Multifocal lenses: how to choose reviews

Over time, presbyopia, or age-sightedness, which begins to make itself known since the age of forty, is waiting for almost every person. The elasticity of the lens is significantly reduced, due to which the clarity of vision at any distances is lost. You may have noticed how people around 40 years old, reading a newspaper or something else, are starting to push it away. After some time they buy their glasses, which are necessary for examining objects close.multifocal lenses

People with presbyopia choose glasses with which it is convenient for them to look at long distances. But in situations of rapid change in the range of various objects a person feels uncomfortable. He wants to take off his glasses and put on others, but constantly changing glasses is quite tiresome and impractical. Therefore, special multifocal contact lenses were created.

Variety of contact lenses

Multifocal lenses are designed for people who have various visual impairments.Thanks to a special technology, a person who has put them on can see objects quite clearly at all distances: near, intermediate and far. Such lenses are ideal for people who have age-related visual impairment.

Differences between multifocal and bifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses allow a person to smoothly move from reading to objects that are at a distance. Thanks to them, there is no need to buy several pairs of glasses at once and change them in different situations.

Bifocal lenses are simpler, they are intended for a specific zone: far or near. By and large, the principle of their action is exactly the same as that of ordinary glasses.

Lens structure

To understand how the lens is arranged, first you need to figure out which zone of the eye a person uses to view near and far objects. For example, during reading the lower zone of the lens is activated, but if you need to look at distant objects, the upper part will be activated accordingly.

In the same way and arranged and variable multifocal contact lens. Below it is a zone that provides the patient with the ability to easily read and look at various objects nearby.The upper part is designed so that it was convenient for a person to look into the distance.multifocal contact lenses

However, rather old models of multifocal lenses should be fixed on the eye. Otherwise, the patient will feel discomfort when changing the viewing distance. To do this, in most lenses there is a small cut on its lower part, due to which it remains static during blinking and other manipulations. More modern models do not require immobility.

Concentric lenses

This type of multifocal lens is a more advanced and high-quality option. In this case, several zones are used annually for viewing in the distance and near, each zone in one lens can be up to 3.

That is, the structure of the lens looks like this: in the center there is a zone for vision into the distance, around it there is a near zone, and then again a far zone and so on. There is also an option that in the center there is a near zone, then, accordingly, the next one will be already distant.multifocal lenses reviews

It is worth noting that the doctor may prescribe multifocal lenses with different centers. Quite often a soft lens is mounted on the lead (dominant eye),in which the far zone is in the center, a lens with a central zone is assigned to the second eye, it is intended for objects at a close distance.

The principle of operation of such a lens is quite simple. When the rays of light pass through it and all zones, an image is formed on the retina of the eye, and then our brain independently selects the clearest image.

Aspheric (toric) lenses

Multifocal toric lenses are the most modern and high-quality. They do not have a clear distribution of zones, but in this case the most smooth transition occurs between the distances of sight.

It should be understood that when a person reads, his pupil narrows, so in the aspheric lenses in the center is the near zone. If the eye looks into the distance, then the pupil expands accordingly. The lens itself is designed in such a way that it does not have a clear distribution into zones. That is, a smooth transition is made here, so the farther a person looks, the more his pupil expands and the periphery of the lens, which is intended for long distances, is included in the work.selection of multifocal lenses

The main advantage of such lenses is that they do not need to be static on the eye. It can rotate as you like, while the quality of vision will not deteriorate.Despite all the positive aspects of this type of multifocal lenses, they also have disadvantages. In particular, they will not suit a person who has a big difference between near and far vision quality.

Lenses for one day

Sometimes people have an allergy to solutions in which devices for improving vision are stored. Therefore, one-day multifocal lenses were invented, which a person puts on in the morning and removes in the evening. In the future, they become unsuitable for use.

Selection of multifocal lenses

To determine which lenses a particular person needs, you need to take into account a sufficiently large number of factors. First of all, it is important to understand that choosing the best option yourself will not work. It is necessary to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

The doctor should conduct an examination and determine:

  • current state of vision;
  • pressure;
  • corneal curvature;
  • diopter size;
  • eye muscles work.

Other less significant factors are also taken into account. Upon completion of the examination, the doctor determines the most appropriate version of the lens. Then the person will receive professional advice on the proper care and use of them.multifocal toric lenses

But in order for you to have an approximate concept of how manufacturers differ and which characteristics have lenses of different brands, you need to familiarize yourself with each type. Having learned this information, the selection of multifocal contact lenses of the desired type is greatly simplified.

AirOptix Aqua Multifocal

Such lenses are made of silicone hydrogel. They have rather good characteristics and are intended only for day use. Shelf life - 30 days.

Proclear multifocal

Aspherical multifocal lenses. Intended also for daily use only. They are quite modern and high-quality lenses, but have a relatively high cost. Replacement with new ones is necessary after 30 days.

Clarity 1 day Multifocal

The doctor prescribes this type of lenses to people who are allergic to solutions. Moreover, this model has a special UV filter. Service life - 1 day. In the morning a person puts on a lens, and in the evening removes it. It is no longer suitable for use.

Multifocal contact lenses: reviews

multifocal contact lenses reviewsIf you monitor all reviews that are on the Internet, then basically people praise the following factors:

  • better visual acuity at all distances;
  • smooth transition between near and far distance;
  • No need to purchase multiple varieties of glasses.

It is worth noting that only about 20% of people after using multifocal lenses refused them in the future.

There are also negative reviews on multifocal lenses, first of all, users note two main problems:

  1. Man is quite difficult to get used to such lenses. Occasionally, consumers have reported that they observe a bright glow at night, and in the first days of habituation, the image often becomes blurry.
  2. Reasonably high price compared to other lenses.

Care Tips

If a person has previously used conventional lenses, then it is worth noting that there are practically no differences in the care of multifocal lenses. A person with poor eyesight who uses lenses needs to know a few simple rules:

  1. Adjustments to improve vision always need to be saved only in a special solution.
  2. The solution should be suitable for a specific type of lens, this information can be obtained from the sellers in the optics store.
  3. When a person has too much eye sensitivity, you can use moisturizing drops.
  4. When the disease is not recommended to use lenses. The thing is that they are left with traces of protein, which can be infected again after recovery.
  5. If the lens has mechanical damage, then it is already unsuitable for further use. Otherwise, it can damage the eye.
  6. Do not forget that this is an individual tool, no one should be allowed to try on lenses. Even if a person is completely healthy, there is a high probability that an inflammatory process can begin on the mucous membrane.


one-day multifocal lensesMultifocal lenses are quite modern and high-quality means to improve vision. Thanks to them, a person can see at various distances, while he will not feel discomfort. Having tried multifocal lenses once, a person is more likely not to buy other lenses. Indeed, thanks to them, the patient begins to feel completely healthy, and he forgets that he has vision problems.

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