is really rich and diverse, offers women high-quality and durable staining. You will learn about its features and how to use it in this article.

"Matrix" - professional hair dye

The history of the world famous manufacturer of professional hair dyes began in the distant 1980. It was then that the fashionable hairdresser of the United States, Arnie Miller, introduced the Matrix hair product line. The brand became so popular in America that already in 2000 it was bought by the French company L’Oreal. This made it possible to distribute the products of professional hair dye products throughout the world.

paint matrix palette

What distinguishes the paint "Matrix" - a palette of colors, photos of which can be studied below in our article. Her rich shades will make any woman look great. In this case, the hair does not cause any harm.After all, all Matrix paints do not contain ammonia and are absolutely safe to use.

Features paint "Matrix"

Initially, the paint was created exclusively for use in beauty salons. However, product quality is so high that thousands of women around the world use it for self-dyeing at home.

Among the features of paint are the following:

  • Using the latest advances in dyeing using modern equipment and high-quality materials.
  • Product sales exclusively through the official representative offices of the company and beauty salons.
  • The presence of a wide palette of saturated colors.
  • Careful coloring even the most damaged and gray hair.
  • Resistant color and gloss for four weeks after dyeing.
  • Essential oils and nutrients in the composition that care for hair.

All these features have professional paint "Matrix". The palette, the photo of which is presented in this article, includes all the hair colors known to hairdressers. From the lightest "12.0" to the blackest "1.0".At the same time there are various tones - from ashen and pearl to chestnut and red. Paint "Matrix", the palette of which will delight any woman, is a prime example of high-quality dye, created by the latest technologies.

Matrix paint without ammonia palette

How to use professional paint?

Unlike household dyes, professional paint "Matrix" requires compliance with certain rules when painting. In the configuration you will not find the usual tube of paint, an oxidizing agent and a pair of gloves. Instead, the manufacturer offers a box with a tone number and a coloring cream. In this case, the oxygenant must be purchased separately. Its percentage will depend on the desired degree of staining. So, 1% oxygent suitable for tinting hair. While 8-9% oksigent used for persistent staining in cardinal colors. However, such a high percentage strongly affects the hair structure, so it should not be held for longer than 20 minutes. When buying a professional paint "Matrix" in a specialized store, a consultant will help you choose the optimal percentage of oxygenating agent according to the desired shade of hair.

paint matrix palette photo

Paint palette "Matrix"

Professional paint not only has a sparing property, but also contains a wide range of shades. So, any woman can choose for herself an ideal color for a cardinal change of image or for toning of a natural hair color.

“Platinum Blonde” or “Blue-Black Brunette”, “Golden Auburn” or “Red Copper” - any of the shades of the Matrix palette will look great. No wonder professional hairdressers prefer this particular brand to work with their clients. Paint "Matrix", whose color palette is very diverse, includes the following series:

  • Ultra-resistant dyes "Sokolor Beauty"designed to produce a rich and vibrant color.
  • Tinting preparations "Color Sinc"for refreshing natural hair color.
  • Means "In-Light"intended for bleaching hair before dyeing.

Each of the series has its own unique composition based on natural ingredients and the latest technological advances. This is precisely what makes Paint "Matrix" different from its analogs. The palette, the photo of which can be studied in this article, is extremely diverse, which allows us to recommend it to all women without exception.

paint matrix color palette photo

Resistant paint "Matrix Sokolor Beauty"

A series of ultra-resistant dyes does not contain ammonia, which is its main advantage. After all, organic products do not injure hair, while providing high-quality professional coloring, which is what the brand "Matrix" is famous for. Paint without ammonia, the palette of which contains the most popular shades, easy to use and self-applied. Therefore, it can even be used at home. In this case, to choose your perfect color can be as very blonde and burning brunettes. The main thing is to remember that it is impossible to dye very dark hair in bright colors. This requires pre-clarification of a special tool "In-Light." It can also be purchased in specialized stores for hairdressers.

non-ammonia paint matrix palette

Paint "Matrix Color Sync"

Toning was designed specifically to revitalize the natural color of hair. You do not need to drastically change their native shade and traumatize persistent dyes. Paint "Matrix", whose palette is very diverse, offers a special series for tinting at home under the name "Color Sink".With this tool you can give your hair the same shine and elasticity. In this case, the result will last from four to six weeks. The ideal shade for toning should be one tone higher or lower than the natural color. Otherwise, the result will simply not be noticeable. In this case, you should not use too high a percentage of the oxygenant.

How much is the paint "Matrix"?

Despite the fact that the paint "Matrix" was created for professional use, its cost is quite democratic. So, you can buy a tube from any series for 550 rubles. At the same time, the price may differ in different regions of Russia and the CIS countries.

However, we must remember that it is necessary to purchase not only a tube of coloring cream, but also an oxygenant suitable for dyeing, which will cost about 350 rubles. You can decide on his choice directly in the store. In addition, for additional protection of hair, you can purchase a special chromo-energy complex (CEC). Professional hairdressers always use it during dyeing. That is why after visiting the beauty salon hair looks healthy and shiny for a long time.

paint matrix color palette

Where to buy hair dye "Matrix"?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to buy professional paint in regular stores of household chemicals or cosmetics. The manufacturer sells its products exclusively through beauty salons and specialized equipment stores for hairdressers.

If there is no official representation of this brand in your city, you can order paint on the Internet by issuing free home delivery. The web has always presented the widest range of palettes and additional care products to maintain the beauty and health of hair.

Resistant hair dye "Matrix": reviews of real buyers

You can judge the quality of any cosmetic or caring agent solely from the experience of those who managed to test it on themselves. Paint "Matrix", whose palette is wide and diverse, is very popular not only among professionals, but also among ordinary consumers.

Women note the high quality of the product at a fairly affordable price. At the same time, the consistency of the paint, which is pleasant and convenient for application, and the absence of a strong ammonia odor, are particularly noticeable.That is why the tool can be used even for the most sensitive scalp, which highlights the brand "Matrix". Paint without ammonia, a palette of which is not worse than ammonia analogues, is an excellent example of high-quality professional tools. Both hairdressers and ordinary women all over the world can appreciate this.

Matrix Professional Paint Palette

Experts say that the latest achievement in the field of dyeing - paint "Matrix". The palette, reviews of which only confirm her bright and saturated colors, allows any woman to choose the perfect shades. You do not need to spend money on trips to beauty salons. After all, with the paint "Matrix" can be achieved professional staining at home. In this case, you not only update their color, but also improve the appearance. And as you know, the general condition directly depends on this.

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