Monoblocks "Lenovo": reviews, features, overview

What are the Lenovo monoblocks? You can read about them in this article.

These are powerful devices that connectfunctions of a stationary computer and a tablet. Monoblocks are not yet widely used, but they are strengthening their positions in the market every day. Features of Lenovo devices - a large selection of models, different price range, interesting and attractive design.

What is it

Today, the modern computer Lenovo -monoblock, assembled in one case with a monitor. This device looks like a large display with many functions and control keys. It should be noted that the candy bar is a modified computer. It is much more compact than usual, takes up little space on the table, looks ultra-modern and unusual. In translation from Greek, "monoblock" means "one". In a single undivided case several technological devices were connected.monoblock lenovo reviews

The idea of ​​this solution is to save space(instead of a lot of equipment only one) and aesthetic appearance. Unlike the monitor, the monoblock has more buttons, and it is thicker. This device does not have a system unit, but it is still considered a full-fledged computer. Monoblock mobile, for it you can use a wireless keyboard and mouse. In most models, fanless power supplies are used, which practically do not emit noise and take up little space.


Externally, the monoblocks "Lenovo" (reviews about themsee below) resemble large monitors. They combined the functions of a desktop computer and a tablet. Monoblocs look modern and differ from conventional PCs in configuration, functions and capabilities. Monoblocks can easily replace a home or office computer. Plus, the ergonomic design allows them to be placed on a small work surface. The case of monoblock computers Lenovo is made of strong materials. Recognizable brand design, the ability to choose the color of models, taking into account technical capabilities - that's what Lenovo offers today. In terms of size, layout and weight, the candy bar does not differ from the monitor, but it combines all the functions of the computer. It looks stylish and unusual, it can easily be carried around the apartment.monoblock lenovo prices


Monoblock "Lenovo", reviews about the possibilities of whichhelp the user to determine the choice, has a lot of advantages over a stationary computer. The features of modern monoblocks include the following:

  • ergonomics; they occupy little space, there are no connecting wires;
  • High-precision screen with the option "touchscreen";
  • excellent speaker system;
  • works like a computer;
  • controlled using a wireless keyboard and a touch-sensitive mouse.

Modern monoblock computers possessunique appearance, perfectly fit into the technological interior. An excellent option for home and office - a candybar "Lenovo". Bios devices allows you to make the necessary settings of the system components.


If the device fails, monoblock repair"Lenovo" and other brands will cost the owner not cheap. Unreliability is considered a common disadvantage of most monoblock computers. The disadvantages of these devices also include: a weak platform (comparison - the average laptop), the inability to upgrade the device, an uncomfortable touchscreen in some models, features of working with input devices, high price.

monoblock characteristic


The lineup of monoblocks "Lenovo" is huge. The choice is represented by budget and premium devices. Monoblock "Lenovo" C200 is a full-fledged functional device that is designed for daily activities and tasks. A large screen allows you to enjoy a beautiful picture, and a capacious hard drive to store a lot of information.

The Yoga Home 500 monoblock is designed to work andentertainment. The device is quite powerful, has a 21.5-inch monitor, a unique user interface, interesting applications, excellent performance, high quality graphics, a touchscreen display, surround sound, a durable built-in battery that allows you to transport the device.

Available monoblock 23 "Lenovo" model C50 30 -A device that is positioned by the manufacturer as a family monoblock computer. He has excellent performance and great opportunities. It represents a new generation (fifth) of Intel Core processors. The processor provides excellent graphics quality, high performance, so the device can be used not only for work, but also for entertainment. Monoblock with a diagonal of 23 inches takes up little space on the desktop, it is installed on the V-shaped stand that comes with it. It is controlled using the touchscreen. The touch screen is improved, responds to touch very quickly. The computer can be used as a home entertainment center (watch DVD movies, listen to music and much more). In addition, there is a large hard drive, an emergency recovery system.

computer monoblock lenovo

Monoblock "Lenovo" M73Z - productive modelcorporate class in a compact format. This 20-inch monoblock, quite productive, safe, is made in an elegant casing. It is designed for office work, differs compactness and classic forms. With it, you can save a lot of space on your desktop, which would be occupied by a regular computer. The monoblock has a built-in power supply. In the kit with the model there are various supports that firmly hold the device. This monoblock uses advanced technology VolP for video conferencing. The computer is equipped with a high level of security and manageability. In addition, it is possible to block the webcam.

Monoblocks of the S series are designed for small andmedium business. Lenovo S200Z is a reliable, high-performance and compact, stylish monoblock computer that is available in black and white. Its 19.5-inch screen is coated with a special anti-reflective coating, which provides an image of high definition. The display has a built-in webcam and speaker, there is a carrying handle in the case. The tilt of the screen is adjustable. In the kit there is a special bracket, which allows you to fix the candy bar on the wall. A fast operating system performs any assigned tasks. Plus, that this model is inexpensive, it can afford to start-up entrepreneurs and businessmen.


What distinguishes monoblock computers from conventionalPC? How has the monobloc "Lenovo" proved to be? The characteristics of this device are practically nothing special. There are built-in RAM, sound card, video card, stereo speakers, webcam, large display with touchscreen support, various interfaces that are present in laptops and tablets, ports, hard drive, processor, entertainment (games), security and protection. In general, a monolithic device combines the functions of a tablet, a laptop, and a stationary computer.monoblock lenovo bios

How to choose

Monoblocks "Lenovo" (the price for models is different)it is better to choose according to the needs of the user. When choosing, consider the following criteria: price, design, technical characteristics, brand. Decide what you need a candybar - for work or entertainment. Examine the store features of the device, ask them to show it in work. An important criterion is considered to be a convenient, responsive touchscreen. Many monoblock models are equipped with the ability to control through the touch of the monitor. Ask the seller about the warranty, do not be afraid to ask about the possibilities of the device. If a candy bar is needed to work with graphics editors, programs, it is better to choose more productive models.monoblock 23 lenovo

Price list

Monoblocks "Lenovo" (prices depend on the model),differ from other brands in design, appearance and cost. Given that monoblocks have not yet managed to gain popularity among buyers, the prices for them are still considered affordable. Today, the user can afford a monoblock Lenovo for 30 thousand rubles. There are also cheaper models. The average cost of a monoblock is 35 thousand rubles. There are expensive models, for example, devices for 70 thousand and more.candy bar c200


Monoblocks "Lenovo" reviews about their qualities withthe user's sides are positive. A pleasant impression of working with this device is enhanced by the beautiful design and multifunctionality.

Judging by the reviews, the monoblocks of this brand are simple ininexpensive, convenient, compact. Buyers are attracted by the high quality of the assembly, excellent performance, no noise during operation. Monoblocks do not heat up, they are ergonomic, they fit perfectly into the interior of the house and office. They take up little space, have a large screen, good built-in speakers. In addition, they are productive, they do not have wires.

However, these devices still have disadvantages. They are not as powerful as computers, but they can be cumbersome and heavy, some are expensive, sometimes they are not started right after pressing a button. In general, the monoblocks of the company "Lenovo" differ in budget prices, interesting design solutions. Models are divided by performance, purpose and price, which simplifies the choice.

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