Multiroom "Rostelecom" - what is it and how to use it?

Rostelecom is one of the largest supplierstelecommunication services in the Russian Federation. Recently, a new service - multiroom has become available to its numerous subscribers. Rostelecom positions it as a unique opportunity to get rid of wires, but is it so? Initially, it is necessary to find out: for whom this service is available, how to use it and how much it will have to pay for it. In short, the multiroom Rostelecom - what is it and what does it eat?

multiroom Rostelecom what is it

Multiroom: concept and benefits

Multiroom is a service that allowsSet up watching TV simultaneously on two, three or more screens. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that connecting several devices does not require the use of wires, conductors or other components. Before deciding on the issue: the multiroom Rostelecom - what kind of mechanism, and how it works, we will consider its advantages. These include:

  • It allows multi-transmission on several screens, both digital and analog channels.
  • It has the ability to wirelessly connect multiple devices.
  • It uses technology to prevent image degradation in remote broadcasts.
  • To connect multiple screens, you do not need to call a specialist to set up the broadcast.

In order to connect the multiroom to 2TV, "Rostelecom" offers to purchase special equipment for wireless connection of several devices. It is called a video encoder, by the way, it can broadcast simultaneously to five receivers, but no more.

multirum Rostelecom service

Videocenter - what's this?

A video encoder is a device, usually consisting of a set of receiver and transmitter. It allows you to transfer video to different distances, depending on the technical characteristics of the device.

The principle of the action of the video encoder to obscurity is simple. The transmitter is connected to a signal source and transmits it to a receiver connected to a TV, computer or other device. The source of the signal can be a satellite receiver, video player, computer, etc. "Rostelecom" provides the service of multiroom with the help of a wireless video sensor. Wireless connection is provided by broadcasting, which allows you to transmit the signal even through thick walls. The used frequency of the sets is in the range from 1 to 7 GHz, the most popular frequencies are 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Wireless video sensors can transmitdigital and analog signals. For the transfer of digital data, standard HDMI and DVI connectors are used, for analogue - RCA or more advanced YPbPr, D-SUB (VGA), S-Video. It is worth noting that with the advent of digital video, analogue television has lost its relevance.

multiroom for 2 TVs Rostelecom

Where can I buy video encoder?

When rendering the service of multiroom, "Rostelecom" (thatthis useful thing has already been found out) uses the Motorola VAP 2400 wireless video sensor. To protect the channel, this model supports five types of encryption. In addition to the video encoder, you will need to purchase or rent additional set-top boxes. The company "Rostelecom" provides an opportunity to buy all the equipment you need in installments.

Connection diagram

After you have purchased the equipment, you will need to connect it. The sequence of actions when connecting the service of multi-room Rostelecom:

  • That this service is only for those whouses interactive television, you should have been warned at the service center. And, nevertheless, before connecting the video sensor, check the IPTV connection from Rostelecom on the receiver.
  • Disconnect the receiver from the mains.
  • Place the video encoder at a distance of not less than 3 meters from the receiver and connect it.
  • Connect the video encoder to the network. It should tune yourself, your task is to monitor the indicators. If the bulbs are green, the device is connected correctly, and ready to use.

multirum Rostelekom own hands

Activating the multiroom service

As a rule, the company sets up its ownequipment for multi-room service Rostelecom. You do not need to dig into the device menu with your own hands. But if you decide to save money on buying a video vendor and get it off your hands, then you still have to work hard. To connect a multiroom in your home you will need:

  1. Buy an additional TV set-top box.
  2. To find out the login and password in the service department of Rostelecom.
  3. Set up the port for TV "Rostelecom."
  4. Connect the prefix to the configured port.
  5. Verify that the service is connected.

multiroom Rostelecom what is it


Returning to the original question "" MultiroomRostelecom "- what is it?", We can say with certainty that this service is really unique: a person uses dozens of devices in his daily activities, which makes life easier and more complicated. The web of wires becomes bigger and less free space. Thanks to the novelty in providing telecommunications services from Rostelecom, you can sigh with ease, and, without regret, take out all unnecessary cords to the dump.

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Multiroom Rostelecom - what is it and how to use it Multiroom Rostelecom - what is it and how to use it Multiroom Rostelecom - what is it and how to use it Multiroom Rostelecom - what is it and how to use it Multiroom Rostelecom - what is it and how to use it