Natasha Poly: career development, interesting facts

Natasha Poly is one of those models that is admired by both simple connoisseurs of female beauty and authoritative fashion designers, famous photographers, well-known music video makers ...

Biography of Natalia Poly (Polevshchikova)

As a child, Natasha was no different from peers. Like the other girls, she could not get past the newsstand, in the window of which there were pictures of “imported” fashion models, and tried not to miss one of those rare occasions when she, an unremarkable schoolgirl who dreamed of escaping from the philistine “dullness”, managed look through a glossy magazine abroad.

As a child, Natalia skied and loved very much when on the weekends their whole family went out into the countryside.Natasha poly model

With the arrival of 2000, when Natasha Poly began to think about the future, children's dreams of beautiful clothes and camera flashes again filled her imagination. Having undermined the money, she came to the model contest, which was held in Moscow under the patronage of the famous Italian agencyWhy not.

Fifteen-year-old Natalya won a second place of honor, “passing forward” only Xenia Stom. But the goal was still achieved: the name of Natalia Polevshchikova suddenly became known, many well-known couturiers from all over the world began to think about working with her.

Natasha Poly

Having received several lucrative offers from top fashion designers, Natasha Polevshchikova plunged into this fashionable whirlpool, barely managing to keep up with the school program. The Moscow competition turned out to be a kind of springboard for her: the girl became a coveted participant in prestigious Paris and Tokyo shows.

Natasha Poly in the eyes of an astrologer

The astrological signs, patrons of Natalia are the Bull (she was born in 1985) and the constellation of Cancer (the model’s birthday is July 12).

Born into the world in the year of the Bull, she received kindness, determination and a sense of responsibility from this animal.

Like all Raki, Natasha Poly is a purposeful person. Stubborn and in any situation, it acts in such a way that it never leaves the security zone.

Cancer woman is a mystery. Possessing a rich imagination and a rich inner world, she is too sensitive, painfully accepts criticism and hesitates for a long time, making fateful decisions.

To win such a woman is very difficult: she is extremely serious about issues relating to relationships with the opposite sex. But if a man managed to interest her, he should belong to her alone until the end of his days.

Natasha Poly - Women Management model

After graduating from high school, Natalia signed a contract with the New York agency Women Management. Representatives of the Italian branch began to deal with the career of a young model.

Natasha Pauly first appeared on the European catwalk in 2004, advertising the collections of Emanuel Ungar and Yoji Yamamoto. After a short period of time, the young model was already defilating in dresses from Ann Valerie Hash, and soon appeared on the pages of such popular fashion publications as Vogue and ELLE.

At the zenith of fame

A significant stage in Natasha's life, journalists believe, was an invitation from the manufacturer of underwear for women - the legendary company Victoria’s Secret. It must be said that cooperation with such “monsters” of the fashion industry is equal to the award for recognizing invaluable services.

Working with Victoria’s Secret, Natasha Poly gained fame as a real professional. It happened during one of the shows: the slipper slipped from the girl’s foot, and Natasha had to continue the defile without this item, which she did,adequately maintaining posture and not showing embarrassment. This case soon became a kind of "textbook sample" for young people.

In 2011, Natasha Pauli received an invitation from Karl Lagerfeld himself, who was just thinking about publishing the Pirelli calendar. By agreeing to a photo session, Natasha once again became a model for beginning mannequins and became one of the most sought-after models of the world.Natasha Poly with her husband

At the beginning of 2015, the model was invited to a photo session entitled “Obsession with the Icon”, dedicated to the advertising campaign of the world-famous car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. In the photographs of the photographer and author of the project Jeff Bark, Natasha Poly is dressed in a suit modeled by Japanese designer Atsuko Kudo. In the summer of 2016, Natasha starred in a photo shoot “Beast Instinct” for Vogue Espana magazine.

The summer of 2016 brought another surprise to the fashion world. Several famous women, among whom Natasha Pauli and Kim Kardashian were spotted, starred in the video clip of Fergie, the ex-soloist of the Black Eyed Peas group. In honor of Fergie’s return to the big stage, her friends danced from the bottom of their hearts, generously pouring milk on themselves.

In January 2017, several recognized models, including Natasha Poly, Dautzen Creuse and Isabelle Fontana, became the main characters of the Balmain advertising campaign.Filming took place in California, on one of the desert roads of this American state. Photographer Stephen Klein used all his experience and skill to make the Californian landscape look like an alien one.

Personal life

Natasha Paulie and Peter Bakker got married in 2011 (the ceremony was held in Saint-Tropez (France)), but the story of their love began much earlier - in 2003.

The Russian model and the Dutch businessman, before announcing the upcoming marriage, met about five years.Natasha Poly and Peter Bakker

Currently, Natasha Poly, with her husband and daughter Alexandra, lives in New York.

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