Ophthalmic eye drops: instructions for use and reviews

One of the most popular means of protection and preparations for moistening the cornea are Ophthalmic eye drops. If there is a violation of the activity of the lacrimal glands or drying of the eye under the influence of various factors from the outside, the cornea can be greatly irritated and damaged. In this case, the drops help to increase the volume of fluid that moisturizes the mucous membrane, stabilizes the tear film on the eye surface and softens the cornea.

Ophthalic BC eye drops analogues

Next, we learn what these eye drops are, examine the guidelines for their use, and find out what the medical device Otholik currently has analogues. In addition, at the end of the article, we find out what people write about this medication in their reviews.

Release format and storage method

Ophthalmic Eye Drops are available as a clear solution. They are produced in bottles of 5 or 10 milliliters.Each bottle is packed in cartons along with a manual.

“Oftolik” must be kept out of reach of children. These eye drops must be kept in a dark place at a temperature that should not be more than twenty-five degrees. Drops "Oftolik" released from pharmacies solely on prescription. Before prescribing drops, it is imperative to discuss with a doctor the possible consequences along with the peculiarities of using this drug.

ophthalic bc eye drops reviews

You can also find Ophthalic BC eye drops on the market (it stands for “no preservatives”).

The tool has a different shape of the box and packaging. These are small disposable tubes-droppers of 0.4 ml, sealed in blisters of 5 pieces and packaged in 20 pieces.

Instructions for eye drops "Otholik BK" is in each pack.

The composition of the drug

As part of the eye drops “Otholik”, the main ingredient is povidone, which is contained in the amount of 5 milligrams per 1 milliliter of the drug, and also polyvinyl alcohol (14 milligrams per 1 milliliter of the drug). Benzalkonium chloride along with edetate disodium, sodium chloride and water for injection act as auxiliary components in the preparation.The ingredients in the composition of the drug "Otholik" determine its therapeutic effect on the cornea of ​​the eye.

ophthalmic eye drops instruction

Pharmacological effects of the drug

Ophthalmic eye drops, by their effect, act as a keratoprotector, that is, it has a moisturizing and protective effect that turns on the cornea of ​​the eyes. It is used when reducing the secretion of the lacrimal glands or in the case of increased evaporation of the tear film. The presence of povidone and polyvinyl alcohol in the composition of the drug, which have the property of a lubricant, makes it possible to reduce redness along with eye irritation.

When the drops of “Oftolika” fall on the eye surface, the tension of the surface of the optic organ and the risks of tearing of the tear film decrease. The properties of polyvinyl alcohol are similar to the action of a real mucin, which is produced by the conjunctival gland. It is thanks to him that the surface of the eyes is softened and moistened, and the degree of stability of the tear film is improved.

What else does the Oftolik eye drop manual tell us?

Indications for use of the drug

Presented drug is prescribed in the following situations:

  • In case of a burning sensation, irritation or discomfort caused by dry eyes.
  • In the case of reducing the amount of tear fluid.
  • In the presence of dry eye syndrome.
  • If there are other conditions for removal of which requires the moistening of the cornea.

This remedy can also be used during rehabilitation immediately after a laser or surgical operation on the eyes.

ophthalmic eye drops reviews

Drug use

The drug "Ophthalmic" is prescribed only by an ophthalmologist. Self-treatment, as with other diseases, during eye therapy can not be engaged in any case. Immediately before instillation of the drug is required to wash your hands. Vial of medicine should be shaken before use, and then remove the cap. It is forbidden to allow the dropper tip to touch any surfaces, including the eye, in order to reduce the risk of infection of the visual organ.

In order to properly use the medication, it is necessary to tilt the head back, then pull the lower eyelid down, drip the required amount of money into the area of ​​the conjunctival sac. After using the bottle with the tool should be tightly closed.

Drops "Oftolik" apply up to four times a day, they are instilled into each eye in the amount of two drops. The course of therapy usually lasts about three weeks. During treatment, you also need to be monitored by a doctor so that he evaluates the onset of improvement or lack thereof. People who use contact lenses need to take them out when using the product and not put them on for twenty minutes after the instillation procedure, since benzalkonium chloride is present in the Othtolik preparation.

Drug interaction

It is necessary to use this drug with great caution when treating with other ophthalmic agents, since its components are combined in a special way with other medicines. For example, polyvinyl alcohol in a weak acid and alkali softens, and in strong concentrations is completely destroyed.

On the background of the reaction with phosphates, a precipitate may occur. In the case of interaction with the brown solution can turn into a gel. The substance povidone is particularly capable of reacting when interacting with various components, for example, the effectiveness of certain preservatives may decrease if combined with it.

Contraindications to the use and adverse reactions on the background of the drug

The main contraindication to the use of medicinal drops "Otholik" is the intolerance of its individual components, which are part of the drug.

eyesight check

The use of this drug may additionally be overshadowed by the appearance of allergic reactions. If you experience pain or vision deterioration, as well as red eyes, after using the drug, you should immediately stop using it and consult a doctor. In the event that the color of the medicine has suddenly changed or the solution has grown dim, you also need to stop using these drops in order to avoid infection in the eyes.

The cost of eye drops "Otholik" in pharmacies ranges from two hundred to two hundred and eighty rubles.

Analogs of eye drops "Oftolik"

Other means intended for moistening the eye membrane, that is, “artificial tear” medicine, are often considered to be analogs of the presented medicine. Among them it is worth mentioning “Oftagel” along with “Hilo-Komod”, “Vidisik”, “Vizin”, “Oxial”, “Systeite and others.

Analogs eye drops “Oftolik BK”:

  • Sykapos.
  • "Artelak".
  • "Optiva".

Drug reviews

ophthalic bc eye drops

In the Network there are a variety of reviews about eye drops, "Oftolik." Often in the comments, people compare the drug with other medicines that help moisturize the cornea. When compared, many consumers report that Oftolik often outperforms other drugs in its effectiveness and cost. Thus, choosing a drug, many people often give their preference to these drops.

Reviews of eye drops "Oftolik BK" often positive.

Those who use the presented tool for a long time and regularly report that it helps to cope with eye problems that arise as a result of long work at the computer. Today there are so many popular tools that help eliminate such problems. But, as buyers say, Oftolik is one of the most successful of them.

ophthalic BC eye drops instruction

For healthy eyes, such a phenomenon as drying is not typical - it is very important to take into account. Therefore, if a person is constantly experiencing a burning sensation, dryness or irritation, then he should definitely consult a doctor to determine the specific causes of these symptoms.This will make it possible to establish the diagnosis and start the necessary treatment of the disease in a timely manner. As the long-term practice shows, “Otholik” drops effectively help people cope with such problems.


Thus, drops of "Oftolik" are considered as a keratoprotector. This solution is used in the field of ophthalmology on the background of reducing the production of tear fluid, in patients with high evaporation of the tear film. Doctors recommend using them within the framework of additional moistening of the ocular surface in case of discomfort that is associated with dry eyes.

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