Nina Menshikova, actress: biography, personal life, filmography

Nina Menshikova is one of the most talented actresses of the national cinema. Several generations of viewers know her from the films “Girls”, “We Will Live Until Monday”. This actress could play other interesting roles in the movie. But in her youth she made a choice: Menshikova chose the family of a profession.

Nina Menshikova

early years

Menshikova Nina Evgenevna was born in a military family in 1928. Her parents were ordinary people, not related to art.

When the war began, children were forcibly evacuated. Nina hid under the bed: she did not want to leave her native city. But still she was taken away. She lived for two years in the outback, where she learned all the intricacies of rural life. In 1943, the future artist returned to Moscow.

Why suddenly decided to become an actress Nina Menshikova? The biography of the actress confirms the fact that each person is able to achieve his goal.And the fact that even when the summit is taken, do not forget about simple earthly joys, which include home comfort and quiet family evenings. Not having a bright appearance, she enrolled in drama school. Not showing talent in the first year, she continued to study, and then became one of the most sought-after Soviet actress. When she met her future husband, she refused a career.

Nina Menshikova actress

Student years

After graduating from school, Nina applied for VGIK and was accepted. But the first years of study at the Film Institute were unsuccessful. According to the artistic director, Nina Menshikova was a mediocre student. She did not have a bright appearance and could hardly ever play the role of a fatal beauty, a valiant revolutionary or the heroine of Chekhov's drama. In addition, was a girl somewhat constrained and unsure of herself.

He taught on the course Babochkin - an actor, known for his role Chapaeva. This teacher had his own ideas about artistic talent. He simply did not notice the students who did not arouse sympathy in him.

Nina Menshikova could despair, as many did in her place, and leave the institute.But that did not happen. Moreover, she switched to the course of Gerasimov, who, unlike her colleague, was able to reveal the talent of an obscure at first glance girl. Menshikova, according to the words of her close friends, was an extremely modest man, but at the same time she knew her own worth and knew how to achieve her own. In the senior class she played a lot of bright roles, she proved to her proficiency teachers. With a brilliant characteristic, Nina Menshikova left the walls of the institute.

Nina Menshikov biography


In the movie, the actress debuted in the lead role. The most famous paintings in which Nina Menshikova played were: “Girls”, “The Ballad of a Soldier”, “The Miraculous”, “We Will Live Until Monday”. There are few main roles in her filmography. The actress refused many offers.

Among the later works of the role in the films "School Waltz", "Visit to the Minotaur", "No Return", "The Sixth", "Waiting for a miracle."

Rostotsky and Menshikova had an ideal family. So many thought. But in reality, these people simply did not allow them to demonstrate their feelings to outsiders. Due to family concerns, Menshikova could not play as much in the cinema as her talent allowed.And in the eighties Rostotsky was seriously ill. Most of the time Nina Evgenievna spent in the hospital. There was no need to think about any work in the cinema during this period. Interesting roles were behind. Still it is worth saying a few words about the most famous films in which the actress played.


Nina Menshikova in this film played the role of one of the workers of the Ural timber industry enterprise. “Mama Vera” - this is how the heroine calls her roommate in the dormitory, although the actress was only thirty-three years old at the time of filming. The image of a correct, kind and understanding woman completely corresponded to the character of Nina Evgenievna. However, one of Menshikova’s girlfriends once said that, despite her external softness, the actress had a steel core.

Nina Menshikova personal life


The role in this picture became the most tragic in the filmography Menshikova. The film "The Miracle" tells the story of a boy who once finds an icon. His fellow villagers have since considered him saint. But the boy suffers heavily from this, and along with him his mother, who played Menshikova.

"We will live until Monday"

This picture is the only one in which Rostotsky shot his wife.When Menshikov read the script, she asked her husband for the role of a Russian language teacher. It was this unpleasant heroine who wanted to play Nina Evgenievna. On samples, the actress asked the make-up artists to do her hair, which she did not go at all. She was dressed in a gray inconspicuous costume. When I started to play, Rostotsky first realized how talented his wife was. It was an absolute reincarnation.

When the movie “Live to Monday” came out on screens, the young actors who played in it became famous. Tikhonov once again proved his unique acting talent. As for the performer of the role of the teacher of the Russian language, she did not use, as her colleagues, insane viewer love. Her heroine caused smiles and hostility. Those who personally knew the actress were amazed. She played her complete opposite. And this can be done only with a great acting talent, which Nina Menshikova possessed.

Personal life

The first and only husband of Nina Menshikova was the director Stanislav Rostotsky. With him she lived a long happy life. Nina Menshikova is an actress with more than thirty roles in her record.But in the foreground for her was always not a job, but a husband and a son.

Andrei Rostotsky followed in the footsteps of his parents. He became an actor. Rostotsky Jr. performed all the tricks on his own. He also has several directorial works. In 2000, Andrei Rostotsky died. Of the relatives of the actress left daughter-in-law and granddaughter Olga.

Menshikov and Rostotsky seemed like a perfect match. But when colleagues found out about their wedding, they were surprised a lot. After all, a novice director was credited with novels with the first beauties of the national cinema. How did Rostotsky and Menshikov meet? How did their romance begin?


As students, they sometimes met in the walls of VGIK. Menshikova was in love with him at first sight, but she understood that the student of the director's department, a former front-line soldier, a tall, fair-haired handsome man, was not deprived of the attention of a female. There was no hope that Rostotsky would ever pay attention to her. Yet once, by luck, he invited her out of town. And this trip, which was supposed to be working, turned into a romantic one.

Rostotsky once met Nina at the tram stop.The girl was traveling to her grandmother in the suburbs. They talked. He wanted to carry her out, but it really didn’t want to go that far. Later, an aspiring director remembered her when he was creating the script for the first film.

The picture was about the inhabitants of the countryside. Stanislav Rostotsky decided that to write a script for such a film should be exclusively in the outback. Together with his co-author, he planned a trip to the village. The men decided that they should invite someone to cook meals. After all, if they are distracted, they will not be able to write.

In the village

Rostotsky invited the young actress out of town as a cook, to which she, without hesitation, agreed. Stanislav Iosifovich this shocked. “Actresses are frivolous girls,” he thought, and decided that he would never marry one of them. After the trip, the future classic of the national cinema changed its beliefs. And later he confessed to his future wife what he did not tell anyone.

In the war, Private Rostotsky lost his leg. His fans did not even suspect that he walked with a prosthesis. He asked Nina if she was ready to live with a disabled person. To which the girl replied: "All my life."

Nina Menshikova films

Consequences of the war

Rostotsky married Menshikova. Unlike most actresses who marry directors, in order to make a successful career, Nina Evgenievna did not think about the roles in the films of her husband. Moreover, she devoted herself to the family.

Stanislav Rostotsky shot one of the best films on the war. He is the creator of the famous film adaptation of Vasilyev's story “And the Dawns Here are Quiet”. But he did not like to talk about war. With its consequences in the family Rostotsky fought every day. It was necessary to regularly replace dentures, which was accompanied by terrible pain. Menshikova all her life took care of her husband. Perhaps, it would not be her next, he could not create so many wonderful films.

Stanislav Rostotsky died in 2001. Soon the actress lost her son. Andrei Rostotsky died in 2001 while filming in Sochi.

Menshikova Nina Evgenievna

Death of loved ones

Rostotsky died as a result of a heart attack. This happened on the road from Moscow to Vyborg. By tragic accident, there was no one nearby who could be of help.

Menshikov, according to the memories of loved ones, was a very reserved man. After the death of her husband, she lived most of the time in Vyborg, where the Rostotsky family had a home.Relatives regularly visited her. But less than a year, a new and most terrible tragedy happened in her life: her son died.

girls Nina Menshikova

Last years

In the two thousandth years Nina Menshikova played in two films: “Evlampia Romanova”, “Irretrievable Man”. In these films she played minor roles. "Irretrievable Man" came out on the screens when the actress was no longer alive.

For five years she survived the only son Nina Menshikova. The cause of death is a stroke. She was ill for a long time, she died at home. The first stroke happened two years before death. After him, the actress lost her speech and was partially paralyzed. However, she found strength for everyday work with a speech therapist, she learned to write with her left hand. She partially managed to restore health. Until the last days of her life, the actress kept her mind. Nina Menshikova died in Vyborg, was buried in Moscow, at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.

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