Motoblock "Champion": reviews of the owners

Motorblocks today are available in almost every household. After all, this technique can significantly ease the work of the summer resident on the plot. Release tillers different firms. And most modern brands are reliable. This applies, of course, to the champion motoblocks. If desired, the owner of the suburban area can choose for themselves such a technique of almost any power and weight.


The champion tillers are manufactured by the Russian company of the same name. It was registered in 2005 and for more than ten years it has been developing various mobile gardening and agricultural units. At the moment, the company "Champion" is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of such equipment.

motoblock champion

Among other things, the company "Champion" supplies such aggregates to the market, for example, chain saws, sweepers, skid-free electric generators, etc. As for the actual tillers,today, products from this manufacturer are represented at once by several, popular and deserving good consumer reviews, models.

Motobloki "Champion": owners reviews about equipment

A good opinion of gardeners about the Champion units was formed primarily due to their reliability and good build quality. Also, the advantages of these motoblocks consumers include versatility. With equipment "Champion" can be supplied a large number of types of attachments. And consequently, work on a country plot with its use can be carried out very different. Consumers of this brand include a rather rich assortment of models on the market.

The advantage of these tillers, among other things, consumers believe and not too high cost. The price of equipment "Champion" in any case lower than its imported counterparts. Also, a plus of the tillers of this brand and consumers consider the simplicity of their design. Units from this manufacturer are absolutely maintainable.

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In work of the car "Champion" are very convenient. With their use, you can loosen the land in the beds, perform weeding, prepare the soil for planting garden crops and lawns.Especially well these motor cultivators, as many consumers believe, are suitable for retirees. That is, for those people who dig up the garden with a shovel is simply not capable of.

What, according to consumers, there are shortcomings in the motoblock

Thus, reviews of this technology from the owners of suburban areas are generally quite good. However, of course, there are not only advantages for Champion units. They have some drawbacks. Judging by the reviews, these machines during prolonged operation, for example, can warm up the gearbox. Therefore, the units sometimes have to give rest for 15-20 minutes.

It is also considered that some Champion models are not very convenient for transportation over long distances. Owners of such equipment often have to buy additional wheels for it. In addition, the disadvantages of the champion tillers many gardeners include the fact that they are not regulated handles. Another disadvantage of some models of this brand is, according to some gardeners, not too large volume of the fuel tank.

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Despite some of the shortcomings, the Champion tillers in summer residents are still considered high-quality, reliable and convenient to use.In addition, the technical characteristics of the Champion units, according to most gardeners, are very good. At least, their price, according to gardeners, they justify to the full.

The simplest Champion models cultivate the soil to a width of 24 cm and a depth of 22 cm. For cultivators, these figures are more powerful than 85 and 30 cm, respectively. In inexpensive units of this brand there is only one speed. Powerful cars from this manufacturer can often move in reverse. Different models of "Champion" are designed for installation from 4 to 6 cutters. Gearboxes on machines of this brand can be installed worm or chain.

What attachments can be used

As already mentioned, good reviews of Champion tillers from gardeners deserve and for their versatility. With different models in the kit can go:

  • potato digger;

  • plow;

  • hillers;

  • rippers pololniki;

  • shipping carts.

motoblock champion owners reviews

Engines motoblocks "Champion"

Motors are installed on most models of this brand.Champion or Honda. Both of these options have earned very good consumer reviews.The power of the motors of these cultivators can vary between 4-13 l / s. The working volume of the engines of the most powerful units of this brand is 390 cm3. Of course, for the motoblock it is quite a lot.

Basically on sale today there are models "Champion" with four-stroke gasoline single-cylinder engines. Champion engines on these tillers are installed with a vertical or horizontal shaft fit.

Model BC9713: description and reviews

So, specificationstrays"Champion"have good ones.Next, let's see what parameters this technique may differ in using the example of model BC9713. The “Champion G210-1HK” gasoline engine is installed on this motorblock.7 liter capacity from. According to many consumers, the model is quite reliable. The volume of the fuel tank of this machine is 3.6 liters.

The model BC9713 has two speeds - front and rear. Drive her chain. This unit plows the ground to a depth of 30 cm with a grip width of 80 cm. In addition, the machine is supplied with a bracket for mounting the lawn mower.

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Reviews aboutChampion 9713 motorblockfrom summer residents there are mostly good ones. The advantages of thisunitgardeners include:

  • low fuel consumption;

  • ease of management;

  • high build quality;

  • simplicity of design.

The main disadvantage of this model are considered shortish wings. Because of this nWhen working, the machine can cover itself with cutters. Also, many gardeners are advised not to install the wheels of the motoblock in the lowest position. In this case, they, unfortunately, can break the cutters. With this position of the wheels, the model can only be transported to the storage location.

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