Woman of mystery: what is she?

Woman of mystery - who is she? Men dream about it, writers have written about it, it has been sought for for many centuries. Such women constantly manage to slip away, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the opposite sex. How to become a mystery and whether to strive for this, read below.


woman riddle

When thinking about a mysterious woman, the image of an unearthly beauty appears. A girl who wants to leave a mark in the heart of a man should be charming and well-groomed. It is not necessary to be fashionable at the same time, but it is simply necessary to be stylish. To stand out from the crowd of women, you need to play on the contrast. Give preference to the classics. A lady in a sheath dress will stand out against the background of women dressed in the latest fashion - in wide pants and a shapeless jacket. From shoes you need to give preference to heels. Classic shoes make the lady taller and lengthen the legs. Let the stylists say that the modern lady should walk in sneakers. A true mystery woman chooses heels.If you are going to make a favorable impression, try not to overdo it with hair, makeup and manicure. Minimalism is the best solution.


what women want riddles

Beautiful appearance will make a good first impression. But then the mystery woman must win the man’s heart with her manners. Modern girls are strong and independent ladies who go through life with their heads held high. They do not need any help, as they are accustomed to achieve everything on their own. Such iron ladies scare men. And the task of the riddle woman is to captivate. Therefore, give yourself the will to be helpless. Let a man take care of you and care for you. Feel free to ask for help. Behave with a man not as a yoke, but as a lady of the last century. Do not stammer and do not pretend. Good manners - it should not be something ostentatious. In the restaurant, be a lady. Do not cross your legs and do not put your elbows on the table. Follow the basic rules of etiquette and take your time. The slower you move, the graceful the movements will be and the less chance you have to make a mistake.


woman riddle for man

A woman-mystery for a man is first of all a pleasant interlocutor and only then an object of desire. So think ahead of interesting topics for conversation.The riddle in a woman should not be revealed on the first date. Therefore you should not talk about yourself all the time. Firstly, a large amount of your personal biography will be of interest to very few people, and secondly, what will be the mystery if you immediately put all the secrets to your cavalier?

What can we talk about then? Philosophy and make it your man. Talk about the problems of the future society, think about how life will look on Mars, or think out loud about whether people need meditation. It does not matter what topic you raise, as long as it is as abstract as possible. Actively support the conversation and include a man in it. Yes, maybe your cavalier will be surprised by your chosen topic, but pretend that discussing such issues is your hobby. Thanks to such an interesting and exciting dialogue, you will be able to give the impression of a mysterious girl.


riddle for a man

What a mystery woman wants for a man should remain a secret. Therefore, you need to monitor not only your speech, but also your body. Non-verbal signs sometimes show excitement, fear, or awkwardness.You need to try to make the view not only the most relaxed, but at the same time modest and inaccessible young ladies. It is important to really feel relaxed and not strain. To do this, take a calm posture, do not hunch and do not cross your arms or legs. During the conversation you need to gesticulate. You can not twist in your hands. Do not pull the chain, do not touch the bracelet and do not straighten your hair every 2 minutes. Be natural. If a girl tries to control everything, then the man will notice it. You need to create the impression that you are not holding on to the gentleman. This attitude will excite the man, and he will try to get your attention.


every woman has a riddle

Constantly doubting people do not like anyone. Every mystery woman has style and manners, but without confidence anywhere. Ladies possessing this trait attract attention more than gray mice. A girl should feel like a queen. After all, how can you demand a good attitude from others if you save yourself all the time? If a girl goes on a date once a week and is transformed for this particular day, it will be seen.She will behave too restrained, heels will seem to be a foreign part of the image, and a narrow dress will not emphasize the dignity of the figure, since the stiffness of movements will be too striking. In order to gain confidence in her irresistibility, a woman must be transformed every morning, regardless of whether she has a reason for it or not. You need to develop the habit of feeling at your best. And this will be possible only in the case when a girl can find confirmation in her mirror with her thoughts.

Everything should be in moderation

Woman must be a mystery. This is exactly what many girls think, and then they are surprised that their image does not help them to succeed with the opposite sex. More precisely, it helps, but only at the initial stage. The first month everything goes smoothly, and then the relationship starts to deteriorate. Why? A mystery woman behaves with her boyfriend as if she doesn't really need her. A girl may from time to time not to answer calls or disappear from the sight of a man. And at first the cavalier will like this game. He will be happy to storm the mountain.However, when a man realizes that the path to the top is too complicated, he can simply turn off the path. If a girl is really interested in a long-term relationship, then she should use her mystery in a measured way. At first dates it will be acceptable not to open the soul to the gentleman, but over time the person will want to dive into its corners. It is on trust, openness and loyalty that any normal relationship is built. If there is nothing of this, there can be no talk of love. Therefore, you should always think what is more important to you - a beautiful image or mutual feelings.

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