Mobile phone LG KF300: description, specifications, reviews

It is hard to imagine that in the world of high technology someone will deliberately choose a simple mobile phone. However, there are such people. Basically, these devices are preferred by those who, for whatever reason, cannot master the capabilities of modern gadgets. These are people with disabilities or elderly. For them, it’s not the advanced functionality that is important, but the convenience and practicality of the device.

This audience of buyers prefers push-button phones, for example, LG KF300. Reviews about him on the network can be found different, but still it has certain advantages. Taking it in hand, you can immediately appreciate the small weight. And the large keys on the keyboard allow you to quickly dial a number even to people with poor eyesight. Its low cost attracts not only retirees, but also those who for some reason cannot afford an expensive gadget.lg kf300


A clamshell phone from a Korean manufacturer at the time of release has earned its popularity due to the original design. Its body consists of two parts. The top serves as a cover. It is located on the screen, and under it are four small buttons. The bottom part is fully occupied by the keyboard. The body is made of black plastic. A striking element in its design was the chrome finish on the front panel.

If we evaluate the device by modern standards, then it definitely falls into the category of retro. However, this is not surprising, since the clamshell phone went on sale about 10 years ago.

The body has a clearly defined rectangular shape. However, due to the slightly rounded corners, this model does not look very rough. On the front panel there is a metal lining in which the camera lens is inscribed. There is no doubt about the quality of the material from which the body is made. It is quite durable and non-mark. Ahead of the phone used a mirror surface, complemented by glossy lining, passing around the perimeter of the lid. At first glance it may seem that it is metal, but it is just painted plastic.Buyers claim that after a while the paint begins to fade. Most often this happens if you do not use the case.

The volume key is located on the left side. It is convenient to use it, as it appreciably acts. You should not be afraid of accidental pressing, the move is pretty tight. Due to the fact that the developers have placed it closer to the bottom of the device, during a conversation, the finger does not hit it. There is also a hole for attaching the strap. On the right side, the manufacturer hid the interface connector under the plug. The upper end and the bottom remained unused.

On the rear panel closer to the left side is the speaker. Its holes are arranged in the form of a circle. The battery cover is attached with a special lock. In order to open it, you must release the mount. Immediately under the hood is the battery. Under it in the lower part there are slots for a card of the cellular operator and an external drive.clamshell phone


The LG KF300 is ideal for people with low vision. Its keyboard with large buttons and good backlighting makes it easy to dial the number of the subscriber.On the screen, the font is also displayed in large characters. The convenience can be attributed, and the presence of special keys for quick access. For example, below the screen there are buttons that are responsible for such options as alarm clock, photo gallery, calendar, favorites. You can also call up any menu item using a digital block.

In this phone model, developers have focused on ease of use. Although the dimensions of the device are rather big (98.8 × 49.5 × 16.2 mm), but the weight is only 97 g. Due to this, the phone can be carried in the hands using a special strap, or hung around the neck. It also fits easily in a pocket of trousers or shirt. During the conversation, fatigue will not be felt.

Unfortunately, users noticed one drawback. There are some icons on the screen marked with text labels. They are small and cannot be increased. An ordinary person will not consider this a flaw, but those users who have poor eyesight will experience lg kf300


The LG KF300 has a rather mediocre screen. However, this fact can be observed in almost all push-button phones.The size of the display is 45 mm in height and 34 mm in width with a 2.2-inch diagonal. At its manufacturing the TFT technology popular at that time was used. It has certain disadvantages. For example, on the street in sunny weather the screen fades badly, but reading the information is still possible. According to most users, the contrast level is sufficient, but I would like more brightness. The screen resolution is small - 320 × 240 pixels. Able to display more than 250 thousand colors.


The main advantage of the model LG KF300 is the keyboard. First of all, consider the shortcut keys. As mentioned above, they are directly under the screen. They are programmed under certain options, which the user cannot change at his discretion. According to most owners, they are not comfortable enough.

The main keyboard is located on the bottom of the device. It consists of two blocks. The first is the control panel. It has a standard look. There is a round-shaped joystick that works in five positions. The arrows to the right, left, up and down plastic, button "Ok" - chrome.There are also two soft keys used to work with the menu. Under them are the cancel button (return) and the camera. Closest to the digital unit are the reset and receive a call.

The digital block is also made according to the standard scheme. It consists of four horizontal rows, and three vertical. All designations are quite large. It is illuminated with white uniform light. The size of each key is large. Given even the fact that they are located close to each other, erroneous pressing can be completely eliminated.loop lg kf300


Model LG KF300, though rather simple, but equipped with a camera. The module has a resolution of 2 megapixels. The quality of the pictures is far from ideal. More or less clear picture can be obtained only with good lighting, but they will look a little blurry. In a bad light, the photo looks very dark, with a lot of noise. Autofocus and flash are not provided by the developers. In the settings, the user can select different parameters, for example, excellent, normal and good quality, also change the image size (maximum - 1600 × 1200, minimum - 320 × 240 px).Available in the camera menu and options for continuous shooting, as well as a timer. There are only three effects. Thanks to them, you can get a black and white photo. During shooting, the shutter sound is optionally active or muted.

With this camera, the owner of the phone has the ability to record videos. Their maximum resolution is 320 × 240 pixels. The format is 3GP. All photo mode settings are also available for video. The camera does not have a high sensitivity, so when the lighting changes, they react very slowly, which significantly affects the recording quality.lg kf300 battery


Unfortunately, the LG KF300 in its content is significantly inferior to modern gadgets. As a useful option, you can select the FM-radio. It only works when headphones are connected. The latter have a non-standard audio jack, so you need to purchase only original models. The undoubted advantage is that the developers have provided a special adapter in the configuration.

The menu consists of the usual points of the organizer, in which the calendar, converter, alarm clock, reminder and other standard applications are combined.Also, the device has a simple WAP-browser. However, it will not be very convenient to use the Internet. As for entertainment, the phone has two games. This is chess and backgammon.


Unfortunately, the push-button phone LG KF300 does not have a large amount of internal memory. It provides storage of only 14 megabytes. However, to expand the capacity of the device there is a special port for a memory card. Those who wish to download a large number of music tracks, you must install an external drive type microSD. However, according to users, the slot for him is extremely inconvenient. In order to insert a memory card, you must have very dexterous fingers.

The advantages include the fact that the drive when connected to a PC is recognized in removable disk mode. In order for the information on it to be available, there is no need to install additional drivers.lg kf300 specifications


Battery life is the most important criterion of a mobile device. In the "clamshell" LG KF300 battery is used removable type, with a capacity of 800 milliampere per hour. It is made in compliance with lithium-ion technology.Due to the modest technical characteristics of this phone, the user can count on a fairly good period of work on a single charge. The manufacturer indicates that in standby mode, the device operates for about 200 hours. After a 2-hour conversation, you will need to put the phone on recharging. Provided that the average load of the battery life lasts about two to three days. In order to charge the battery up to 100%, you need to spend 2.5 hours.lg kf300 reviews


This phone model is a simple device designed to make calls and send messages. It will satisfy only undemanding users with its functionality. As a rule, they are elderly people. The advantages of the device include an excellent cellular signal, sensitive microphone, loud speaker, which allows you to hear the interlocutor well even in the noisiest places. Undoubtedly, the advantages can be attributed, and the cable LG KF300. As a rule, in many clamshells he was the first to fail. However, in this model, according to the reviews of the owners, such failures almost never happen.And what's beyond competition, so is a large keyboard with a good backlight.

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