Motoblock "Belarus 09 N": technical characteristics, features and reviews

Our technology is especially valued, which helps to solve not one specifically taken task, but several at once. In this regard, many owners of gardens, farms and household plots give their preference to the unit called the Belarus MTZ 09 N motor-block. On this machine, and will be discussed in the article.

walking tractor Belarus

general information

The Belarus MTZ 09 motor-block is simply the ideal assistant who is carrying out several various functions connected with processing of the earth. The machine is manufactured with the possibility of its aggregation with auxiliary quick-detachable equipment, which ensures the multi-vector operation of this technology.

The Belarus motor-block is allocated with sufficient weight for successful work with various types of soil. The device has an ideal balance, which, in turn, leads to a minimum load on the operator, who, with a good setup of the machine, is only required to direct it along the planned route.

walking tractor Belarus MTZ 09

Work performed

The unit performs the following list of operations without any problems:

  • Plow light soil.
  • Conducts inter-row processing of potatoes and beets.
  • Cultivates the land.
  • Mows the grass.
  • Boronite

In this case, the operation of equipment is possible throughout the year, in the winter period as well. To do this, use the blade and snow plow. The maximum surface area is 4 hectares.

A few words about the manufacturer

The Belarus motor-block is characterized by high-quality assembly by engineering specialists. The car comes off the assembly line of the Smorgon Aggregate Plant, which is deployed in the Belarusian city of Smorgon. The first model of the unit was created in 1992. Model "09N" has become an improved version of previously released "Belarus 05".

walking tractor Belarus mtz 09 n

The described machine has received recognition from the consumer and is very popular. In 2009, 15,000 copies of motor-blocks were already produced. The main buyers were farmers from the United States of America, Estonia, Lithuania, Venezuela, Ukraine. To this day, the equipment is produced by the plant.

Special features

The Belarus 09 N motoblock, the technical characteristics of which are adapted for Russian environmental conditions, has an internal power take-off shaft and a differential lock.

The gearbox in the device is maximally adapted for movement on heavy soils. An optimized differential contributes significantly to the reliability and, consequently, the exploitation resource, the planetary gear of which has a large number of teeth cut. Easy control tiller made possible due to the fact that the steering column is significantly improved, and there are wide travel wheels.


The Belarus motor-block is endowed with the following indisputable advantages:

  • The case is cast from high-strength cast iron.
  • The wheels are pneumatic and can be pumped if necessary.
  • Completely missing cable system.
  • The revolutions of the motor shaft are adjusted if necessary.
  • Low noise generated during operation.
  • In the presence of an ergonomic handle, guaranteeing a comfortable user experience over a long period of time without a break for rest.
  • Provided for reverse.
  • Sufficient mass.

In general, the machine is easy to operate, unpretentious to maintain and very reliable. Its operation makes it possible to save considerably as the owner’s time,and his money thanks to the mechanization of basic agricultural operations.

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What is it used with?

The Belarus motor-block for reliable performance of the functions assigned to it can be interfaced with such knots as:

  • Universal plow.
  • The cutter is soil.
  • Harrow cultivator.
  • Rotary mower.
  • Adapter with seat.
  • Various additional weighting.
  • Universal hiller.
  • Hinged blade.
  • Communal brush.
  • Potato digger
  • Grousers.

In addition to all of the above, the trailer of the Belarus motor-block is also very often used.


First we indicate the weight of the car. It is equal to 176 kilograms. In general, the MTZ 09H walk-behind tractor, the technical characteristics of which are listed below, is quite compact and ergonomic. Among its main linear dimensions are:

  • The length is 1.78 meters.
  • Width - 0.846 meters.
  • Height - 1.07 meters.
  • Clearance - 295 mm.
  • The minimum required radius for turning the machine is 1 meter.

The gauge of the device can be adjusted in the range from 450 millimeters to 700 millimeters. The very same car credited to the ranks of 0.1 traction class.

The motoblock is capable of developing a traction force of 800 N.The maximum possible speed of movement is 12 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the working speed is only 2.6 km / h. A trailer can be attached to the walker, the weight of which should not exceed 650 kilograms.

motor-block belarus 09 n price

Fuel consumption

The fuel tank in the motorbike in question is quite capacious, considering its size, and is 6 liters. As for specific fuel consumption, this criterion is equal to 319 grams per kW per hour.

Power point

In practice, the walker can be equipped with a variety of gasoline engines, which use AI-92 or AI-95 as the main fuel. At the same time, they are all fully suitable for long-term operation in extremely difficult conditions. This explains the use of cast iron cylinder liners in the design of motors.

The most widely used are models with a four-stroke single-cylinder Japanese engine called the Honda GX270. To perform all the works provided for by the manufacturer, such a power plant is enough for a motor-block.

The motor itself has a volume of 0.27 liters, and its power is 9 horsepower. The shaft of the engine makes 3600 turns in a minute.

In addition, the walk-behind tractor is also available with Chinese engines - Lifan LF177 and Kipor KG280.These engines are absolutely identical in technical characteristics to the Japanese counterpart, but more affordable in cost to the buyer.

An important nuance is that the new power units used instead of outdated models are more economical, although from a technical point of view, more complex. These motors are characterized by smooth start-up and stable operation.

motoblock Belarus 09 n specifications

User Opinion

The owners of the motoblock have a somewhat mixed opinion about this car. Most people consider him a truly indispensable tool in solving many agricultural issues, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, reliability and versatility. The capacity of the machine is quite enough for the overwhelming majority of the work, and the optimally selected mass provides an excellent opportunity to operate the motorized unit without serious stalling on almost any ground.

Noted by users and the fact that the steering lock and excellent grip wheels with the ground guarantee the operation of the machine without physical overvoltage from the operator. However, walking tractor requires very precise adjustment.

Maintenance is also not able to cause big problems. Difficulties only causes the power plant, since in case of its breakdown it is extremely difficult to purchase branded components and parts for it.

However, the tiller can rightly be considered unkillable. The hardest work over a long period of time is not a problem for the machine.

motoblock mtz 09n specifications

The “Belarus 09 N” motor-block, the price of which is significantly higher than other units of this segment, also has disadvantages. These include the following:

  • Installation of attachments is quite expensive.
  • Sometimes there are significant problems associated with the difficulty to quickly disable the differential.
  • Difficult to change the available transmission, which can be explained by the lack of synchronizers.

The best looks also the appearance of the motoblock, which is clearly inferior to its competitors in respect of solidity.

The cost of the new unit ranges from 750,000 to 800,000 rubles. The price of a used motorblock is about 100,000 Russian rubles.

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