Over Rei

Ray is the second largest satellite of Saturn. The diameter of the body is slightly more than 1500 km. It is a classic ice moon. The density of the body is only slightly higher than the density of water ice, its surface is covered with a large number of craters. Like many other satellites of Saturn, the master and slave hemispheres of Rei are markedly different. While the master hemisphere is uniformly bright, the slave contains dark areas and a network of bright thin stripes.

The presented image was taken by the Cassini on May 2, 2017 during the last monitoring campaign of Rei. At the time of the shooting, the station was above the plane of the rings of Saturn, so the northern hemisphere of the satellite fell into the frame. On the right side of the picture, you can see a part of the shaft of the 360 ​​km impact crater Tirava.
The photo was taken with a narrow-angle Cassini camera in visible light. At the time of shooting the device was at a distance of 370 thousand km from the icy moon. Image resolution is 2 km per pixel.

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