Olimp Trade, Alexey Vilnius: Strategy Reviews

For the last six months, only a person without the Internet has not heard about Alexey Vilniusov’s person. Non-standard advertising, recordings of trading sessions and his lifestyle have done their job. All this attracted more than half a million subscribers to his group and ensured the popularity of his strategy. Meanwhile, it is simply impossible to call it a good trading tactic, because it is guaranteed to lead to a loss of money. But in this case, even if the deception is so obvious, all the new “adherents” of the community of a man named Alexey Vilnius do not want to believe in this. Reviews about his generosity and success on the Internet today are simply everywhere, but there is no evidence that could not be doubted.

Basics of Vilnius tactics

The whole essence of the strategy that Alexey Vilnius offers (the opinions of specialists about it are very negative) comes down to simple things. Find the entry point at which the price on the minute chart significantly deviated from a certain conditional average value, and buy an option there.The direction of the trade is chosen on the basis of this impulse: if it is up, then at its maximum one should buy a rate for the decline, and if the impulse is down, then the rate should be up.

alexey vilnius reviews

Popularisers of such tactics of trade, including in the community of Alexey Vilnius, are believed to be popularized (reviews recommend searching his group on the Vkontakte social network) that the system of doubling the rate will take care of further profit. Each time an option is lost, it is recommended to double the initial bet, and sometimes to triple. Moreover, in their videos, traders, even with unprofitable transactions, emit such calmness that it seems as if this is actually a working tactic that will never fail.

But the following thesis will be more accurate. Losses do not cause any emotion in the trader Vilnius, because he does not make transactions on his own funds. Then on whose? Naturally, the money broker. This is easy to realize, since Olimp Trade is a typical “kitchen”, where the client’s loss is the broker's direct non-taxable income.

Therefore, Vilnius can spend an unlimited amount of money and duplicates to record its videos, because, as a matter of fact, the funds are simply transferred from one shelf to another.Neither the broker nor the trader lose anything there, it should be adequately understood when trying to critically evaluate these videos.

Strategy weaknesses

Immediately in the strategy, the following is noticeable: it does not have a formalized entry point, and therefore transactions open randomly. Of course, without the system, this will quickly lead to the emptying of the deposit. The second point is the predominantly counter-trend direction of deals, which Aleksey Vilnius shows (it’s worth studying the reviews). This is potentially dangerous if the goal is speculation in the options market, and it is profitable if this transaction only hedges a position open in the foreign exchange market.

alexey vilnius olimp trade reviews

Naturally, the audience of Olimp's clients does not know anything about hedging and currency speculation, but for some reason feels that it has to share its feedback. The only market participant who will feel the benefits of the strategy advertised by Alexey Vilnius is Olimp Trade. Reviews in his community will attract a broker customer. The latter will reset their deposits and, perhaps, will do it repeatedly.

Just marketing is nothing extra

About such person as Alexey Vilnius, reviews are very numerous.And some of them are addressed to his supposedly successful trading strategy. Moreover, all new traders in options trading are definitely defending the martingale (doubling tactics), although they will never be able to provide concrete evidence of effectiveness. They also simply do not know the mathematics of successful trading and money management, and warmly welcome the opportunity to trade without any knowledge of the market. Thus, they form an independently heated information background.

Alexey Vilnius reviews strategy

Creating such a person as Alexey Vilnius, Olimp Trade expected it. He managed to attract an audience of those unable to profitably trade customers. He also gives the company numerous bonuses for replenishment, which also pushes to replenish the account more often when the user has suffered losses. But he again instantly loses new money from the trading account. And warmed up by advertising and Alexey’s success, he will still bring money back to Olympus, and lose again.

Communication Vilnius and broker

As a conclusion, it should be noted that the real person Alexey Vilniusov does not exist in the network. This is not an options trader who allegedly makes and invests decently while hiding from the tax service. This is only a marketing product of the company "Olympus Trade".There are two proofs of this: firstly, if Vilnius was really a successful trader, he would hardly have used the "kitchen" dealing "Olympus Trade". He would work with large exchanges that would provide him with guarantees. But he advertises Olimp Trade, and therefore it is obvious that either this is a blogger who has an advertising contract with this company, or this is an out-of-staff employee who attracts clients, for which he receives a good salary.

The second proof is the presence of promo codes offered by Vilnius itself. Such “privileges” can be offered to customers only by the company itself, and not by its PR person. And because either from a blogger like Alexey Vilnius, Olimp Trade demanded to advertise promotional codes to replenish an account, or the company, through its own PR department, promotes its shares. But this is unimportant, because the connection between Vilnius and this broker is obvious. Therefore, the strategy that this trader allegedly uses does not deserve attention. Moreover, for the deposit of the trader, it is destructive.

Strange VIP group

The third proof of communication with the broker is the presence of a VIP group in the Vilnius community. The user will get access there when they replenish the account from 30,000 rubles in the Olimp Trade company.Then how does the administrator of the Vilnius community, a person supposedly just earning on the network, find out that a member of his group has actually replenished the bill? Naturally, if Olimp Trade reports this to him. But as a third-party person, will the company provide its internal financial information?

No, because not a single respected broker will do this, as it threatens to revoke the license, which already has little importance. So Alexei Vilnius, Olimp Trade, and perhaps some of the other videobloggers of this kind, are rowing in the same boat. All of them are employees of the company who must attract a client, recommend him a losing strategy and advise him to trade in large amounts.

Why is strategy unprofitable for a trader?

Evaluating the effectiveness of the strategy, one should resort to two extremes. The first is a series of winnings, the second is a series of losses. Take a starting deposit of 1000 rubles and an option size of 100 rubles. The end of the experiment is a doubling of the deposit or the loss of the entire amount. Consider the first extreme - a series of wins with a fixed rate. To double the deposit, 11-13 victories will be needed depending on the option capitalization (from 75% to 90%). On average, it will take 12 wins in a row to earn 1000.

Alexey Vilnius Olimp

The second extreme: the first unprofitable transaction will leave 900 rubles on the account, of which then you need to put 200 rubles. In general, account balance changes look like this: 1000, 900, 700, 300, 0. In order to waste a deposit of 1000 rubles, it took 4 unprofitable transactions in a row. This means that risk mathematics is no longer on the side of the trader. Then on whose? Of course, she plays for a broker, because the probability of losing three to one.

Inconstancy of extremes

Sometimes the trader can carry because of the randomness of price changes on the minute chart. This means that long series of losses at 6-7 rates in a row will be rare. But this is possible in the case of price movement on an intraday trend. At the same time, feedback on the strategy published in the Alexey Vilnius community gives an indication that the trader recommends opening positions against the trend. That is, intentionally in the direction where the price will go less often.

Alexey Vilnius Olympus Trade

This step pushes the client to take a huge risk, because with the appearance of a series of three losses in a row, more than half of the deposit is lost. Of course, this is the broker's goal - to impose a unprofitable strategy on a newbie and reap its benefits for himself, each time taking half, and sometimes even more from his trading account.The conclusion is logical: Alexey Vilnius offers a strategy, reviews of which are mostly paid for, used by a broker for his own enrichment and extremely unprofitable for a trader.

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