Office dress: the most fashionable options

Office dress has become popular with the increase in vacancies involving communication with customers. In addition to the business suit and skirt with a blouse, it is one of the favorite dresses of women. Below is described how women should look, what subtleties exist when choosing.

office dress

Criterias of choice

Such a business outfit, like an office dress, is not entirely boring. It allows for subtle frivolities. When choosing a dress to work in the office, you must consider the criteria described below.

  • Dress code adopted by the company.If the company has certain rules of the dress code, it is better to study them more carefully. Perhaps the manual may be a slight deviation in shade or style.
  • The color scheme of the dress.In office style inadmissible bright, flashy tones. The dress should be in one color. Sometimes, leather or textile inserts also look very good.
  • Material.It is welcomed if the dress is made of wool or tweed. The dress can also be made of velvet.Summer office dresses are more common in linen and cotton. All sorts of lace is better to wear outside the office.
  • The cut.It is desirable that the dress was free, but underlined the silhouette. A large number of decorative elements is unacceptable here. Decollete and big cutouts are also taboo.
  • Length.The dress in mini style will be considered by colleagues as disrespectful tone. Greater length is also out of place. The best option - just above (below) the knee.

What to consider when choosing a summer office dress?

In the warm period, some deviations from the norm are allowed in the form of original finishes and brighter shades. Summer office dresses, photos of which are presented in the article, fit well every fashionista.

office dress photo

A small incision or smell would be appropriate. The neckline is triangular or round.

Acceptable colors: crimson, blue and yellow, provided that the cut will be modest. The sleeve flashlight is possible.

Classic Office Dresses

In clothing stores among the large assortment to choose an office dress to taste is sometimes very difficult. A huge number of various styles can turn the head of the most experienced employee of the office.Below are the best options that look great.

summer office dresses

  • Sheath DressThis outfit may lengthen your legs slightly. In it, each will look attractive. Highlight the waist with a narrow strap. Sheath dress is often found in a minimalist style. He almost does not need finishing. A cardigan or a fitted blazer can complement the outfit.
  • Midi dress.For those who have a figure without flaws, there is this style. An additional element may be leather inserts. Accessories to it should not be too bright.
  • Dress Basques.This outfit fits well with every fashionista who works in the office. A strip of fabric, which is sewn to the waist, is able to hide excess fat on the abdomen, thighs and sides. Those who have a figure without flaws, it will only emphasize the perfect silhouette. When choosing this bright dress, you should select the remaining elements more modest.

What models are in fashion now?

Above were considered classic office dresses. Photos are presented in the article. They are relevant at any time, but there are fashion trends that allow you to always look great.Therefore, it should be noted some colors and styles, prepared for the beautiful office staff by fashion designers.

  • The trend of the current season are black, brown, white and gray in office style.
  • Despite the severity of office fashion, you can safely wear a red dress to work this year.
  • A wrap-around model can be pampered with any allowable length. The sleeve of this dress, as a rule, is completely absent or has a size of three quarters.
  • Patch pockets look good in summer style.
  • Office dress shirt looks like a man's attire. This outfit is nice with a fashionable strap. This model should be chosen carefully. Length can play an important role.
  • A black dress with leather sleeves is a nice find.
  • In models with a print it is important to observe a strict version of the pattern - a rhombus, a cell, a strip or a goose foot.

summer office dress photo

Both classic and more frivolous office dresses are in fashion. Photos are presented in this article. As it turned out, there is a huge variety of models for modern careerists. When choosing, allowable contrasts, cut, neckline and other parameters should be considered. Beach themes and transparent models are strictly prohibited.

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