Nokia 6303 mobile phone: review, comparison with competitors and reviews

Ten years ago, few could have imagined that the novelty of the Finnish company would become a legend. But, as time has shown, this is exactly what happened. The device was wildly popular and so loved by customers that the company decided to release several modifications of this model. The first was a phone with an index of 6700. It used innovative technologies that affected the price. The second version was the model Nokia 6303 Classic. It practically did not differ from the prototype. According to the price category, it referred to “state employees”. It played a certain role at the start of sales. The combination of cost and quality quickly brought the device into the lead.

What is unique about the Nokia 6303 mobile phone? Let's figure it out 6303

Briefly about the main thing

Initially, the development of the model 6303 provoked the tremendous success of the Nokia 6300. The manufacturer decided to take advantage of this popularity, hoping for a quick start of the new product. And did not lose.After the official presentation, the Nokia 6303 Classic arrived at the points of sale where the buyer could purchase it at almost the same price as the previous version. The modified copy was immediately noticed not only by experts, but also by ordinary people. In the world of technical development, he created a furor. And this led to the fact that the new model completely eclipsed its 6303 classic phones

Design features

Each new companies engaged in the production of mobile devices, is under scrutiny. This is confirmed by numerous reviews and reviews published online. The Nokia 6303 Classic phones also became heroes of the discussions. The first thing that deserves attention is design. After all, it attracts most buyers.

The model looks pretty solid, but not strictly. The streamlined body, the original shape of the soft keys give elegance. Available in versions in black and silver color. Limited versions released gold (Gold). Lovers of bright solutions suitable pink copies - Nokia 6303 C (Illuvial Pink Collection). They look pretty glamorous. The main body color is black.Pink is used to trim the joystick, speaker, backlight of the numeric keypad. On the back cover in this color made the original pattern, which served as a prototype for the design of many models.

For the case, the developers chose two materials - plastic and metal. Due to its compact size (108.8 × 46.2 × 11.7 mm), the device is perfectly in the hand, it does not slip at all. The surface is resistant to mechanical damage, so the cover owners get quite rare. You can control the Nokia 6303 phone with one hand, without being afraid of accidentally dropping it. The device weighs less than 100 grams. And since some parts of the case are made of metal, it is safe to say that the developers have done a great job in achieving optimal performance.

The front panel consists of two blocks. The first one (the screen and soft keys) is framed with a border with rounded corners. Its surface is covered with glass. The second block is the keyboard. It occupies the third part of the entire front panel. Quite originally, the Nokia 6303 looks like a smooth transition between these blocks. Most owners leave a lot of accolades, thanks to a well-designed design.

On the rear side, functional elements are located only in the upper part. The loudspeaker, two-way flash and camera lens are displayed on one line. Above them stands the name of the manufacturer. Under the "window" of the camera there is information about the resolution of the matrix.original nokia 6303

Side buttons and connectors

The side faces and the ends of the model are equipped with everything necessary. The “rocker” volume is in the usual place - on the right side. This arrangement is the most convenient, because with one hand you can adjust the sound on the Nokia 6303. User feedback is a confirmation of this. The memory card slot is under the back cover, so you will have to remove it to install a flash drive. There are no functional elements on the left side face. The power button is displayed on the upper end. This arrangement is quite typical for devices of the Finnish manufacturer. At the bottom there are three connectors: the first for connecting the charger (2 mm), the second for the headset (3.5 mm) and the third for the microUSB 6303 manual


The manufacturer did not save on a complete set. This can be seen by looking in the box.Many users in their reviews noted the presence of all the important elements. Let's see what exactly is offered in the kit.

  • First of all, the Nokia 6303 itself.
  • Instruction and warranty card is included in the kit.
  • Removable lithium-ion type battery, model - BL-5CT, with a capacity of 1050 mAh.
  • CA-101 - USB cable for PC connection.
  • Charger (AC-8).
  • Wired stereo headset (WH-102).
  • Removable microSD drive with 1 GB memory.

The packing box is framed in light gray. On the front side, orange is used as an accent. There is also an image of the phone, the model name and manufacturer.

The rather ambiguous opinion of the owners caused the length of the USB cable. It is very short, so it is inconvenient to connect the device to the computer system unit. Also, some users have noticed the lack of an adapter for a memory card. However, this can not be called a weighty disadvantage, since the additional elements of a complete set could have a significant impact on the cost, significantly increasing the cost of retail.


In order to be confident in the quality of a mobile device, it is recommended to purchase only original models. Nokia 6303 is no exception.From this will depend on the characteristics of the phone. Consider how the screen is equipped with the original version of the Finnish manufacturer.

Like many other push-button phones, this device can not boast of a chic display. However, if we consider that the model was developed in 2009, then the characteristics can be fully attributed to the innovative ones. Screen size - 2.2 inches. During its manufacture used TFT-technology. It is based on a high-quality matrix that is capable of displaying more than 16 million colors. Given the small diagonal, you should not count on high resolution. It is in this model is only 240 × 320 px.

As for the transmission of colors, all shades are displayed richly and vividly, no user distortion is noticed. In the sunlight, the screen fades significantly, but the information remains readable.

The display contains 12 lines, 3 of them are service lines. The number of text can vary depending on the font size. This feature is available for user 6303 photo


The Nokia 6303 phone is a device that is equipped with mechanical control buttons. The keyboard is small, but using a digital unit is quite convenient,as all keys have an individual arrangement. The distance between them is chosen perfectly. Typing text or number is convenient with one hand. The shape of the buttons is oval, pressing is easy. In comparison with the predecessor, their height has significantly decreased. This increased the level of comfort during operation. Each key is highlighted when the phone is active. From any angle information is visible perfectly.

The control panel is represented by three buttons. Two soft keys - two-position. The upper part is responsible for the quick access to the applications (the user can choose them independently), the lower part is the function of receiving and resetting the call. The joystick is programmed to five positions - four arrows and a central 6303 c


All Nokia 6303 Classic phones have received many accolades from consumers for their battery life. The manufacturer indicates the following figures in the instructions:

  • Video mode: recording - a little more than 2 hours, viewing - 3.5 hours.
  • Audio mode - about a day.
  • Standby time - 18-19 days.
  • Talk time - 7 hours

In order to fully charge the battery, it will take no more than 2 hours.

What do users say in their reviews about the battery life of this model? Immediately it is worth noting that the conducted independent tests showed results that are not very different from those stated by the manufacturer.

  • Video playback - 3 hours
  • Surfing the Internet - about 3 hours.
  • Listening to music through a wired headset - 30-31 h. Such indicators are typical for the radio mode.

It is nice when developers do not overstate the characteristics of the duration of work and buyers can fully appreciate the 6303 mobile phone


Nokia 6303 (see photo in the article) is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0. Data transfer is carried out at a speed of 100 Kb / s. Users noticed problems in work. Music plays quickly, without brakes.

A USB cable is provided for communication with a PC. On the one hand, it has a standard plug, on the other - a “micro” one. The transfer speed is 1 Mb / s. The user is given a choice of three connection modes:

  • PC Suite. To synchronize with a PC, you must install the program. Working with data occurs directly through the utility interface.
  • Data Storage. No driver installation required.The operating system recognizes the device itself and the user gets access to the phone’s memory and removable storage.
  • Printing. This mode is designed for quick printing of photos stored on the phone.

Nokia 6303: camera specifications

This model received an excellent camera. It is based on a 3.2 megapixel matrix. The quality of photos is good, as the developers have provided autofocus and LED flash. In the settings you can choose the image format - high, basic and normal. The camera is equipped with a timer. Its interval is 10 seconds. The number of shots is 3. There are several effects in the menu, thanks to them the user can edit his photos. There are also several features that help improve the quality of images. Among them, ZUM, white balance, brightness / contrast adjustment. You can save photos both on the memory card and on the phone. Fixing the picture by pressing the central button of the joystick. The most comfortable position is horizontal. All owners of this model agree with this. As for reviews about the quality of images, then the opinions here are somewhat different.The main problem is the correct choice of lighting. There are also comments on the brightness of the flash. In the dark, high-quality photos will not work - a lot of noise.

With the camera, you can shoot video. The recording of clips is carried out as 3GP. Duration is not limited by time. The video can be shot until the free space on the memory card or phone runs out. When playing a recording on the display of the apparatus, pixel breakdown does not occur. On a large screen of a computer or laptop, the quality is noticeably deteriorating, but 6303 classic firmware

Competing models

Only two models can seriously compete with Nokia 6303. The first - its predecessor - the device with the index 6300. The second is the C510 phone of the equally well-known company Sony Ericsson.

Given that the Nokia 6300 with the release of the new model began to gradually move aside, so it was not able to create a special competition for the new product. Buyers quickly decided on a modified version. But there was a rivalry with the Sony Ericsson C510.

Each of these models had its own trumps. As for the Nokia 6303, the buyer was bribed by a high-quality metal housing, excellent battery characteristics,standard connectors (there is no need to use adapters), an improved player, the ability to remotely control the playback of music tracks through the headset, voice options. Also a significant advantage was the support of common memory card formats.

As for the rival Sony Ericsson C510, here the developers also offer pretty good features. This support for bulk removable drives (up to 8 GB), multitasking Java applications, the ability to work with third-generation networks, advanced software.

Some users believe that with the model 6303 Nokia may well compete with the Samsung C5212 DUOS. Unlike the Finnish apparatus, the Korean supports work with two SIM cards. However, the quality of materials (plastic versus metal) and the resolution of the camera are much inferior, therefore it cannot be considered a serious competitor.

Advantages and disadvantages

After studying a large number of reviews of real people, you can create a list of advantages and disadvantages of this model. The advantages they include:

  • affordable cost;
  • interesting design with notes of modernism;
  • small dimensions;
  • the use of metal elements in the housing;
  • the weight;
  • the original design of soft keys and the convenience of a numeric keypad;
  • extended functionality;
  • battery life without recharging;

But the disadvantages, according to buyers, are:

  • poor phone book;
  • incomplete equipment;
  • lack of multitasking;
  • the inability to charge the device via a USB cable connected to the PC.

The last criterion has now become a significant disadvantage, since this connector is recognized as standard for all chargers without exception. The lack of such support brings a lot of inconvenience.


Summing up, we can say that the Nokia model 6303 is an excellent phone, used mainly for making calls and sending messages. The functionality of the device greatly expands the possibilities, so users can use it for entertainment - games, listening to music, photography and other things.

Additional software is offered to install from the Internet. However, it is not necessary to fill the memory completely, as there may be problems in the work of Nokia 6303 Classic.The firmware fails, so the phone behaves inadequately - it turns itself on / off, hangs. In such a situation it is recommended to simply update the device. To do this, simply connect it to a PC using the PC Suite program. If this does not help, then you need to change the firmware. It is downloaded only from the official site. Be sure to check the version and compatibility, since self-flashing the phone can bring it to a completely inoperable state. If such a problem arises, even in the service center the device is not rehabilitated.

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