Oven-shropochnitsa: review, features, types and reviews

In everyday life, a situation sometimes arises when minimal resources are sufficient to solve a problem. For example, in order to warm up lunch or boil a kettle in the garage or at the cottage, there is no need to use a powerful stove. For this, a small construction that already copes with the tasks assigned to it will suffice. As a fuel for the device, you can use tree branches, wood chips and cones.

Small ovens have recently gained widespread popularity. They are indispensable in the field, this is due to the simplicity of the device, where there is no electronic control circuit and batteries. Small ovens are in demand for the reason that they have ample opportunities for their use, in addition, you can perform them yourself. It will not be difficult to make a stove-chipbox with the necessary materials and tools.

Reviews of the furnace

stove shirker

Among the main advantages of the above device should be highlighted:

  • good traction;
  • no open flame;
  • possibility to use in emergency conditions;
  • use as fuel of dry fuel or alcohol.

Buyers like that the stove-chipper is capable of providing intense cravings, which means that any combustible material can be used to get the right amount of heat energy and kindling. In addition, during operation, as consumers emphasize, the stove does not exude open fire, and after it does not leave coals, so the unit can be used even in areas where it is impossible to kindle open fire.

Such equipment has a very compact size, so it can easily fit even in a backpack tourist. In emergency conditions, when it is not possible to find traditional fuel, a tricky pen to work, according to the fans of outdoor activities, will be ready for dry fuel or alcohol.

Varieties of wood shavings

a stove a chipbroom with their own hands

The stove-chipbox can be classified according to several criteria. For example, craftsmen make monolithic or folding structures.In addition, these devices can be divided by type of fuel. But in the case material may lie steel or stainless steel. These two versions of the furnace can also be considered as different types.

Characteristics of the furnace "Pass"

stove trowel box drawings

If you do not want to be engaged in independent production of a shchepochnik, then it is possible to consider as an example the equipment under the name of "Pass". It is a multifunctional device that will be an excellent option for fast and economical cooking in nature. It is convenient to warm up the stew on the stove, cook in a pot and boil water.

The fuel of the Pereval stove is the cones, branches and chips. When installing the bottom on the bottom position, you can apply dry fuel and gel. The kit comes with not only a furnace, but also a cover made of refractory fabric. It can be used as a tack.

The size of the working volume is 180x120x100 mm. The height of the equipment reaches 130 mm, while the width is 150 mm. The length of the oven is 200 mm. It weighs 1.3 kg. Before you purchase the described stove-chipper stove, you should familiarize yourself with its main characteristics.Among others, the features of internal and external processing should be highlighted. Steel in the production process is blued by oxidation of the metal. For the manufacture of the model of the furnace used structural carbon high-grade steel grade 08ps. Its thickness is 1.5 mm.

Making the oven yourself

camp stove

If you do not plan to spend money on purchasing a factory model of the furnace, you can do it yourself. To do this, use stainless steel, it is borrowed from a washing machine that has served its time. Using an angle grinder, the material is cut in such a way as to end up with an 18 cm stainless steel strip. The same height will have a stove.

When making a tourist stove, you can give it a diameter of 20 cm. To do this, prepare a stainless steel sheet with a length of 65 cm. From the canvas, bend the pipe, having provided a door in the side. In the open position, it allows the fuel to be thrown into the firebox, while closing the door, you can direct the heat to the top. The latter should be supplemented with a net, it will be possible to boil water for tea on it, boil soup and heat food.

In the upper part will need slots for skewers.On the side of the case you need to drill small holes for the access of air during combustion. And in the lower part it is recommended to install a grate with three holes to install the pegs. With them, the furnace can be fixed in the ground. If you follow the above instructions, you will end up with a stove whose height and diameter are 18 and 20 cm, respectively. As for the workspace, it will be equal to 17 x 15 x 15 cm.

Alternative production of steel furnaces

tourist stoves

For the manufacture of the furnace, you can use a steel sheet, its thickness should vary from 1 to 1.5 mm. You will need 3 bolts, a drill, a file, as well as steel wire and pliers. The diameter of the wire can be equal to the limit of 3 to 4 mm. You can replace it with knitting needles from the wheels of the bike.

The stove-chipbox, the drawings of which you can prepare yourself or borrow from the article, should be made using mechanical fasteners. In addition to the bolts, you need the washers and nuts, the amount of each of which should be limited to three pieces.

Method of work

stove shirker pass

At the first stage, the sheet of metal should be marked according to the template created in advance. Then the form and technological openings are prepared. Metal blade is bent by hammering. In order to give the body the necessary roundness, you should use a metal pipe of the desired diameter.

The bottom should be prepared separately, having provided an allowance of 1 cm. It needs to be inserted into the formed cylinder. In order that the remaining fuel does not wake up under the device, a part of the bottom plane should not have holes. In the sides of the enclosures, they may have any shape. Making such a stove-chipblock with your own hands, it, like the above, should be supplemented from the top with a grid or grill, the last of which is made of steel wire or knitting needles.

Making a square furnace

This version of the furnace will have the following dimensions: 12x12x15 cm. Before starting work, you need to create a design scan. And then the drawing is transferred to a sheet of metal, which should be cut with all the structural elements.

Such a stove-chip bucket will have a collapsible design, which saves space during transportation.The bottom and sides of the oven must have holes for the studs. Holes should be provided on the 4 sides of the bottom. With the help of bicycle studs or steel wire, the system should be assembled into a single structure. For the upper part of the prepared wire mesh.


If you are a lover of hiking, fishing or hunting, then you must know how to warm up quickly, boil water or cook food. If at the same time there is a shortage of fuel, then, without leaving the tent, you can solve household problems by using a kiln-shredder. It is good not only for its versatility, but also for its compactness, as well as its ability to use many types of fuel in its work.

This construction was invented for a long time by Russian gold seekers in Chukotka. The properties of the chippers were appreciated by the prisoners. The device has another name - the Bond furnace. So he was nicknamed thanks to the screenwriter of one of the Bond series.

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