Navy - the color of the sea, stability and harmony

The colors we deal with on a daily basis and encounter in various spheres of being are divided into more and less frequent. Many believe that among the popular are black, white, gray and beige - and this is true, but to this list it is worth adding an amazing shade of navy. The color of the sea depths, it often appears in military clothes, and in recent years has been firmly entrenched in the world fashion. In addition, this shade is the favorite of many artists - classics and contemporaries.

Navy (color) - translation into Russian

So, first of all, you should understand the Russian meaning of this term. The word navy is translated as “navy” or simply “flotilla”. If we talk about this term as a shade, then this word means a rich marine blue palette. Navy - the color (translation to Russian confirms this), referring to the cold range, is a dark blue tone. There are no red, yellow or green patches in it, and the percentage of blue is 50.2. The hue is correlated with the mid-dark one, since its saturation is as much as 100 percent, and the lightness is equal to 25.1 percent.On this basis, it is possible to state with complete confidence that the navy is a true blue color, which does not have any impurities and therefore remains in its own bright and color

Where meets

Above, we have already noted that, so to speak, the natural manifestation of this hue is the depths of the sea. Well, in everyday life, in clothes and art, the color of navy is what shade of blue? The most striking example is the form of naval officers. For this reason, this tone has become one of the basic, basic. In addition, he has a fairly high percentage of compatibility with other shades, it is in perfect harmony with both pastel and bright colors, and perfectly dilutes monochrome compositions.

Nowadays, navy is a fashionable and popular color for lovers to dress beautifully and stylishly. In this shade, business suits, evening dresses and even casual plain clothes are often sewn for both women and color translation into Russian

In the framework of modern fashion

Most modern fashionistas have long been familiar with the tone called navy blue. This color is universal, rather dark, but not so gloomy as black, very rich, but not as bright as red.In other words, it can be used to create a strict and discreet image, which, however, will not be boring and monochrome, but will become individual and creative. Separately, it should be emphasized that in today's fashion industry, this shade of blue is divided into several more shades. Of course, you can distinguish them only by comparing with each other.

  • Dark navy - a tone darker than the classic sea. Its peculiarity is that it can have a purple or gray undertone. Because of this, the color becomes either warm or cold.
  • Standard navy is the main color, on which all other derivatives are built. It has a strictly cold undertone.
  • Light navy - differs from the base in that it includes white. Like the dark counterpart, it may be slightly warm or color is what

Combination with monochrome gamma

Sea blue gets along well with a black and white palette, both individually and simultaneously with all. The ensemble of color navy and black will be very rich and dramatic. Often this combination is found in casual clothes and business suits.

If black and dark blue meet together in art, the picture becomes gloomy. When this shade is combined with white, the image becomes incredibly fresh and expressive.Such an ensemble can be clearly seen in striped seaman shirts, which have long been the property of not only the military, but also leading fashion designers.

Navy and pastel

The most winning combination in both fashion and painting is considered to be blue and beige. At first glance, this ensemble is mediocre, inexpressive and can easily be lost among the brighter compositions. But he has a certain delicate charm, elusive lightness and at the same time clarity. It is worth noting that both colors (both navy and beige) are absolutely for all people, regardless of age, color type and gender. In art, this combination can be found in the paintings of impressionist artists, who adhered to the pastel palette, avoiding bright colors. Also, both colors are often found in watercolor painting.navu blue color

Explosive palettes

In fact, the dark blue color can be easily combined with any bright shade. If we are talking about clothes, then choose colors that go personally to you. When such combinations are found in painting, they determine the character of the painting, its style and, so to speak, aura. Sea shade looks good with bright red, orange and rich green.But one of the most winning combinations is navy plus yellow. It should be noted that the general character of the image depends on the saturation of the latter. If you prefer bright yellow, then blue will play a secondary role. If the yellow is pale, muffled, then the sea hue will become the main one, it will serve as a guideline, and a lighter tone will appear on its background as a supplement. Such compositions in art are reflected in still lifes and pastoral paintings. Both colors are of natural origin, therefore, are the favorites of many artists.

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