Nicotine addiction

Almost no smokers who do not wantquit smoking. What is smoking? This is something from which a healthy person can spoil his personal life, develop many serious diseases (including deaths). People who smoke daily, spend their money and damage their health. With all this suffering not only themselves, but also those who surround them. Is it pleasant to communicate with non-smoker with a smoker? Of course not. Smoking is a terrible antisocial habit, which must be disposed of as soon as possible.

Why do people still smoke if the harm of tobaccohas long been proven? Someone smokes for some psychological reasons, but someone because he developed the strongest nicotine addiction. What it is? In principle, it can be called a real disease, along with alcoholism and drug addiction. Independently to get rid of it, as well as from two other specified illnesses, in most cases happens very much and very difficultly.

Nicotine addiction is a disease that can not be started. Funds designed to deal with it, not too little. Let us consider them in more detail.

It is worth saying that nicotine dependence is:

- psychological;

- physical.

By physical dependence is meant sucha condition of an organism at which there is a habit to the substances containing in tobacco - first of all to nicotine. As in the case of drugs, nicotine-dependent after the next dose feels some relief and even pleasure, but very soon it disappears and a break-up begins.

The enjoyment of the tobacco smokerthe reason that nicotine affects certain areas of his brain. Unfortunately, the impact is not only on him, but on the entire body as a whole. The impact is disastrous. For this reason, a person who develops nicotine addiction experiences discomfort when breaking. Many people are weak and simply can not survive the terrible condition associated with the lack of the substance to which they are accustomed. How long will it take to get everything in a normal, natural state? Long, however, strong physical nicotine dependence will disappear in about one to two weeks.

Let's talk about psychological dependence. Immediately note that it is much stronger than the one described above (there are exceptions, but in most cases, all this is exactly what happens). It is related to the fact that a person simply gets used to smoking. Smoking him at the same time like it. Often this is due to the fact that smoking for him means to get out of business and to redirect your thoughts a bit more - that is, to step back from reality and relax a little.

Some claim that the cigarette helps themthink, relax, relax and so on. The habit is a strong matter, which means it will be very difficult to overcome it. There are people who smoke only when they are nervous, drink coffee or drink alcohol. There are also those who touch cigarettes just to emphasize their own unique style.

How to quit smoking? This question is complicated. First of all, we recommend to stop embroidering yourself with the hope that you can quit smoking at any time, when you just want. Here, as in the case of alcohol dependence, it is first and foremost necessary to admit to yourself and to people that you are sick.

How to stop smoking a teenager or an adult? The best way is to convince yourself that you do not need tobacco. If you can really believe it, you will never return to this addiction. Other means and methods are not so effective, since the likelihood of relapse is too high.

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