Pain in the sternum to the right

Pain sensations in the sternum can occur in different areas. Their localization depends on the location of the focus of the disease and its nature.

Pain in the sternum on the right, characterized byintensity and duration for several days, may indicate aortic aneurysm. The symptom is not associated with a physical load. In this case, the pain in the sternum on the right can irradiate into the lower jaw or neck.

With thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery, general weakness is noted, in some cases, loss of consciousness, hemoptysis. This disease also accompanies the pain in the sternum on the right.

Painful manifestations of short-termcharacter, characterized by a clear localization can be noted with pleurisy and pneumothorax. As a rule, with the pain in the sternum on the right occurs in combination with pulmonary symptoms (dyspnea, cough) with deep breathing. With a tumor of the lungs, the symptom is dull, aching, pressing, burning or boring. Pain can radiate into the abdomen or shoulders.

Chronic pain in the right portion of the chest, with permanent localization, mild, associated with muscular tension indicates neurological ailments.

If such conditions occur, you should consult a pulmonologist, an oncologist, an orthopedist. In a number of cases (when seizures occur) it is necessary to call an ambulance.

The pain behind the sternum on the right can be one of themanifestations of pathological processes. The manifestation of this symptom can accompany osteochondrosis (thoracic), gastroesophageal reflux, inflammatory processes in the cartilage.

Pain under the breastbone can occur from the right or left side, depending on the focus of the pathology.

When stretching, increasing the capsule of the spleen, painful sensations appear on the left.

Spleen rupture caused by close proximityher to the surface of the body, infectious mononucleosis or trauma, other than painful manifestations under the left sternum, are accompanied by cyanotic skin near the navel. Cyanosis appears due to blood clots.

With gastritis, the pain is also localized under the left sternum.

Symptom also accompanies peptic ulcer, functional dyspepsia, stomach cancer.

The pain under the left breastbone is a characteristic manifestation of the diaphragmatic hernia.

With myocardial ischemia, the symptom arises from emotional stress, after eating, as a result of physical overexertion. Irradiation is also noted in the left hand.

In acute myocardial infarction, similar to ischemiamyocardial symptoms. However, in the first case, they are characterized by greater intensity and duration. In this case, the attack lasts about a half an hour. The pain does not pass either at rest or after taking nitroglycerin.

Soreness on the right side can be a consequence of hepatitis (an inflammatory process in the liver).

With heart failure, the heart muscle does notpumping blood at full strength. As a result, a part of the blood stagnates in the lungs and liver. Stagnation of blood in the liver provokes its increase (stretching). This condition is accompanied by pain in the right side of the sternum and a lack of breathing.

Soreness in this area can cause other liver damage (for example, its inadequate functioning), as well as stones in the gallbladder.

Development of diseases of the gallbladder, alcoholismcan provoke pancreatitis (inflammation in the pancreas). For this disease are characterized not only pain, manifested in the form of seizures, but also profuse sweating, nausea. Strengthening of soreness is marked in a horizontal position. Herradiation to the back region is observed.

The pain under the right side of the sternum is accompanied by kidney pathology.

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