Noise-proof headphones: GOST, types, features and reviews

Isolation of the hearing aid from ambient noise is required not only in the process of working with audio materials. Construction and installation work, which involves the percussion instrument, may also require the use of acoustic protection. This is due to the fact that the work of the equipment is accompanied by a high level of noise that can harm the organs of hearing. In order to protect against such situations, use headphones antinoise, the design of which includes special insulation materials.

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Features of noise protection headphones

Compared to conventional music headphones, protective models for builders differ in their emphasis on stable mechanical insulation and a more serious barrier to external noise at certain frequencies. Actually, the constructional device just reflects these functional nuances. The standard version provides for a semicircular headband and two cups isolating the ears.The liners of the cups, which are usually made of polyurethane foam, are directly responsible for the insulating effect. The outer coating to ensure soft contact with the ears is made of damping materials, minimizing also the vibration effects. At the same time, it is impossible to say that protective antinoise headphones are more technological or functional in comparison with music ones. Firstly, they are not designed for high-quality music playback, and secondly, they are performed on the basis of strong and reliable parts.

GOST requirements

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Regulations regulate the performance of noise protection headphones in several ways - size, materials of manufacture, design and adjustment possibilities. As for the size, there are three categories of such devices - small, medium and large. Thus, small ones should be regulated in height in the range from 115 to 130 mm, and in width - from 125 to 140 mm. For large, the height should be in an accessible range of 130-140 mm, and width - 145-155 mm. From the requirements for materials it is worth noting that all surfaces that come into contact with the skin should not be metallic and cause irritation.As already noted, headphones antinoise in part of the internal surfaces are made of damping, but at the same time soft material. And, on the contrary, the power structural base should be made of either an elastic stainless steel or high-strength plastic. Regulatory ranges of adjustment have already been noted, but the rules also indicate that it is in principle possible to customize the holders of cups, headbands and other fastener accessories.

Headphone Types

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There are passive and active noise protection headphones. The first category is, in essence, a simplified means of isolation from all surrounding sounds. A reliable barrier to noise is provided, which, however, does not allow for “useful” sounds. For example, in such headphones, the installer may miss a team from a partner, a warning signal of automation, etc. Active antinoise headphones do not have the disadvantages of passive analogs. They have in their construction a line for transmitting an external audio signal, through which a worker can hear other people, receive the same instructions with warnings, etc.For feedback, a small microphone has also been incorporated into the design.

Reviews about model ROSOMZ SOMZ-5 "Storm"

Model model of anti-noise headphones for builders and operators of production lines. The device has an optimized 200-gram design, which is distinguished by selectivity in terms of eliminating third-party sounds. Users themselves note that the ear plugs of the SOMZ series 5 cut off the production noises, making it possible to distinguish between human speech. But the positive effect of this kind is not always noted, and many owners of the model also have negative impressions of its insulating properties. At the same time, there are no serious complaints about ergonomics. The developers used polyurethane foam, lightweight plastic and a classic configuration of fasteners. The result was not a heavy and easy to handle design.

Husqvarna Model Reviews

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Husqvarna is known worldwide for its chainsaws. And the care of the developers of such a well-known brand about the comprehensive safety of their fans is quite logical. The company offers a line of professional headphones that can be used in conjunction with jackhammers, drills, motokos, perforators, etc.According to users, headphones Husqvarna antinoise optimally cope with their primary task, while performing additional functions of mechanical protection. Many owners, in particular, point out the advantages of a protective mask made of mesh. Headphones in the basic set are equipped with this shield, and if necessary, the design can be supplemented with a sun visor. If we talk about the shortcomings, then there is a high price of such models - on average, it is 2 thousand rubles.

Reviews of model Peltor Optime II

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This model is also difficult to call a budget, and its characteristics confirm this. Headphones are able to cut sounds at more than 85 dB. Owners note a snug fit and comfort for the ears, an ergonomic system for adjusting to the screeds, as well as the advantages of a soft headband, which used a combination of materials. Among the users of the model, there are quite a lot of workers at airports and the industrial sector, and in these areas noise-reduction requirements are particularly high. And even with a high level of requests, Peltor antinoise headphones show decent hearing protection results.The only drawback of this particular modification is the lack of the ability to customize the headband.

What to consider in the choice?

First of all, takes into account the overall quality of performance and noise reduction. Without the practice of applying these qualities, it is difficult to verify, therefore it is recommended to initially refer to products of proven brands. Next, select a model for functionality. We must immediately decide whether the device will support the feedback or perform exclusively the task of complete isolation. Then the accessories are examined. For example, anti-noise headphones for a helmet will allow you to combine the design with head protection. And this decision will not only facilitate the process of putting on headphones, but also minimizes the load on the head, distributing it to several points on the helmet. In addition, it is worth adding additional protective panels, glasses and other elements that will increase the already physical security of the user.


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Work with grinders, impact screwdrivers, drilling rigs and other construction and production equipment is always accompanied by strong noise, not to mention vibrations.At the same time, the operator of such tools should concentrate the maximum attention on the treatment area. And in this regard, the presence of auxiliary equipment may seem redundant and disturbing. Nevertheless, practice shows the opposite effect. Most users are positive about anti-noise headphones. Their price is also affordable - on average, from 500 to 700 rubles. This applies to passive entry-level models that are most in demand. But there are lines like Husqvarna. These are already professional models worth 2-3 thousand, most often used in highly specialized areas.

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