New SUVs Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - a continuation of the legend

In the spring of last year on the territory of Russiastarted sales of the new upgraded version of the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser 200. What has changed in the design and technical characteristics of this model? For what cost it can be purchased? The answer to these and other questions you will learn from the article.

"Land Cruiser Toyota" off-road vehicles - photo and review of the exterior of the novelty

It is worth noting that any revolutionarychanges in the design of this car did not happen. But still the car has become more fresh and modern, which is repeatedly confirmed by new details, which we will now talk about.Toyota SUVsThe main changes are felt in the updated headlightshead light, which, unlike the previous generations, became slightly larger in size. Also, changes have touched their internal part - now instead of halogen light, xenon is installed here. Another distinguishing characteristic was the availability of daytime running lights, which previously were not included in the basic equipment. Off-road cars "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" are equipped with them in the lower part of the bumper, giving the novelty a more presentable appearance. The wheel arches of the car, which are now capable of accommodating not only eighteen-inch wheels, have also changed noticeably. Rear-view mirrors in the new model have LED repeaters. And finally, in the review of the external appearance, I would like to note the presence of new fog lamps, which for the first time acquired a round appearance (they were always rectangular before).

SUVs of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 - a review of the salon

In terms of the interior of the new JapaneseThe car has also changed, but to a lesser extent. The main changes are noticeable with respect to the additional comfort functions, which already provided the driver with maximum comfort. Also changed the details of the front torpedo, including the updated instrument panel. Now the new off-road vehicles Toyota Land Cruiser 200 boast of modern measuring instruments with Illumination type Optitron. Now the arrow of the tachometer and speedometer is neatly "drowned" in the individual off-road cars priceAnd the steering wheel has acquired automatic heating and new materials for finishing under the skin and wood.


Updated SUVs of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200will be delivered to the Russian market in two engine variants. The first is an eight-cylinder petrol unit with a capacity of 309 horsepower and a 4.6-liter displacement. The second is a diesel analog with a capacity of 235 "horses" and a working capacity of 4.5 liters. Both motors can be equipped with only one transmission - a six-speed automatic transmission. Before "hundred" the car can be dispersed only for 8,6 seconds. At the same time, the maximum speed of the new jeep is about 205 kilometers per hour.

toyota off-road cars photos

"Toyota" off-road cars - the price at the official dealer

The car model Land Land Cruiser 200 in the baseassembly will cost about 3 million 250 thousand rubles. As for the "top" equipment, it will cost buyers at least 3 million 276 thousand.

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