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Today we will talk about such a site for earnings,as a PageTester. Reviews about it are very diverse, and therefore it is worthy of attention. To begin with, we will describe the personal experience of communicating with the site, and after that we will estimate that others think of it.


pagetester reviews

Most often Pagetester does not find the task, butbefore we understand this problem, we note that this is a completely unique exchange. The site was developed by professional designers. To access the project, you must use a browser based on Chromium. After going to the website address, a special pop-up window will appear. Next, you need to install a special plug-in, thanks to which the resource works. Run it. There is an offer to indicate the mobile phone number. This is necessary to get registered. The phone will receive a message with the confirmation code of the operation. It must be entered in the appropriate field. Next, the selection of suitable tasks should begin. After the work is done, money, according to the creators, will be sent to the phone through which the registration took place. Only customers of Russian telecom operators are eligible to participate. If we talk about the project in general, it is positioned as a system for testing sites.


pagetester does not find jobs

About reviews are quite diverse, but first let's share personal impressions of the project. The first thing that surprises at the entrance to the project is its appearance. Now let's look at the query "http //, reviews". It is introduced to Yandex 500 people every month. The resource itself is interested in 2700 users. Let's not forget that this is a new project. At the same time in the search site takes 68th place among the projects that allow you to earn money on the mobile phone account. We managed to get registered by all the rules and get to the stage of selection of tasks. However, after half an hour of work for us and was not found. What is the essence of the project, in practice it is difficult to find out. The fact is that the site has only a user agreement. The resource consists of three pages. At the same time on one of them it is suggested to attack friends with obtrusive advertising, in order to attract to the system. For us, PageTester does not find the job as before. We can assume that there are a lot of people who want to earn money, and there is not enough work for everyone.

Positive opinion

pagetester ru reviewsIf you are interested in PageTester, testimonials of othersthere are plenty of people about this project. Next we will try to generalize and discuss them. One of the users claims that he managed to get 8 rubles in just 4 jobs. In order to receive money, you must restart the phone. In addition, funds can be credited to the account without an appropriate message. We also managed to find several screenshots showing the payments from the system. According to some reviews, the average earnings per day reach 30-40 rubles. Many are pleased that the description of tasks is step-by-step. Most often the job is to go through the links. In this case, some tasks can be performed repeatedly using different browsers. In some reviews, users recommend disabling the computer's anti-virus system before executing tasks.

Negative moments

About Pagetester reviews not only meetpositive, but also negative. Most often complain about a small number of orders. Also, some of the completed tasks are recognized by the system as failed. The support service for communication is extremely rare. A number of users are dissatisfied that only residents of Russia can participate in the project. Many would like to receive payment through payment systems, rather than to the phone. There are complaints that the payment for expensive assignments is not received on the account. In some reviews, it is argued that tasks occur in the system only at night. Sometimes the program hangs up, in which case it should be deleted and downloaded again. A number of complaints concern a poorly functioning automatic warning system. Sometimes there are too long tasks, while their price remains standard - 2 rubles. If you do not enter a confirmation code from the message during registration, the system may refuse to send it again later.

There are complaints about insufficient payment for onethe task. In some cases, the user can be blocked by an IP address. Some reviews say that such sanctions are applied to the participants of the system undeservedly. Sometimes the number of assignments reaches one within two days. In a number of comments it is noted that one can earn only through the partnership system, since there are not enough jobs for everyone. There are disappointed responses from the inhabitants of Belarus, because they do not have the opportunity to participate in the project. A number of users for one task worth 2 rubles takes more than half an hour.


http pagetester ru reviews

Obviously, there are different opinions about the PageTester project. Everyone can check the work of the project independently, in any case there is no risk, though, and earnings most often too.

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