Omelet in a multivariate: a recipe. How to make an omelet in a Redmond multicooker

It is for breakfast that most prefers an omelet. It is made with milk, cottage cheese, vegetables and, of course, meat products. But in the end, you can eat every morning different dishes. Only here would someone else cook it. Time is just enough. So you can easily and quickly make an omelet in a slow cooker. Any model will cope with this task, even the simplest. You just need to choose your delicious breakfast recipe.

Classic Omelet

Omelet in a multivariate

Most often, when they talk about omelet, they mean a mixture of eggs and milk. That is how it is prepared according to the simplest and most classic recipe. But here there are some small tricks. The first is that proportions are very important. Milk should be as much as eggs. So for 200 ml of liquid you need to take 4 eggs (usually they are about 40-50 grams). The second is that it does not need to be whipped, only slightly stir with a fork.

Lightly oil the bowl of the multicooker.If the coating is good, you can not do this. Pour the omelet mass (salt and pepper a little in advance) and cook in a slow cooker for 30 minutes. For this, the "Baking" mode is suitable. According to this recipe, you can make an omelet in a multicooker in any model. Of course, this is a "classic", on the basis of which there are many other dishes.

Omelet with vegetables

Most often, to get an even more delicious dish, different vegetables are added to a classic omelette. The brighter they are, the more beautiful the result will be. Best suited to bell peppers of different colors, tomato, zucchini, onions and carrots. You can put them all together, but you can choose one. The main thing is to keep the proportions: after all, the egg mass should be larger. So, for 4 eggs and a glass of milk you need to take a total of not more than 200 grams of vegetables.

As usual, mix eggs and milk with a fork, salt a little and add ground pepper. Vegetables, of course, you can simply cut into cubes and so put in a slow cooker. But it will be much more beautiful if they are cut in different ways: zucchini and tomato - into slices, Bulgarian pepper, onions and carrots - into strips and spread out as a picture on the bottom of the bowl.In this case, it will turn out not only delicious, but also a beautiful omelet in the Redmond multicooker. In this model, you can make it using the "Baking" modes (cooking time - 25-30 minutes) and "Multipovar" (temperature - 110-120 degrees and cooking time - 30-35 minutes). Omelet spread on a dish with vegetables up to show all its beauty.

Sausage Omelet

Omelet in a Multicooker Redmond

Of course, there are recipes for the strong half of humanity, who do not represent their breakfast without a piece of meat or at least sausages. That's exactly what the omelet is meant for in a slow cooker with the addition of meat products. For it you need to take 6 eggs, 120 ml of milk, 2 teaspoons of flour, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 2-3 sausages and 40 ml of vegetable oil.

Dice onion, tomato and sausages. Set the mode "Baking" and time - 40 minutes. Pour the butter, fry the onions until soft, add the tomatoes and sausages, fry a little more. Meanwhile, mix eggs, milk, and flour. You can add some ground pepper to taste. Pour this mixture over zazharki, close the lid and cook until signal. Ready omelette served with fresh herbs and a cup of coffee. No man would refuse such a breakfast.

Omelet in kindergarten

For many, an omelet is, above all, a memory of breakfast in kindergarten. Magnificent, melting in the mouth, and most importantly, delicious - and this is not all that can be said about it. And what juice is extracted from it! Cooking such an omelet in a slow cooker is easy. Only the correct recipe is needed. It will require 5 large eggs, 250 ml of milk and half a teaspoon of salt.

Fork mix eggs, milk and salt. No need to whip! Smear a bowl of a multi-cooker with a thin layer of butter, pour out the omelet mass and bake for 40 minutes in a multi-cooker by selecting the "Baking" mode. Put the finished omelet on a plate and enjoy it. The omelet will be exactly the same as from the dining room of the kindergarten.

Omelet in a multivariate recipe

Children's omelet

A classic omelet from a kindergarten doesn’t like some babies because of a crust. Often they leave her uneaten. For them, you can make a children's omelet in a multi-cooker Polaris using the Multipovar mode. It is very important that the thickness of the egg mass is no more than 3 cm. A thicker layer may not be baked. Therefore, you need to take only 3 eggs, 120 ml of milk and a small pinch of salt.

Omelet in Panasonic multicooker

In the multicooker set the "Multipovar" mode, the temperature is 180 degrees. Melt the butter (need about 1 tablespoon). Then reduce the temperature to 110 degrees.Pour the mixture of milk and eggs with salt, close the lid and cook for 20-25 minutes. The result will be an omelet with a delicate flavor and without a crust. It is a dietary option, even though a piece of butter.

Omelette steamed

Unfortunately, many exclude an omelet from their menu, as for its preparation oil is used. And without that high-calorie dish turns out even more difficult. To avoid having to add extra fat in its preparation, you can make a steamed omelet in a slow cooker. And to make it more useful, you can add cottage cheese instead of milk.

How to cook an omelet in a slow cooker

Beat together 2 eggs and 200 grams of cottage cheese. It is better to use pasty. If it is with grains, it is desirable to wipe it through a sieve. Pour the resulting mass into a silicone mold. It should fit in a steamer bowl. Pour 6 multi-cups of water into the pan of the multicooker and place the steaming bowl on top together with the silicone mold. Cook under the lid closed for 25 minutes. Put the finished omelet on a plate and serve with vegetable salad. Tasty, satisfying and healthy - just a recipe for the perfect dish!

Boiled omelette

But steaming is not the only way to make a diet omelet in a slow cooker.The recipe for the next dish is used for cooking in canteens at sanatoriums and boarding houses. It is not fried or baked, but simply boiled. It turns out a gentle melting in the mouth omelet. This taste is difficult even to compare with others. Just need to try.

To start, beat 3 eggs with a pinch of salt in a fluffy foam. Add 2/3 cup of milk and beat again. Attach one package to another for durability. Pour omelet mass into them and tie tightly. Pour water into the bowl of the multicooker so that the bag floats in it. Place the omelet in water, close the lid and set the mode "Steaming". Cook for 30 minutes. This is a little longer than usual. But it's worth it. Optionally, you can add some vegetables and boiled meat. Ready boiled omelet simply put on a plate from the package.

Dessert Omelet

 Omelet in a multicooker Polaris

These sweet teeth can cook a sweet omelet in the Panasonic multicooker from the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph. In world culinary it is known under the name "Kaiserschmarn", or "royal ribs". So, you need the following products: 6 chicken eggs, 2 tablespoons of sugar, one and a half cups of flour, one and a half cups of milk, 50 grams of butter, 2-3 tablespoons of raisins of different varieties, a pinch of salt and cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar to decorate .

Soak the raisins in advance, rinse well and dry on a paper towel. Mix eggs, milk, flour, salt and sugar in a cup. It is important to ensure that there are no lumps. Set the mode "Baking", leave the default time (it is 40 minutes). Pour out the omelet mass and cook until it snaps from the bottom, and remains liquid on top. It will take about 10-15 minutes. Sprinkle with cinnamon and put prepared raisins. As soon as he stuck to the egg pancake using a wooden spatula, turn it over. Break to pieces and, stirring, bring to readiness. Omelet should be a beautiful golden color. Put the pieces on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Delicious dessert omelet is ready!

Omelette steamed in a slow cooker

Knowing one recipe how to cook an omelet in a slow cooker, you can forget about other options forever. In a miracle pot, make it faster and easier. Yes, and stand at the stove is not necessary. Technique cope without human intervention. Almost.

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