Names for kittens-girls and for kittens-boys

How difficult to choose ...

Choosing names for kittens-girls and kittens-boys is pretty hard, because these days there are a lot of them. By the most conservative estimates, the number of nicknames exceeds 15,000. Of course, it’s very difficult to choose ... Especially since I want to choose something unique and beautiful for my pet. Another very important that the name is right for your animal. Among such diversity, everyone can get confused.
names for girls kittensBecause he looks like this

Well, in order to simplify the task a bit, let's select several categories of names. The first category: names for kittens girls, selected by external signs. For example, a fluffy kitten can be called a Fluffy, and a beauty in a black fur coat can be called Chernushka. A kitten with characteristic stripes can be given the name Striped. White beauty can be nicknamed Snow White, Belyanka or even Smetanka. Of course, it is important to take into account how convenient the name is in pronunciation, because at first you will have to repeat the pet's nickname several times a day. Imagine that the animal has gone outside, and you need to call him home.Not every name will sound as beautiful in the yard as it sounds at home.

nicknames for animalsSuch a kitten

The second category of kitten nicknames reflects the qualities of a character that are already noticeable in childhood. For example, it could be: Fallows, Sonya, Bullywalker, Fidget, Brawler, Laskusha, Viuna, Monkey, Fifa, Skoda, Philosopher, San Sanych. At one time, cats were often called Churchill. Or, for example, the nickname Shushundra speaks for itself. Obviously a cat must deserve such a nickname. Wildcat may become Aboriginal. But here it is worth noting that the nicknames chosen for animals in this way emphasize and reinforce this character trait, that is, you yourself make your pet the way you once saw it. Think again about how comfortable it will be to repeat this name several times a day or to call the cat outside.
nicknames for boys kittensFor fashionistas

Names for kittens-girls of the third category are very fashionable names that everyone knows about, they sound just beautiful or with a certain touch of humor. For example, Bamsi, Babette, Albert, Wendy, Julia, Isolde, Marishel, Olympia, Suzy, Fancy, Sheila. Of course, such a name must also be earned.For example, a fat, furious cat, which is constantly in the chair, is perfectly suited to the same impressive and somewhat pompous name.

And gently, and funny ...

The fourth category includes the names for kittens-girls, having originally Russian roots. Calling your darling with such a name, you can emphasize your patriotism, and the name will not cut the ear. Among such names there are many funny ones, they will very well defuse the atmosphere of the house. Imagine that Thekla, Asya, Varyusha, Ganya, Dusya, Martha or Matresha will constantly wander around your house. Unusually affectionate, funny and cute names.
nicknames for kittensKittens for boys

There are no special rules and instructions here. They can be selected by the same criteria as the names for little babies. Thin and nimble kitten can be dubbed Shpundel. A soft and tender little fat will suit the name Bear. Aristocrat can be called Marquis. And so that the nickname sounded like a cat, you can call the cat Timka or Nathan.

Poured artist!

Many people call kittens in honor of their favorite artists, writers, historical figures, beloved or, conversely, unloved relatives, movie characters, books and TV shows.There are plenty of options, and there is where to roam the fantasy. Come to this responsible business with love. It is enough just from time to time to look at your pet, and the name will be selected by itself.

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