Nastya Smirnova married? Participant biography

- Participant of the popular projects "Vacations in Mexico" and "House-2". The girl attracted the audience because of her pretty appearance - slim Nastya with a lush white head of hair is able to blow away anybody with her beauty.

Nastya Smirnova


Nastya Smirnova was born on June 18, 1990. The girl is a native of Nizhny Novgorod. Her parents belong to creative people - her father works as an architect, and her mother earns her living by professional singing and preparing children for vocal competitions. Perhaps that is why, from an early age, she participated in various competitions and won prizes from the very beginning.

Confidence in the girl is not abundant - she was raised as the only beloved daughter, having invested all the warm feelings of a parent into education. At the same time, little Nastya had everything - the family did not experience material difficulties, so the newest advanced toys and gadgets were regularly bought for the child.It is impossible to say that Anastasia grew up as a spoiled child - she knows the value of money and parental help.

School years

In school years, nothing special happened to the life of a young girl. From the first grade, she tried to study hard, demonstrating her excellent behavior to teachers. Poor grades in Anastasia’s diary appeared extremely rarely, which made the parents very happy. Nastya went in for sports and adored gatherings with her friends. Over time, her reputation as a “nerd” stuck in, since Nastya knew all the subjects perfectly well.

Nastya Smirnova holidays in Mexico

University and adult life

After finishing school and receiving a secondary education, the girl decided not to leave her native city. That is why I applied to the Law Academy, having successfully passed the entrance exams. At that time, Nastya Smirnova is already studying in one of the prestigious universities and wants to conquer the capital with her appearance and intellect, but she still doesn’t know how to do it.

Having successfully entered the desired faculty, the girl decided to become much more independent in all spheres of life and not depend on parents and friends either morally or materially. The next stage of development was a model career - the parameters of Anastasia corresponded to the model appearance.However, further participation in male projects and the publication of photos in publications for adults, the career has not gone. The girl also managed to sign a contract with the prestigious Nizhny Novgorod modeling agency.

"House-2" and "Vacation in Mexico"

Participation in the scandalous transfer increased the popularity of the girl, who spread beyond the confines of one city. Participant Nastya Smirnova, “Dom-2” for which she became the second house, decided to combine good earnings with the desire to become famous, so she came to one of the castings and immediately went on. In the glade, she told everyone that she was sympathetic to the two guys at once - Pynzar S. and Kuznetsov N. But neither Seryozha nor Nikita decided to associate themselves with the girl.

Nastya Smirnova House 2

It became clear to all the other participants that the girl does not differ in her excellent character - she cannot keep silent and climbs into fights. Not a single man wanted to get involved with the bitch, and Anastasia herself ended up on the project for only three and a half months.

They kicked out the girl in a very mean way - while Nastya decided to go home and see her friends for the weekend, the participants plotted and expelled her by voting. Almost everyone decided against it.She learned about this outside the perimeter - Alexander Zadoynov phoned and told about everything. The decisive vote belonged to Sergey Gorbachev. Later, the guy apologized for his behavior, but it was impossible to correct the situation.

After graduating from school and participating in popular projects, the girl became a media face that was recognized not only in her hometown, but throughout the country. Participation on the Nizhny Novgorod TV channel in the program “You are No. 1” and in the beauty contest “Miss Nizhny Novgorod” only increased the girl’s popularity. After some time, she again decided to take part in a reality show, but this time she chose Nastya Smirnova "Vacations in Mexico", where she showed herself in full force.

Nastya Smirnova married

This show is an analogue of "House-2", but more rigid and frank. Nastya was quicker to find her way around the behavior in the group, as she already had experience in working on the same telecast. Its essence is in finding a partner. Those participants who could not find love, leave forever. The main prize of the project "Vacations in Mexico" - one million rubles. In the same place, Smirnova became friends with the now deceased Zhanna Friske, who replaced some of the closest people.

Nastya Smirnova, "Vacations in Mexico".Life after the project

The girl starred in an erotic photo shoot for the magazine "Maxim", became the leading on the TV channel. Nastya Smirnova continued her studies at the Faculty of Law, began to attend castings of beauty contests more often. She admits that she is taken everywhere thanks to outstanding external data.

After participating in the "House-2" personal life did not go well at first. There was a relationship with a guy, but the couple quickly broke up. At the moment, nothing is known about the girl’s personal life and plans. Rumors are actively spread in the media that Nastya Smirnova married, but the truth is, or just another provocation, nobody knows.

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