Mittens: knitting scheme, descriptions, ideas

Winter mittens are always present in a set of warm accessories. Soft, warm, they reliably protect hands from burning cold and penetrating wind. You can knit mittens with your own knitting needles by choosing yarn and pattern for your taste.

Features of work

Knitting needles mittens is called "pipe knitting." Most often, the composing chain is distributed into 4 needles, and the 5th is used as a worker, alternately changing the spokes. In circular knitting, the mitten has no seams; it is performed in a circle without knitting the edge loops. All loops are knitted with facial ones, all rows are considered facial.

While knitting mittens, a knitting pattern may contain several features:

  • A row is knit loops from all four spokes. For convenience, you can mark the spokes, then there will be no confusion about which area is connected.
  • The upper part of the mitten is knitted on the first two knitting needles, the bottom (palm) - on the third and fourth.
  • To save the pattern, it is necessary to knit loops in every second row in reverse. That is, if in the purl row in this place a purl loop is knitted, then the front loop must be connected.
  • In those figures where the odd rows are knitted according to the pattern, the odd rows are repeated twice.
  • In order to knit a pattern with offset on both sides, it is necessary to knit all the odd rows according to the patterns for knitting on two knitting needles.

Beginning of work

How to start knitting mittens knitting needles? Schemes and the description facilitate the process many times. In order to proceed directly to the work, first determine the quality and texture of the yarn. Mittens are fluffy and not very, made of goat down, mohair, wool, acrylic, cotton.

Drawing is equally important. Mittens, knitting patterns which are complex, look better if they are concise colors. Cuff fit with elastic band. So the mitten will sit tight on your hand. In addition, the cuff can be knitted long, then the mittens will be fashionable: it can be worn under outerwear with a 3/4 sleeve.

Loop calculation

After selecting the yarn and pattern, proceed to the calculation of the loops for mittens.Knitting pattern is the same for all sizes. The only difference is how many loops you need to dial to grip the arm and thumb.

First knit pattern on which to calculate the density of knitting. Having bound approximately 10 by 10 cm, the sample is slightly stretched and the knitting density is measured. Then measure the circumference of the hand and calculate how many loops you need to dial, so that the product comfortably fits the arm. The resulting parameters should be recorded, since a little later they will be useful for calculating the required number of loops for the thumb.

Knitting mittens

Beginners learn to knit mittens knitting needles, patterns, patterns, description should be taken simple. You can start with an unusual, but simple model that fits on two knitting needles.

mittens knitting pattern

For knitting, you first need to draw a pattern. To do this, on a piece of paper is encircled by a palm pencil.

Knitting starts with a thumb. Dial a number of loops so that their length corresponds to the distance from the tip of the thumb to the wrist + cuff length + 1 cm for fitting. The turn rows knit 3-4 rows (depending on the selected yarn and the thickness of the needles).

In order to form a thumb, close the loop, moving from the top of the finger to the palm. Knitting on the palm continue, and reaching the point of junction of the thumb and index finger - dial on the needle loop for the index finger. Further knit in the same way as the thumb - in turning rows.

Having reached the little finger, they continue to knit in the reverse order, and in the place of tying up the thumb they knit the top half of the thumb from top to bottom.

The resulting mitten sew. Edge can be processed, crocheted for beauty. And you can - turn and steam.

For knitting such mittens knitting scheme is not needed. The main thing is to draw the pattern correctly and take into account the peculiarities of the thread - shrinkage or stretching during heat treatment.

Mitten "hedgehog"

Experienced craftsmen will love the model in which the mitten looks like a hedgehog.

For knitting requires skill knitting pattern "bumps" knitting needles. Having chosen a yarn and the tool, start knitting of a mitten.

knitting mittens scheme and description

The calculated number of loops is dialed and distributed into 4 needles. To the upper part sat on the arm and did not pull, on the spokes for the upper part is distributed into several loops more.

In a cone of three to five loops, this must be taken into account when calculating.

The belly of a hedgehog is knitted with facial loops, facial smooth.

knitting mittens with a pattern pattern

By tying the height of the mittens to the index finger, make a narrowing. Narrow strictly on the sides, so that the design of the cones does not go and the hedgehog coat does not twist. This can also be done using only the front surface, and in the last row to tie a knob on the top. Then it will be like a muzzle.

When completing the mitten, the hedgehog's nose, the topmost knob, can be knitted with black threads. Sewing on the beads, place them on the upper part of the mitten.

Patterned mittens

Often there is knitting mittens with needles with an ornament. Schemes can be varied. Often needlewomen for jacquard mittens use patterns for cross-stitching: each cell - one loop of mittens.

knitting mittens knitting patterns scheme description

Such schemes are convenient because there is no need to calculate the number of loops, it is enough just to count them on the scheme.

knitting mittens with a patterned ornament

Fascinating knitting. Mittens with a pattern, the schemes of which can be monophonic or multicolored, will not leave fashion-conscious women indifferent. To the mitten looked beautiful, it is worth a responsible approach to the knitting pattern and the choice of yarn.

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