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Are you traveling around Russia to see as many interesting places as possible and have already traveled to so many cities? Want something new? Let's take a look at the sights of Mytishch with a description and photo.

"Kva-Kva Park"

If you come here with children, this place should be first on your list to visit. Adults, by the way, will also be very interesting here. The water park is located in the entertainment center called XL on the Yaroslavl highway.

Everyone who wants to can ride here on the “Wild River” hill, test himself on the “Black Hole” and fly along the steep aquadrom “Cyclone”. Those who do not really like extreme slides, just like the huge wave pool. Kids will enjoy playing in the "Children's Town". Anyone can relax in the spa complex, where there is a Russian bath, a Finnish sauna, a solarium and a Japanese font. If you get hungry, you can visit the bar "Floor" and have a bite to eat or a good meal at the restaurant "Troy".

On Saturdays there are night parties. Under the elegant color music you can not only dance and have fun, but also ride a rollercoaster.

Yauza River

This landmark of Mytishchi is the left tributary of the Moscow River. Until the 18th century, Yauza was an integral part of the trade route from Moscow to the Klyazma basin. For 150 years, the keys in the upper reaches of the river were the basis of the city’s first centralized water supply system. From the first half of the 18th century, the coast began to be actively built up. The course was blocked by a lot of mills and dams, which had a strong effect on water pollution. In 1930, it was leveled and almost doubled. Granite embankments were built along the river, and bridges were built across it. In 1991, the entire undeveloped valley was declared a natural monument.

Mytishchi city sights

Pestovo Reservoir

This landmark of Mytishchi is an artificial reservoir. It was built in 1937 after the construction of a hydropower plant on the river Vyaz. The complex includes a dam with a length of 707 meters, bottom drainage and catchment. The area of ​​the reservoir reaches about 12 square kilometers. Its width is 2 kilometers, its length is about 6.Mytishchi sights

Manor Nikolskoe-Prozorovskoe

This attraction Mytischi, the photo of which you simply must bring from this trip, appeared thanks to Field Marshal Prozorovsky. The residence was named after him. The manor later changed a large number of owners. The last owner had the honor of being a Russian banker and businessman Rybushkin. He lived in a residence until 1917.Mytishchi sights photo

With each new owner, the Nikolskoye-Prozorovskoye estate became more and more ennobled and enlarged. There appeared greenhouses, an artificial pond, a Gothic lookout tower and a grotto. From time immemorial the architectural style of the manor was Baroque. Here was a house and the church of St. Nicholas. The temple survived to our time, and the house was destroyed in 1930. After more than 20 years, it was partially restored by replacing the ceiling. The church was restored more than once, while completely changing the bell tower.

Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin

A rare beauty monument of architecture is another attraction of Mytischi, the description of which you will find below. Very interesting here are the stairs, similar to the entrance to the fabulous teremok. The upper platforms are decorated with beautiful tents.

attractions mytischi description

The stone cathedral was built in 1677 to replace the wooden one. During the French wars he suffered greatly. In Soviet times, it was used as a warehouse, meat workshop, and dormitory. In 1989, the cathedral was returned to the Orthodox community.

Church of the Trinity

This landmark of Mytishchi is located on the site of the former Don Church, built here in 1894-1896. In the 1930s it was closed, and it began to gradually collapse. In 1981, nothing remained of the former church.

Sights Mytishchi Photos and Description

October 11, 1994 registered a new parish of the Church of the Holy Trinity. A new church building with a nearby bell tower was built in 2004. It housed the church and cultural and educational center. In the Sunday school there are various circles where they teach beadwork, embroidery, icon painting and choral singing.

Picture gallery

This landmark Mytischi opened in 2007. The gallery is a two-story building with an exhibition area of ​​500 square meters. It mainly hosts temporary exhibitions of sculptors, artists and photographers. Despite this, the gallery has its own fund, which is constantly replenished by painters from nearby cities and gifts from philanthropists. It has more than 2000 exhibits.Sometimes there are exhibitions of foreign artists and students of art schools.

Moscow Brewing Company

Launched in September 2008, the plant of this company is also a landmark of Mytischi. There are free guided tours by appointment.

sights of Mytishchi

In the complex called "Brewhouse" there is an exhibition block, which includes several expositions on various topics: abstract paintings, panels and figures from bottle caps and cans, graffiti and installations with sculptures with musical accompaniment.

Alley of veterans

This landmark of Mytishchi is one of the most picturesque streets of the city, often called the boulevard or the square. In 2003, its improvement began: the paths were laid out with tiles, green plantings were put in order. The name "Alley of Veterans" was given to this street due to its location in the neighborhood, known to residents as "Voenka". In 2012, a monument was installed in memory of military signalmen.

Wooden rook

This sailing-paddle ship is a symbol of Mytishchi. The rook is depicted on the flag and the emblem of the city. It is a symbol of the land route between the rivers Klyazma and Yauza.The history of the formation of the city began in the period of Mytishchi portage in the 12th-14th centuries. It began from the rook location and had a length of about 7 kilometers. From here, vessels were dragged from the river into the river with the help of round logs. From this place the goods were redirected to Klyazma, where they continued on their way. It was here that collected duty from people and ships. Such a place used to be called "mytische", which formed the basis of the name of the city. The decorative boat was set here in 2010. It is very popular among tourists and residents of Mytishchi.

Museum of Zhostovo Decorative Painting Factory

This museum at the factory in the village of Zhostovo is the only one of its kind in the whole world. Here you can see unique examples of painting that appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, on the initiative of the entrepreneurial family, the Vishnyakovs established the first workshops. They created products in papier-mâché technique with miniature paintings, teapots, beautiful trays, caskets and snuff boxes, becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, each tray is created by hand forging, after which the artists paint them.Each master has his own distinctive stamp on which you can verify the authenticity of the product.

During a tour of the museum you can see with your own eyes the work of craftsmen, take part in a master class on painting and, of course, buy something in your collection. Interestingly, according to research by Japanese scientists, these trays emit good energy. For them, specially made products with sakurami and hieroglyphs.

So you learned what the sights of the city of Mytischi worth visiting on arriving here in the first place. Enjoy your holiday.

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