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Modern cinema is developing with incredible speed. However, with the increase in the number of produced films, many end up with another, equally important problem - the lack of original ideas. That is why many directors eventually begin to shoot all sorts of remakes, restarts, and sometimes even outright plagiarism. Such projects are rarely successful and do not find a response from the audience.

But these days there are still people who are not afraid to go for experiments and create something unusual. One of these directors is the talented American Richard Kelly. His latest film is the thriller "The Package". About him and will be discussed in our article today. We will try to give you all the necessary information about the film crew, the plot and the intricacies of production. We will also touch upon public opinion about this film. So you can learn a lot of new things, and also finally make sure that the movie “The Package”, the description of which can be found below in the article, definitely deserves your attention.

movie parcel reviews

The plot of the movie "Parcel"

In the center of the plot of the film 2009 "Package" is a happy married couple. They have been married for more than ten years and love each other. During this period, they repeatedly had to face serious troubles. But, as a rule, time after time, her husband and wife managed to overcome all obstacles in their path. But more recently, they began to appear financial difficulties. Initially, they did not give this serious meaning. However, debts began to increase day by day. And now the situation was simply catastrophic. They urgently needed a round amount of money. Otherwise, they could lose everything ...

It is in this difficult period of time the protagonists receive a strange parcel. In it, they found a box with a button, as well as a note attached to it, stating that the couple had a unique chance to become owners of a million dollars. To get it, they just need to press this button. But there is a small nuance in all this: if they press the button, somewhere in the world one random person will die. And now the couple is facing a serious choice.

Do they have the courage to press the ill-fated button and return to normal life? They also need as soon as possible to figure out who and why sent them this unusual parcel. They don’t have much time to think about ...

The movie "Making" receives positive feedback for the plot, since the topic is quite interesting.

parcel movie 2009 reviews


The cast, I must admit, turned out in the film more than a star. It is clear, against the background of the actors of the second plan, Cameron Diaz looks like the most famous person. To many, this talented woman is known from the films Mask, Gangs of New York, Exchange Holidays and Very Bad Teacher. She has more than a dozen notable roles, thanks to which she was able to become one of the most sought-after Hollywood actresses. However, it was in “The Package” that she fully managed to display her entire creative potential. She was able to play the subtle psychological role, most likely, requiring considerable talent and a certain level of preparation.

It also makes sense to name the performer of the main male role. They became the notorious James Marsden.First of all, he is known to our audience by the leading role in the brilliant fantasy "Route 60". Also on his account of the work in the films "X-Men", "Gossip", "Enchanted" and the recent TV series "World of the Wild West". So the experience of this actor is also available. In the "Package" he happened to play the husband of the protagonist. So Marsden was given the maximum screen time.

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Who is the film director?

As noted above, the director's chair in the movie "The Package" with Cameron Diaz went to Richard Kelly. He was able to express himself at the beginning of the last decade, removing the acclaimed mystical thriller "Donnie Darko." That film was remarkable for its unusual plot, the ending of which is almost impossible to predict. Despite the modest budget, the film has become a hit rental and gained cult status. However, the second directing work of Kelly, despite the recognition of critics, was a failure. We are talking about "Tales of the South" with Duane Johnson, Christopher Lambert and Sarah Michelle Geller. But neither the star cast, nor the high budget in the end allowed the director to repeat his triumph.

Work on the film

And only three years later, he returned to Hollywood.The director created the thriller "Package" for a whole year, working on every detail. This time he had a much more meager budget at his disposal, which had a serious impact on production. Nevertheless, Richard Kelly was able to translate the plot into life and pretty to please fans of his work. He was again able to avoid the usual cliches, from which the audience has long been tired. Also worth noting is the ending of the movie "The Package", which, as in the case of Donnie Darko, is difficult to predict in advance.

movie parcel with cameron diaz reviews

Was the movie a success?

The movie "The Package", despite the popularity of the genre and a fairly eminent cast, in the end was not able to become a hit hire. This was due to a small budget and a weak advertising campaign. The movie "Package" with Diaz (reviews confirm this) in all respects lost in popularity to other new products of that period of time. In the end, all this led to another failure. Thriller did not bring the creators of the desired profit. It is for this reason that Richard Kelly has since not made a single new film. Producers simply do not want to take any more risks and trust the director of major projects, giving them to much more eminent directors.

Press Reviews

As for the press, from their side could hear a variety of reviews about the movie "The Package" with Cameron Diaz. Many of them responded positively to the film, praising the creators for the unusual script and gloomy atmosphere. But there were also dissatisfied. Of the minuses, many singled out quite a leisurely narration, from which, while watching, they tended to sleep. The film also received ambiguous ratings on the popular review generator. Opinions are divided approximately equally.

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Viewers reviews

But from the audience the movie "Parcel" (2009) received positive feedback. Cinema obviously they had to taste. In particular, this applies to viewers of our country who have always liked the soul-chilling psychological thrillers. So that is why the "Package" is included in many tops of the best representatives of the genre of recent years. At home, viewers also reacted to the film more or less favorably. Many say that the film has turned out to be intriguing and keeps on suspense until the very end. But it makes sense to watch it solely because of the unexpected final twist.

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Interesting facts about the movie "The Package" with Cameron Diaz

Despite the seeming originality of the script, it is still not completely original.The fact is that there is a story called “Button, Button”, the plot of which is very similar to everything that happens in this film. It also makes sense to mention one of the episodes of the previously popular horror television series “The Twilight Zone”, which also showed a similar story.

Another equally important factor is that this is the first film in the career of Richard Kelly, which received a modest rating of 12+ by the standards of the genre. It seemed to the producers that this would help attract audiences of all ages to the cinema halls, thereby increasing the final fees. But they clearly miscalculated. Moreover, in many respects it played an important role in the fact that the “Package” in the end turned out to be less gloomy and bloody than the connoisseurs of thrillers would have liked.

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The result

As you have probably understood, the movie "Package", the reviews about which we have reviewed, are not for the amateur. Some viewers will be in awe of what they see on the screen, while others will be completely at a loss. The plot and the idea embodied in the movie really turned out to be ambiguous. In some places, the movie looks somewhat damp and unfinished. Perhaps, if the director had more time and money, we would eventually be able to get a real masterpiece of the genre, which has become a modern classic.Nevertheless, the reviews of the movie "The Package" gets diametrically opposed, which means that it is definitely worth seeing it in order to form an opinion about it.

Since the release of "Parcels" on the screens has passed several years. And only now, in 2017, Richard Kelly again decided to return to directing. This time he plans to please us with the film Corpus Christi, in which he will perform not only as a director, but also as a screenwriter. The main role in it will be played by Nicolas Cage. The film promises to be completely copyrighted. So, most likely, this time Kelly will manage to embody everything that was planned on the screen and return to the ranks of the most successful directors of our time.

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