A mousetrap with your own hands - you can’t think of anything better!

No one likes mice, because these small rodents can cause a lot of damage to the living room. Their teeth are so strong that they easily gnaw through almost any material. The problem is that they have constantly growing teeth, so they need to nibble something. Otherwise they would grow into the skull of an animal, leading to its death. People have learned to deal with them in different ways, but the easiest and most effective way is a mousetrap. The hands (the photo of the process is presented below) can make such a device in a matter of minutes.

The advantages of a homemade mousetrap

Of course, many acquire the factory device. But its mechanism is so simple that you can execute it right at home. Moreover, you can use different materials so that in the end a quality mousetrap was created. You can make such a device with your own hands in 5-10 minutes, but it has a lot of advantages compared to the factory model.First, the mechanism is much cheaper. Secondly, you can independently choose the most suitable design. Well, thirdly, if it breaks, at any time it will be possible to construct a new one.how to make a mousetrap with your own hands

Types of mousetraps

Self-made mousetraps can be of two types: disposable and reusable. Consider the features of each of them:

  1. Reusable devices are usually made of plastic bottles, wood, and glass jars. The advantage of such traps is obvious - they can be used several times. In addition, the captured mouse will remain alive, because it enters the cell, but it does not suffer. In order not to kill a poor animal, it can be taken to the forest or released into the field.
  2. Disposable mousetraps are made of glass bottles with a wide neck (from tea). Inside the bait is put: for example, a piece of cheese. It is necessary to tie a thick thread to the neck so that it does not break. The other end of the thread is attached to a stable object. If the mouse gets inside the bottle, it will roll down, after which the rodent will remain there. To release the creature, the mousetrap will have to be broken.

bottle traps

Device manufacturing

Mousetraps with their own hands from the bottle can be made in several ways. This option has a significant advantage - for its manufacture requires a minimum of funds. After all, even if there is no empty bottle at home, you can buy soda, and the source material will appear. Consider two ways to create a trap.

Method 1. It is necessary to take a bottle, cut it into two parts, the height of which should be approximately the same. On the half with a flat bottom should cut out sharp petals that should be bent inward. To get the mouse into the cage, you need to put any bait in the mousetrap. Once inside, she will not be able to get out.

Method 2. Cut the bottle into 2 parts. Cut off the neck so that a mouse could easily pass through it. In the lower part you should put the bait. After that it is necessary to place the top part in it with the neck down. This will make a good mousetrap. It is performed with its own hands so that the mouse can easily fall into it. She could not get out of there.a mousetrap

Bucket Mousetrap

Many do not know how to make a mousetrap with your own hands from a bucket. But it is done very simply.To do this, take any bucket, in the upper part of which you need to mount a metal rod. In the top view you should get something like a diameter of a circle. It is necessary to put on it some kind of vessel (jar or bottle) that should rotate freely. From above it is necessary to establish any bait. When the mouse wants to eat it, it will climb on the bottle and, rotating, fall into the bucket. The bucket must be positioned so that the rodent first steps on the neck of the vessel. So increase the likelihood that it will fall.mousetrap do it yourself photo

Mousetrap from can

This is one of the easiest options, because there is a glass jar in almost every home. If the mouse is haunted, but there is no free jar, you can open the cucumbers and eat them. After that, the container should be thoroughly cleaned, since it is not recommended to work with dirty instruments - as a result, a bad mousetrap can turn out. The hands can make it from the banks. It is done very easily, but such a device will be very effective. To do this, take the jar, then roll it up with a lid. It must be carefully cut by the technology of cutting the cake.To attract the attention of a small rodent at the bottom of a mousetrap, you can put a small piece of bacon. In addition, mice love cheese, wheat, grain, bread. The mouse will be able to climb into the jar, but it will not come back, as sharp teeth will interfere. If you do not want to roll up the jar, you can simply paste over its neck with masking tape and cut it crosswise. When the mouse steps on it, fall into the jar.

Any of the selected options is much better traps, which are sold in stores. After all, after each use, they should be re-tuned, and this may well harm health, since the own fingers can get into the mousetrap.

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