Original wedding anniversary gifts to her husband

Wedding anniversary is a special date for both spouses. This day marks the beginning of family life. To fill it with pleasant memories, you need to plan everything to the smallest detail.

Even if the date falls on a working day, it is worth showing signs of attention in the morning. Staying in bed for only five minutes to wake up a spouse with tender kisses is not difficult. Or make a cup of aromatic coffee or tea exactly as he likes. All these seemingly small things can make the day special, even if you do not have a grand celebration.

Romantic dinner

wedding anniversary gifts to her husband

On the eve of a significant date, you should think about what gift to give to your husband for a wedding anniversary. For example, organize a romantic dinner with his favorite dishes. Or book a table in a restaurant where a marriage proposal was made. In the event that the decision to start a family was made elsewhere, for example, in a park or on the shore of a lake, river or sea, then you can organize an on-site dinner.Today, this service is becoming increasingly popular, and it is provided by many restaurants and places of the city. Dinner can be decorated with a personal performance, for example, a saxophonist or violinist. A more romantic and original gift for her husband for a wedding anniversary is hard to come up with and translate into reality. In such an atmosphere, feelings will certainly begin to play with a new force. In this way, it is possible to express how valuable and necessary for the wife is the society of the spouse. It's already understandable - family, common life.

gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary 1 year

However, one should not forget that the spouse is, first of all, a man. It will never be superfluous to remind him how much his wife loves him. With this approach, it is guaranteed you can talk about a future silver, gold or even a diamond wedding. However, it’s not so easy to prepare a surprise for such a loved one. Close communication, constant pastime leaves little chance for intrigue. Nevertheless, you should try to keep all plans in secret.

Romantic trip

How to make a gift to her husband for the wedding anniversary, so that this moment will be remembered for a long time by pleasant impressions? Since the holiday is common, a romantic trip will be very useful.You can provide all the hassles of the tourist operator, who will select the tour taking into account the wishes of the couple, as well as their capabilities. But it should be remembered that for the spouse this gift is a surprise, so all the organizational moments will have to deal with his wife. When choosing a destination for travel, it is necessary to consider the preferences of the husband. Does he like hot countries and beach holidays? Or prefers to enjoy the Nordic landscapes and quiet wilderness places.

a gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary

Maybe he is attracted by sightseeing tours of monuments of architecture, as well as historical sights. Based on such considerations, it is possible to determine which gifts for the wedding anniversary to her husband will be the most optimal. If it happened that there was no extra money or time for a long trip abroad, the alternative could be just to leave the scenic area for the next weekend. A picnic in nature is no worse than a candlelit dinner. The main thing - to create the right atmosphere.

Fishing and spinning

The original gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary is fishing. In the world there are few men who do not like this occupation at all.For this event, it is better to free up the weekend so that you can enjoy the process in full. All that is needed is a body of water, preferably comfortable accommodation on the shore, as well as appropriate equipment. Today, many recreation centers near the lakes or rivers offer fishing services.

This means that along with housing you can rent a boat, rent spinning and do what you love. A fresh catch is the best for cooking fish soup on a fire. What is not romance ?!

gift to her husband for the first wedding anniversary

And what a gift to her husband for the first wedding anniversary to make? It is possible to become completely generous and acquire functional spinning. This gift will be the way, if the spouse is an avid fisherman. He will definitely appreciate this gift and fully repay his beloved wife.

Giving emotions

If you want the gift to be remembered for a long time, then it is necessary that it should be associated with bright emotions. The second half loves extreme? Then the wedding anniversary gifts to her husband must choose from those that add adrenaline to the blood. In this case, it can be various extreme forms of recreation.For example, paragliding, parachuting, diving and other activities that will give a lot of vivid impressions, positive emotions and additional adrenaline. After such a gift a fiery surge of feelings is not excluded. During flights, dives and other activities, it is necessary to conduct video filming in order to preserve memorable moments not only in thoughts, but also in the family album. After years of reviewing these shots, the couple can once again plunge into the unforgettable atmosphere of the past day. Vivid impressions saturate the life together, making it interesting and diverse.

gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary 5 years

Calico scarf

Depending on how long the spouses are together, you can pick up a gift for your husband for a wedding anniversary. 1 year, for example, marks the period of married life called calico, or gauze. According to legends, this joint time is called so, because the relationship at this stage is still fragile, like the relevant material. There is also a second version that the newlyweds in the first year of life are so active in bed that cotton linen is quickly wiped off, reminding gauze.

Previously, according to tradition, on the anniversary gave products from these materials. For example, it was decided to present a present to the husband in the form of a cotton scarf, the corners of which were tied into knots so that the union would be strong. To date, such a gift in finished form will be too simple. So how to choose a gift to her husband for 1 wedding anniversary? For example, a handkerchief embellished with hand embroidery. If you put in a similar way the initials of the husband or a short inscription saying about love, then such a gift will warm the soul. One shawl, of course, is not an option, but a collection of several types is the most. Among them, one can be made of natural silk and perform hand embroidery on it in the form of a beautiful inscription. Such a gift is useful, for example, if a couple is invited to a wedding. The suit of the husband in this case can be supplemented with a donated silk scarf from the collection.

Shirt and scarf

Another excellent option is a chintz shirt. This is a really useful gift for her husband for a wedding anniversary. 1 year of living together is a time when relationships become more mundane, but they do not lose their brightness. During this period, the best expression of feelings is care and tenderness.Therefore, a scarf with embroidery in the form of spouses' initials, a handmade decorative pillow in the car, a family portrait on the canvas and similar things can also be a good option.

Make a gift with your own hands

Decorate with decorative elements can also be made of cotton fabric. Such a gift will certainly come in handy in everyday life. It can also bring novelty to intimate relationships, because the appearance of the marital bed is not the last value. Things that are made by hand, will remind the spouse of his wife's love for him. And also talk about the desire of the spouse to diversify their life together. You can also apply the male and female silhouette, for example, on pillowcases made from calico fabric. To do this, you need material for two pillows, preferably a monochromatic white or any bright light shade. It is also necessary to purchase special ink for fabric.

First you need to prepare the silhouettes. It can be printed in full-size shape, cutting which, you get a stencil. You will also need a brush for applying ink, sheets of paper and an iron. The work is done in several stages.To begin with, the cut-out figures are processed with ink and left to dry completely. Then the painted side must be applied to the fabric, covered with a sheet of paper and held on top of the heated iron. After that, the image will go to the pillowcase. Such pillows will certainly like the spouse. What could be better than a gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary with his own hands. The cost of the gift does not really matter, because the main thing is the attention of a loving person. Love and care is the most valuable thing the second half can give. Such a gift is best presented in a romantic atmosphere with lit candles. Well, if on the threshold of a stormy night, the spouse will perform an erotic dance for her husband. This evening will long be remembered by both.

A gift to her husband for the first wedding anniversary is best presented during a romantic dinner, preferably cooked in-house. A special atmosphere, a loving look - the spouse will be delighted with all this.

make a gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary

The book is the best gift

A gift to her husband for 2 wedding anniversary, which is called paper, is also traditionally associated with the name.This period is still considered part of the strength test of the married couple. In the second year of marriage, as a rule, a child is born in the family. Romance is temporarily relegated to the background. Although under any circumstances we should not forget that children grow up, life sooner or later gets better, but the spouses must be tied by something personal that time can overcome. And this, of course, positive emotions. If at the moment there is no possibility to get out of the daily routine, then you can at least take some time for yourself and immerse yourself, for example, in reading. Therefore, a book will be a completely traditional and useful gift. Moreover, it is both a symbol of a paper wedding, and eternity.


Useful gifts for the wedding anniversary of her husband are calendars, diaries, notepads and other items that can be useful both at home and at work. Now fashionable direction is the creation of notebooks manually. It’s pretty easy to make a gift to your husband for a wedding anniversary. The most important thing here is fantasy and desire.

Tree gifts

On the fifth anniversary should prepare a special gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary. 5 years of marriage are called wooden wedding.Therefore, the gift must be made of appropriate material or at least contain similar elements. In this case, it is only necessary to connect the fantasy, because there is a mass of objects made of wood. This can be a picture, a stand for office supplies, a cigarette case, a mini-bar and much more.

Chic surprise

A more substantial gift to her husband for the 5th wedding anniversary is an office table, a chair with wood elements, and also rare interior items. If the spouse is keen on hunting, then a suitable option for the present will be a knife with a carved handle or another type of weapon. You can also donate a collectible bottle of wine or brandy in wooden packaging, on which you can make a memorable inscription.

original gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary


The choice should be guided not only by the preferences of the spouse and his interests, but also their capabilities. If there is not enough money, you can make a gift with your own hands. In this case, you will need certain skills. For example, the ability to burn wood. With this method you can make a picture. This will be a special gift to her husband for a wedding anniversary.5 years is the first period, which can already be called solid.


No matter how much time has passed since the creation of the family, it should be remembered that attention is the priceless gift that should be given as often as possible. Then the feelings will not fade away, but will only be transformed every year into deeper ones. Therefore, gifts for the wedding anniversary of her husband should be selected with meaning. With their help, it is necessary to show attention and remind the spouse of their sincere feelings, as well as to express gratitude for his daily efforts in living together.

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