Osram lamps: types, characteristics, purpose and reviews

The German company Osram occupies one of the leading positions in the segment of modern lighting engineering. The company's products are known for innovative technologies in the niche of LED systems, but traditional areas are successfully supported by its developers. Differs in a variety and spheres in which Osram lamps with accessories, applied for them, are used. Proposals for domestic home lighting are more familiar to a wide mass of consumers, but the industrial systems market is successfully implementing appropriate solutions.

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Osram Lamp Assignment

The manufacturer produces lamps for the home, commercial and industrial facilities, street lighting and cars. These are the main areas of use of Osram lighting products, but the company also develops highly specialized special-purpose series. For example, high-tech LED modules of this brand are used in equipping airport runways and in medical complexes.As for the more familiar applications of lamps, typical products are used for ordinary interior lighting, and for outdoor lighting, as well as in a complex of industrial systems. More and more in demand and automotive lamps Osram, which are classified by type of target transport. The company produces special offers for cars, trucks and motorcycles. A separate family form inspection LED lights that are included in the vehicle alarm systems.

Main characteristics of lamps

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Technical indicators of lamps are determined by their purpose. The most powerful models are designed for operation in industrial premises where it is supposed to provide large areas with light. Minimum performance indicators characterize spotlights for organizing lighting. The average parameters of models for color temperature range from 2000K to 2700K. However, most LED lamps support the ability to adjust the brightness. The rated power of home appliances is usually 160-170W. Also popular is the Osram 250W mercury lamp, which works with a wide range of voltages.Varied and the parameters of buildings. The average range of values ​​along the length is 80-120 mm. In diameter, for example, the same LED models usually allow integration into holes of about 60 mm.


The manufacturer produces lamps of all modern types. In addition to devices with filaments and high-tech LEDs, customers can find in the range fluorescent, halogen and energy-saving models. Each of these varieties has several modifications for different applications. For example, the energy-saving lamp Osram is available in versions for spot integrated installation in a suspended ceiling, and in versions designed for street lighting.

Orientation to specific areas of application determines the differences in the form factor of buildings. Developers design the traditional flask designs of pear-shaped and spherical shapes, searchlight complexes and embedded compact devices. Osram lamps and control methods differ. In the latest versions, built-in controllers are provided, allowing to introduce luminaires into intelligent home control systems.

LED lamp

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Perhaps the most promising direction in the development of lighting engineering, in which Osram competes with the equally famous manufacturer Philips. German Led-lamps in different versions cover all categories of lighting devices, which are characterized by a common set of advantages. In particular, the manufacturer indicates the ability of diodes to provide instant dispersion of light flux without delays, while responding to modern demands for low power consumption. In terms of energy efficiency, this is one of the most profitable lamps. However, experts still recommend using Osram automotive lamps from a segment of LED solutions rather than models for home use. This is due to the fact that the fluxes emitted by Led-lamps are unnatural for the perception of the eye - in any case, when compared with ordinary incandescent lamps. But LEDs benefit from a higher operational resource and aesthetic appearance.

Fluorescent lamps

This line represents the gas-discharge models of the classical tubular form and round modifications. As the manufacturer notes, fluorescent lamps are characterized by high efficiency, economy and at the same time a small volume.But it should be borne in mind that such products are not suitable for home use due to environmental safety considerations. Therefore, Osram fluorescent lamps are recommended for installation in public buildings, technical rooms, offices and shops.

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Halogen lamps

Such lamps are suitable for those who plan to move to a more modern way of organizing lighting, but do not want to overpay. Compared with the simplest incandescent lamps, halogen devices provide a more pleasant radiation with a fast luminous flux. Since Osram lamps of the halogen type do not contain mercury, they can be safely used in residential areas. These devices are also used to organize decorative lighting.

Incandescent lamps

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It would seem that the aging segment, which is actively being supplanted by more technological and attractive solutions. But the developers of Osram and in this niche are unique properties of lighting, also valuable to the consumer. These advantages include the effect of sparkling light, minimal glare and softening of shadows. At the moment, the Osram incandescent lamp is sold in transparent versions and in matte versions.What else is important, lamps of this type from the German manufacturer are made practically without the use of harmful substances. This also applies to the optical filling and the cap. The aluminum base does not contain lead and other hazardous materials, therefore it is fully suitable for domestic use.

Reviews Osram lamps

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Users of Osram lamps respond positively to this product according to different operational criteria. One of the main advantages of lighting technology of this brand is expressed in durability, reliability and safety. Many note the original appearance. In this regard, the most advantageous lamps Osram, manufactured by Led-technology. In the industrial segment of the application of such models, energy saving is especially appreciated. Service and maintenance of high-power searchlights, platform lamps and street lamps of commercial type traditionally form the first positions on the financial costs of enterprises. However, the transition to energy-efficient integrated solutions of this company, according to different estimates of users, allows to reduce electricity costs by 20-30%. Another thing is that the purchase of Osram products cannot be called financially affordable for a wide range of consumers. High cost is one of the few disadvantages of such lamps.However, this flaw is covered by high performance and overall quality of the devices.

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