Morocco: North Africa Resorts

Hot and mysterious Africa has always attractedtourists with its color, exotic, special way of life and, of course, amazingly beautiful nature. Arab countries even nowadays reluctantly allow themselves to live in other countries with a different faith, traditions and culture. Not so long ago, the doors opened to tourists and Morocco. Resorts guests take all year round, because the temperature here even in winter does not fall below +15 ° C. In the country you can combine several types of recreation: sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean, walking through eucalyptus and pine plantations, climbing mountains, driving safari to the desert. Such a diversity is hardly possible to find on another continent.

morocco spasA huge number of options for recreation offersMorocco. Resorts are well thought out infrastructure, the best of them are located on the Atlantic coast. One of the most attractive cities, as well as the business center of the country is considered Casablanca. This is a large port with its history, there is something to see, tourists are provided with all conditions for a comfortable and interesting stay.

300 days of sunshine a year and comfortablethe air temperature, which is kept within the range of +25 ... + 30 ° C, made Agadir one of the most popular tourist centers in Morocco. The resorts are famous for their beautiful beaches, but in this small town they are especially beautiful. Vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views of the mountains, swim in the Atlantic Ocean, breathe fresh air in eucalyptus or pine-wood lines.

ski resort moroccoMarrakech is the real heart of Morocco. The resorts of the country are attracted by their traditions, culture, preserved for many centuries. In Marrakech you can look at the authentic life of the Moroccans, get acquainted with national crafts, clothes, customs, look at the delightful palaces, mosques, mausoleum. One of the most enigmatic resort towns is Fes. Only here you can really penetrate the religion, learn its subtleties, the perception of the world by the Arabs.

It should be noted that although Morocco is considereda warm African country, but the locals also saw the snow. If you really want to go skiing from the Atlas Mountains, you should come in the period from December to April. Ouchaimen is the best ski resort in Morocco, located south of Marrakech, it is located at 2600 m above sea level. To get acquainted with the history of the country, you should go to Essaouira, where once was the largest slave market in North Africa. There are a lot of interesting architectural buildings and historical monuments in the city, and Sidi Mohammed bin Abdallah's museum contains numerous treasures of the country.

resorts of Morocco in the Atlantic OceanAnother very beautiful and rich historicalThe last resort is Rabat. The city is buried in the greenery of parks and gardens, lovers of water sports come here. In Rabat is the University of Muhammad V. Handicraft lovers can purchase carpets and fabrics from local needlewomen here. Resorts of Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean are attracted by picturesque landscapes, interesting entertainments and local color. Nobody will be bored here.

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