Mobile operators of Russia: codes, tariff plans

Imagine your life without mobile phones is simply impossible. And it is not surprising that there appeared a large number of companies seeking to provide us with such a service as mobile communications. They lure new customers with stocks, advertising campaigns, discounted rates. In their diversity, it is sometimes very difficult to understand. This article will look at Russia's mobile operators, their codes and tariffs.

Top operators

Mobile operators of Russia, which are leaders in the number of subscribers:

  • Mts. This operator operates in 118 regions of the country. It has more than 177.5 million telephone numbers.
  • Beeline, whose network is distributed in 185 regions. The number of telephone numbers is more than 135.4 million.
  • Megafon, which has spread its network in the territory of 142 regions of Russia. It contains over 134 million phone numbers.

Russian mobile operatorsThese mobile operators of Russia are the most popular among the population of the country.

Other mobile companies

In addition to those described above, there are still many operators that I would like to recall. The operator Tele 2 came closest to the leaders. Its services are already used in the territory of 190 regions. It has almost 94 million phone numbers. Rostelecom covers 234 regions. This is the best indicator in the number of regions among all mobile operators. More than 61 million citizens use its services. “Yota” is present in 85 regions where nearly twelve million subscribers use its services.

codes of mobile operators of RussiaThe remaining Russian mobile operators have up to ten million mobile numbers. These include:

  • MGTS (three regions and 6.9 million numbers).
  • “Motive” (five regions and four million users).
  • ASVT (37 regions and 2.8 million citizens).
  • Global Telecom (81 districts and two million subscribers).
  • Global Tel (only one district, but one and a half million numbers).
  • TransTeleCom (52 ​​regions and 1.4 million people);
  • "K-Telecom" (known only in one region, contains one million in numbers).

Phone number codes

Codes of mobile operators in Russia, included in the top three, remain unchanged. They belong to each operator.

  • Megafon owns codes 92X. More specifically, the telephone numbers of this company always begin with numbers ranging from 920 to 939, as well as 997 and 999. Telephones of other operators cannot start with these numbers.
  • MTS begins its numbers with numbers 91X and 98X. Exact operator codes: 901, from 910 to 919, 978, from 980 to 989.
  • Beeline took for itself code 96X. The full list of codes for this operator is as follows: 900, from 902 to 906, 908, 909, 951, 953, from 960 to 969.

mobile operators russiaSome codes of mobile operators in Russia may begin with the same numbers, but belong to different companies. For example, telephones of such operators as Beeline, Tele2, Sky Link, Motive can begin with code 900. The code 901 may indicate that it belongs to Tele2, MTS, Wellcome, Sky Link, Sotel. These are just examples, and there are a lot of similar codes.

Best fares

Tariff plans without a limit allow you to actively communicate and visit the Internet. Among them it is easy to find a suitable option for yourself. All unlimited tariffs of mobile operators in Russia can be divided into three groups:

  • Small basket, which includes up to eighty minutes of free calls and one hundred and ten SMS.
  • The average basket includes up to four hundred free minutes, two hundred and forty SMS and one gigabyte of Internet traffic.
  • Dear basket includes one thousand two hundred minutes, four hundred twenty SMS, three gigabytes of Internet.

To the small basket can be attributed to such tariff plans as:

  • "Super MTS" for 140.6 rubles from MTS.
  • “Black” for 263.5 rubles from Tele2;
  • “Internet forever” for 269.3 rubles from “Beeline”;
  • “Megaphone-All Inclusive XS 12.16” for 289.96 rubles from “Megaphone”.

tariffs of mobile operators in RussiaThe following basket plans of Russian operators can be attributed to the expensive basket:

  • "All for 500" from "Beeline" worth five hundred rubles per month. For this money, the subscriber receives six hundred free minutes of outgoing calls, six hundred outgoing SMS and one hundred thousand megabytes of the Internet.
  • "Smart" from MTS offers five hundred minutes and SMS, three thousand megabytes of the Internet. And all this for 558 rubles per month.
  • An alternative from the Megafon operator is the Megafon - All Inclusive M tariff, which costs 644 rubles per month. Five hundred fifty minutes, four hundred SMS and three gigabytes of Internet are offered for this money.
  • “The Blackest” is a tariff from the Tele2 operator, which costs only 668.5 rubles. One hundred minutes, one hundred SMS and six gigabytes of Internet traffic are offered for this price.

More detailed information about the tariffs offered by mobile operators in Russia can be obtained directly from the representatives of these companies.

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