Orange skirt: ideas of spectacular images

Some details of the wardrobe not only decorate, but also set the mood. Agree, it is difficult to imagine a gloomy girl in an orange skirt. This sunny shade simply can not but rejoice.

Orange skirt always looks impressive,attracts views, and therefore needs competently selected details. Our article will tell you what to combine this part of the wardrobe to get an excellent skirt

A color scheme

Picking up details-companions to things of orangecolor, give preference to shades of green, brown and blue. Modern designers and stylists sometimes combine orange tones with the colors of the red scale, but it is worth remembering that these colors can be decorated only by a burning brunette. To blondes such a gamma does not fit, it makes their appearance inexpressive. Owners of red curls, too, should avoid the abundance of fiery shades.

Orange skirt-midi

This style is perfect for tall, slender girls. Fancy skirts of bright colors today are at the peak of popularity.

If you want to make up with an orange skirta casual bow, pick up to it the reserved shirt, a blouse or a top of a neutral shade. The rule that the more magnificent and large the bottom, the narrower the upper hand, in this case it works, as in all others. Shoes are very important. To such a bottom, classical shoes, ballet flats, and sandals on the strap are good. Sports shoes, moccasins, flip flops for this image are not suitable. Boots with a high boot are better than boots. As for color, here the stylists are quite democratic: the basic tones and shades of orange are skirt with what to wear

The illustration shows an excellent image, which harmoniously blends a light top, an orange skirt and shoes on a wedge.

Floor skirt

In summer, such models are especially popular. Flying tissues are simply ideal for heat. Why wear an orange skirt that is as long as an ankle? There can be many options: a black tight top, a shirt with a bright print, a white T-shirt. Excellent pair to a bright fluffy skirt in the floor can be a short jacket, waistcoat or top of denim.

This style goes to women with any type of figure. Owners of magnificent hips should not choose too flared cut. Especially good are those skirts on short girls.

From shoes in the case of such a skirt depends a lot. Excellent fit to the skirt in the floor of the ballet flap, sandals, sandals on a low platform.

A bright orange skirt made of some noblematerial can be quite elegant even for going out into the light. You can make an excellent image by picking up a black top decorated with embroidery or lace, and boats on a heel of beige, orange or black.

An unusual idea: a figured hem

The accent in the image can be made not only on fabric, but also cover. Modern designers pay special attention to it.

The skirt hem may become the main feature of the image. The following illustration shows an orange skirt with an unusual hemline. It itself looks very impressive and elegant, even if you wear it with a simple denim shirt, sandals on a heel, supplemented with simple low-key skirt photo

It is worth noting that the orange in general is very goodis combined with natural shades of denim: sky-blue, calm blue, ink, dark blue. Jeans gives the everyday image a touch of ease and relaxedness.

Everyone's favorite pencil

A narrow skirt up to the knee or slightly below is considered one of the most popular styles. This skirt slim and visually does higher.with what to wear an orange skirt

Orange pencil skirt is a great idea for a casual and business wardrobe. If you want to create a laid-back city image, put on a top neutral color and a fitted jacket.

Strict rules of the dress code do not allow toobright colors. But if your leadership adheres to democratic views, a strict orange skirt is quite acceptable in the office. With what to wear such a thing to work? Choose a narrow shirt of black color - and get a great business image.

Absolutely in all cases with a pencil skirtit is better to wear classic shoes with heels. Suitable and boats on the stiletto, and shoes with a high thick heel. Modern designers sometimes bring to the catwalk models in skirts of such a cut and ballet, but for the style of "kazhual" this combination is rather risky. Moreover, it does not go far for everyone. A fine option can be and narrow boots-stockings to the middle of the shin. But the boots to the knee are unlikely to become an ideal pair.

Starry bow from Victoria Beckham

Complete our collection of spectacular image withorange skirt from the real style icon. It's no wonder that bright people love bright colors. The orange skirt, the photo of which is presented in this section, is one of Victoria Beckham's favorite things. The star has repeatedly hit the camera lenses in this short skirt, opening slender legs. Victoria combines it with strict shirts, black tops and spectacular shoes. And for a particularly solemn event, the star chose a jacket of strict cut from the same material. Complement the image of unusual boots with an open toe and skirt

This suit looks pretty solid at the expense of cut, but the length of the mini makes the image feminine and seductive. This idea of ​​a starry bow is best for short, slender girls.

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