Mixer Frap: reviews. Shower mixers, kitchens: which is better?

For the shower and the bathroom is produced a lot of mixers,different materials, quality, design. "Frap" - a brand that produces the necessary elements of water collection in the house. Sinks, mirrors, sinks, brushes, soap dishes are produced. Frap mixers are also available. Reviews about the products are almost only positive. Buyers confirm the variety of products, which will allow you to choose the right option at your request. Details on the goods of the brand "Frap" are presented in the article.

Features of mixers

Products are created using Italianequipment, but in China. The firm produces a large number of products at an affordable price. And the quality of this does not suffer. As the reviews show, Frap mixers are diverse in design, so for each room you can find something suitable. Then the room will be decorated in a harmonious style.

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The advantage is considered economical. The company's products are similar to expensive counterparts, but its cost is lower. By saving water, it meets European standards. The company has certificates and licenses from various countries, including Russia. The manufacturer of Frap mixers performs maintenance and repair of products during the warranty period.

Goods differ in shape, color, style. Many models are similar to European products. The rest of the products are made in the original style. Mixers can have rounded or right angles. Colors are classic and original. The manufacturer of Frap mixers offers products for every taste. Judging by the reviews, the best are the Gappo and Frud lines. The former relate to the more expensive ones, and the latter to the budgetary ones.


Frap mixers are manufactured in several types:

  1. Classic with 2 valves.Such devices are ideal for those whoprefers traditional options. Adjustment of the head and temperature of the liquid is carried out thanks to 2 taps. One works with cold water, and the other - with hot water. Compared with the products of previous versions instead of valves there are axle boxes. This category includes G4012 (for washing), G2212 (wall mount), F2077 (the original form of the valves).
  2. With the joystick.The head is regulated by the movement of the leverUp or down, and temperature - by turning left or right. As the reviews show, Frap mixers of this kind are very comfortable. With them, you can regulate the flow of water with one hand. Of this series, the most popular are models G1014 (for the sink), G4001 (Avanda collection), G2208 (wall-mounted).
  3. Sensory.They are considered comfortable. There is a sensor sensor, which sets the desired temperature and flow power. Of this group is in demand G516.
  4. With thermostatic sensors.The mixer can maintain a preset temperature parameter. A popular model F3051, which has a brass body and watering can.

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As the reviews show, Frap fans getdifferent, then single-lever options are more appreciated. They are more convenient to use. Sensor devices can be a problem. Reviews about the products of the company "Frap" are different, but most users are satisfied with its work. Buyers appreciate the products for their original appearance and practicality. A properly installed device will last a long time if care is provided.


In the manufacture of mixers, brass andsilumin. The coating is chrome, but it can also be matte. There is a mixer Frap for a washbasin for bronze (F3030-4, F4130-4) and artificial stones (G1007-5, G3007-5). This coating is used in design variants of "Frap". As indicated in the reviews, many believe that the devices of the "Granite" style are in harmony with sinks and sinks made of artificial stone.

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Mixers are produced in different styles:

  1. Classic. Demanded models such as A64 G4064, A63 G4163 and G4113.
  2. Retro. These include A63-6 G4063-6, A63 G4063, A65 G4065. They are made of brass and copper, but are externally made for gold or silver. Can be used for Victorian-style rooms.
  3. Minimalism. Options such as 11 G4011, G4007, G4006 are suitable for modern styles.

Shower Faucet

Mixers of any of these solutions are functional and of high quality. If you choose them in accordance with the design of the room, then this device harmoniously fits into the interior.

For bathroom

Frap bath mixers are more suitable for H51F1051. This is a thermostatic type, in which the risk of bathing is excluded. The touch option can be used for the washbasin. The shower mixer G516 has a LED-panel, switched on by touch. The mode is indicated on the panel. This allows you to adjust them at your own discretion.

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Shower mixer F511-1 - touch option withthermostat. It can work with a socket or batteries. Shower units have an additional tap, thanks to which it will be possible to connect the shower hose. There are 2 modes of water supply: on a spout or shower. This group includes A63-6 G3263-6, A65 G3265, 12 G3012.

For wall mounting, choose model H51 F3051. In this mixer there is a thermostatic device that allows you to set the water temperature. If you take into account the feedback, then for 1 year of operation problems should not be. They occur later than this time. As the testimonials show, a common problem is the malfunction of the sensor, because of which it will not be possible to regulate the temperature of the water.

For kitchen

There are Frap Kitchen Faucets. Model F4321-5 is the most in demand among buyers. This is a single-lever version with a rotating spout and horizontal installation. Most reviews about this device are positive. Often it is installed for drinking water.

The other single-lever mixer F1074-2 is attached to both the sink and the countertop. The characteristics are similar to the models G4040 and F4172. Rotary design is available for options such as A65, G4065, F4008.

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The Frap mixer for kitchen is also in demandG4012, which works thanks to a ceramic cartridge. For this room are more suitable options with a high bend. This allows you to collect water even in high capacity, and to wash dishes with them is more convenient. In the kitchen, you can choose flexible and retractable appliances.

Before buying a product,only external parameters, design, but also technical characteristics. Dimensions, mounting option and material from which the device is made are important. Similar parameters are specified in the instruction. It is advisable to order the installation of the device from a professional, because this affects the duration of operation.

Mixers last much longer if there isquality care is provided. It is necessary to regularly remove lime scale. How to care and what means can be used is indicated in the passport. The products of the company "Frap" also have an instruction with the rules of use.

The result

Thus, the manufacturer offers excellentoptions for bathroom and kitchen. When choosing a device, you must take into account the purpose. Mixers of this company are quite affordable, but at the same time, their quality is not worse than other products. During the warranty period, problems are rare, so most users are happy with the choice.

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