Name, emblem, slogan and motto for the team in the camp

Camp is when you are looking forward to news from parents: "We bought you a ticket." This is when you pack your bags, stuffing everything you need and don't need into them. This is when you are already stuffing those products (chips, chocolates) that you will withdraw anyway when you move into secret pockets. The camp is a new friends and girlfriend, from neighboring or distant cities and countries. Discos and evening lights, sleep and food on schedule, contests and festivals. A sea of ​​positive, sun, buzz, joy, smiles, hopes, friendship, summer, rest ...

slogan and motto for the team

Where to begin?

So, everyone gathered at a certain senior leader. And about what dear leaders first of all ask to take care of their children? Of course, an important component of camp life are endless slogans, chants, chants, team emblems for their squad. And all at once frantically trying to remember what happened last year, to invent and create something new.The slogan and motto for the team must match its name.

Why, in fact, they are needed, these words of encouragement for the team, is it brightly different from any other? The answer is given in the question itself. Undoubtedly, contests and competitions should bring positive emotions. Mottos, slogans, emblems of teams will help show the opponent with whom he will have to fight. Hope on him, if not fear, then doubt - for sure. Adjust the team in a positive way.

Reflect on the name

So, go directly to the thought process. There will be a lot of contests and competitions, it's a children's camp. From sports and fitness to cultural and patriotic. Intellectual quizzes, Olympic games, books of records, championships in various sports, days of parodies, beauty contests, competitions of boys and girls, military competitions, quests and games for stations ... And for each event you need to come up with their own distinctive signs, as in words , and on paper. After a couple of days, and maybe hours, and maybe minutes, the event will begin. A slogan and a motto for the team you are not ready.

slogan slogan team name

It is necessary to start from the name.If he is not there yet, it is worthwhile to think carefully about him. First, the name must match the theme of the competition. Suppose a orienteering championship is taking place in the camp, and you want to call yourself not the “Keen Eye”, “Sly Wolves” or “Compasses”, but “Karapuzy”, “Dandelion” or “Ripped Sneakers”.

You should also think that soon you and your team will be called that way. The name will take root and change it later will not work. It is important that the name does not sound offensive to rivals, but it was nevertheless accurate and resounding. Teams of boys and boys can emphasize their courage, strength, stamina and fortitude, agility. Teams of girls and girls should show all the grace, sophistication and beauty of the fair sex.

Name options

Here are examples of command names:

  • If the change or the event is associated with the forest or native land - "Squirrels", "Siberia and I", "Spring", "Forest Brother", "Slovyane", "Dandelion", "German Titov".
  • Sports and team competitions - "Energy", "Dynamite", "Friendship", "Records", "Heracles", "Best of All", "Extremals".
  • Teams girls - "Cute", "Oboyshki", "Rainbow", "Smile".
  • Teams of boys - "Gang", "Black Peppers", "Our area", "Hawks".

Next in line is the revision and team motto. How to proceed?

Rechki motto team emblems


We continue. The motto, slogan, the name of the team for the camp - this is the very first thing you need to come up with. With the name sorted out. Take up the motto.

slogan slogans team emblem chants

These are one or more lines attached to the name, clearly describing the command. Rhyming motto is not required. However, so all those who support you will be able to remember it much faster. And here is the same rule. The motto and slogan of the team must be consistent with the name. If you are “Lions,” then chants: “We play better than anyone else, we will have success today,” will not work. The short and concise phrase should combine the description of the team and the mood of the fans, what makes your people different from other teams, what they want to achieve and how they will do it. It is important to know when to stop and not to resort to topics that can offend someone’s feelings.

What can be used?

Here are some examples of the name, slogan and motto for the team. Bright and interesting:

  • "Ripped shoes" - Our sneakers will reach victory!
  • "Babes" - love them, babies know, babies in the camp love everything!
  • "Star Wars" - Come over to our side, we have cookies!
  • "Squirrels" - Our motto is always this: Do not let enemies into the hollow! And let friends into the hollow to make it more fun!
  • "Dynamite" - Dynamite will win all!
  • "The best" - No difficulties we do not interfere, everywhere and in everything we will succeed!
  • "Energizer" - Never lose heart and friends and never forget!

There is a variant of the name and motto - an abbreviation. That is, the name is just a few letters, and in the motto it is deciphered what they mean. For example, "BEMS" - Martial, energetic, young, cute. "USSR" - the Union of the most "serious" guys. This is a universal option for any contest or competition, and maybe even for the name of the entire squad for the camp shift.

Greetings and chants

At the beginning of the event is always a greeting. This will help show the children that in any outcome - they are all equally equal in front of each other, you should not get too nosy or, on the contrary, be too upset. These words can be thought up most, and it is possible to read in books. Can be represented as a "business card". Both the participants and their support group can speak.
When the slogan and the motto for the team are invented, we think about chants.And this is not a kind of speech. The slogans are closer in nature to the slogans, and chants are long rhymed poems to support their team. "Hey, tigers, do not yawn, open wide your mouth!". Or on the contrary, come up with something that touches the opposing team (within reason). "Children drink milk, you are far from ours." "Eat more porridge, you are far from ours."
From the teams, in addition to the motto and chants, in some cases, the whole song is required. It can be used as a greeting, and during the game or any other occasion. "In our camp" Wings "there is a naughty team! He will always achieve everything, having won all the obstacles ...". You can remake some famous song. “No one can pass between us here! Nobody can defeat us! We are not afraid of obstacles! Everyone is happy with the competition!”, “Your years are as precise as arrows ...”, “Stop, stop, opponent ... rival wants to go out. "

And so, when you came up with a motto, slogan, team song - the most important thing remains. We are going with thoughts!

team motto slogan song

Create a logo

It can be numerous types and forms. Made of various materials: paper, fabric, painted on faces or other parts of the body, with chalk on asphalt ... Any color. Orange - if the team is called "Orange", yellow - if the "Sun".Animals, birds, people, cars, objects, household items, clothes, accessories, geometric shapes, symbols, footnotes, numbers ... (Do we remember the rule of relevance?). If the team is called "Amur Tigers", an orange or snowman drawing will not work. You can make an emblem in the form of the emblem of your team or squad. It would be great to draw what was planned on the drawman paper and, during the game, to raise the team emblem and at the same time shout the slogan. Or sing a song. Now we have everything: team name, motto, slogan, emblem.

slogan slogan team name for camp

Well, in the end ...

You can learn a lot, how to do this or that, read a lot about it, but without real practice absolutely nothing happens. Pack your bags and go to the camp, if age and circumstances still allow. When creative and positive people "cook in the same pot," something original and interesting always happens.

Remember that any competition is first of all excitement, entertainment and a lot of fun. The main thing is not victory, but participation - and this is a really suitable phrase for any camp shift that you will remember for a lifetime. And your emblems, names and mottos will long remain in the memory.And memories will warm the soul, even when you leave.

team name motto slogan emblem

Do not be shy about your ideas, tell about them, share with each other the joys of a long-awaited meeting, consult and do not be afraid to ask for help from counselors (or even older counselors, they do not bite at all). Love your squad, your team, support each other. And then, absolutely, any competition and any competition will give you only positive emotions that you will remember for a lifetime.

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