Lawnmowers "MTD": review, features, reviews

If you spend a lot of time and effort on lawn care and home gardening, then it’s time to think about purchasing a lawn mower, because using a scythe for this purpose is already inconsistent. It allows you to keep the landscape in order. However, visiting the store, you will realize that it is not so easy to understand the variety of models and brands. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the main types of lawn mowers, which are self-propelled and non-self-propelled. In addition, the equipment can operate at the expense of gasoline or electricity.

It is important to pay attention to the power, because this parameter will determine the performance of the equipment. The rational choice will be if you consider the technical and functional characteristics of several models, and then choose the best option from them.

Experts advise to pay attention to the area of ​​the site, as well as the remoteness of the cultivated area from the power source.An important factor is also the lawn relief. It can be perfectly smooth, and also have a certain bias.

If there are low varieties of cultivated plants on the territory, then it is important to take this into account when choosing a model of lawn mower. It is necessary to remember how often you mow the grass, as well as how often. Some owners of territories are engaged in lawn care after moistening the grass. Among others, MTD lawn mowers are presented on the market of equipment, which will be discussed.

Overview petrol lawn mower OPTIMA 53 SPB

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This gasoline model can carry out the treatment area of ​​up to 2000 m2. Equipment is supplied with a mulching kit and a grass collector. The handle can be adjusted in height in 3 positions. This allows the operator to select a comfortable position when working.

Wheels are durable. They have ball bearings and provide smooth movement of machinery. The steel case of the MTD petrol lawn mower reliably protects the knife from mechanical stress. The device works at the expense of a powerful engine that provides high efficiency.

The rear wheels are impressive in size, which guarantees patency on the slopes. The manufacturer allowed the height of the haircut to be adjusted in 6 positions; for this, a special lever is used. As for the cutting height, it reaches 92 mm. The minimum value is 28 mm.

Model Specifications

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If you are interested in the above described MTD petrol lawn mower, then you should definitely consider its technical characteristics. Among the main parameters should be mentioned power, which is equal to 3.45 liters. from. This self-propelled model has a collector. She has rear-wheel drive.

The four-stroke engine is not the only advantage of the model being described. Among others, it is worth highlighting the volume of the oil tank, which is 0.6 liters. The same can be said about the volume of the engine, it is equal to 190 cm3. Equipment power is 2.6 kW. The device weighs 40 kg. There is no autorun in it.

The cutting width reaches 53 mm. The spindle speed is 2900 per minute. The collection box holds 70 liters, which guarantees the possibility of long-term work. Grass after mowing is thrown from behind. This MTD mower has a fully folding handle that facilitates not only storage but also transportation.

Model Reviews

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Owners of areas requiring grass care often pay attention to the OPTIMA 53 lawn mower when they buy this equipment because it has many advantages over other models. Among the advantages can be identified:

  • impressive collector;
  • ease of use durability;
  • single lever adjustment;
  • reliability;
  • comfort.

As for the collection box, a huge amount of mown grass can be accommodated in it. Consumers also like the availability of the MTD folding handle. Not to mention also about durability. Ball-bearings are installed on the wheels, which ensure smooth running. They, judging by the reviews of customers, durable and reliable. Six-position central height adjustment is carried out with just one lever.

The described MTD lawn mower, according to buyers, is also good because it is reliable, because the engine is economical, has high power and durability. If you still have not decided whether to choose this model, you may be interested in the wheels, which in the process of moving the device does not spoil the lawn.After all, they have a special protector.

MTD 46 BS lawnmower overview

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Among other MTD lawn mowers on sale, you can find the model MTD 46 BS, which is a self-propelled equipment used for mowing grass on level ground. The unit works at the expense of a four-stroke engine, distinguished by durability.

The mowing height of the self-propelled lawn mower MTD is adjusted in 6 positions with the help of 3 levers. This parameter can vary from 20 to 90 mm. After mowing the grass is in the collection box, and it can be used as a compost. A strip of 46 cm width can be machined at a time. The knife is reliably protected from mechanical damage, which is ensured by a steel deck. The handle is folded. Therefore, the equipment is very convenient to store and transport.


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Considering the best lawn mowers from the manufacturer of MTD, you can not pay attention to the model 46 BS, whose capacity is 2.3 liters. from. This self-propelled model has rear-wheel drive, but there are no large wheels in the device. The power of the unit is 1.7 kW. Engine capacity reaches 125 cm3. The volume of the grass collector is 70 liters.

Steel is used as the body material. Emission of grass, as in the above model, is carried out from behind. The choice of speed from the operator will not be. The kit comes soft collector. The treated area is 1000 m2. Autorun and mulch in the device lawn mowers mtd

Model Reviews

When consumers consider the best lawn mowers, they pay attention to their benefits. In the above model of such a huge variety, among which should be highlighted:

  • reliability;
  • grass collector capacity;
  • convenience of storage;
  • the presence of wheels that do not spoil the lawn;
  • self-propelled;
  • engine durability;
  • impressive wheel sizes;
  • high width.

MTD lawn mower, reviews of which should be read, is reliable. This quality is provided by the engine. It is characterized by economical fuel consumption and provides high performance. At the expense of the engine the supplier managed to achieve reliability in work.

Buyers like that the design provides for a folding handle, it facilitates not only transportation, but also storage.You can adjust the cutting height with a lever mechanism. Consumers also like the possibility of long-term work at the expense of a large collection grass.

SMART 38 E Electric Lawnmower Overview

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MTD electric lawn mower will be the best solution for those consumers who want to care for the lawn near the house. A great example would be the model SMART 38 E, which has a power equal to 1300 watts. You can use it to care for small areas. The design provides for a hard collection box, its volume reaches 35 liters.

The telescopic handle can be easily and quickly folded, this allows not only to save space during transport, but also during storage. You can transport equipment even in the trunk of a car. As for the cutting height, it is regulated by lowering the wheel in one of three positions.


The MTD electric lawn mower reviews about which should help you make the right choice and will be presented below provides a cutting width of around 37 cm. The device does not provide for mulching functions.The cultivated area is 350 m2.

This model is not self-propelled, but it has many other advantages, for example, a good collection box. Each wheel has a height adjustment option. Body material - polypropylene. The minimum cutting height is 25 mm. As for the maximum height, it reaches 60 mm. The MTD electric lawn mower has a hard collection box and an option for adjusting modes.

Model Reviews

Many consumers quite often choose electric models of lawn mowers. Among others, we should highlight SMART 38 E, which was discussed above. According to buyers, the device has many advantages, including:

  • robust collection box;
  • compactness;
  • maneuverability;
  • low weight;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • low noise;
  • impressive wheel sizes;
  • individual cutting height adjustment.

At the heart of the collection box is plastic. Therefore, the tank is easy to empty. Buyers especially emphasize the compactness, which is provided by a folding handle. Not to mention also about maneuverability. The rear wheels have an increased diameter, which facilitates the movement of the lawn mower on the territory. The weight of the device is only 14 kg.

The cost of spare parts repair features

No matter how good the equipment is, it may need spare parts. It is better to purchase them from the manufacturer on the MTD lawn mower. For example, you can buy an impeller for 1000 rubles. The air filter will cost 400 rubles. But the drive belt costs 1350 rubles.

After troubleshooting you can do the repair yourself. If the engine starts up badly, and also unstablely works in all modes, then the probable cause is that the fuel nozzles were clogged. In order to repair MTD lawn mowers, it is necessary to blow out the nozzles with compressed air and change or wash the filter. Everything will depend on the specific design.

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