Mini tractor KMZ-012: technical specifications, instruction manual, attachments, reviews

The mini tractor KMZ-012 is assembled in the city of Kurgan and can be used to perform a variety of work, both in the city and in the countryside. It belongs to the class of small-sized wheeled vehicles and has high power and excellent traction characteristics. Farmers have earned excellent reviews from farmers.


The KMZ-012 mini-tractor was designed and launched by the Kurgan Plant as part of a program for the development of the market for small-sized equipment intended for small farms and part-time farms. The first such model left the assembly line of the enterprise in 2002. To date, this tractor has already been removed from production. But still he has a lot of fans.Farmers are eager to buy this model from ads, with hands. To find such a tractor, for example, through the Internet will not make much effort.

kmz 012

Main advantages

The KMZ-012 tractor deserved its immense popularity primarily for:

  • compactness;
  • fuel efficiency;
  • reliability and high performance.

Today, this model is acquired not only by small and medium-sized farmers, but also by ordinary villagers who keep cattle in their farmstead.

Spheres of application

The main purpose of the mini-tractor KMZ-012 is gardening and gardening in areas with an area of ​​up to 5 hectares. Also, this technique is often used:

  • on the adjacent territory of various organizations;
  • on school grounds;
  • in greenhouses;
  • in park farms.

Versatility is, therefore, what distinguishes the KMZ-012 mini-tractor. Attachment with it can be used very different.

What specific works apply

With the help of this technique, farmers and owners of large household farms can mechanize their work:

  • digging up potatoes;
  • hilling trees and shrubs;
  • harrowing the soil.

Also outside the city, this tractor can be used for mowing in meadows and fields.

In urban environments, this model is most often used for the transport of small lots of solid and bulk cargo and snow cleaning. In addition, a tractor can be attached to the tractor for sweeping the streets. In construction, this model is often used for mixing concrete.

mini tractor kmz 012

Main technical specifications

This model differs in excellent operational qualities thanks to, of course, the thought-over design. The performance characteristics of this technique are really great.

KMZ-012 tractor: main characteristics





Transmission (forward / backward)

5/1 or 4/2, depending on the modification


2.1 kN

Model width

960 mm


1972 mm

Height (with / without cab)



300 mm

The weight

697-732 kg depending on the modification

The track of the mini tractor KMZ is adjustable to two positions - 700 and 900 mm. This increases the convenience of working on complex reliefs.

What engines can be used with the model

Currently on the market you can buy a tractor KMZ-012, equipped with:

  • petrol engine SK-12;
  • diesel V2CH 8.2 / 7.8;
  • American petrol VANGUARD 16HP 305447;
  • American diesel HATZ 1D81Z.

spare parts kmz 012

KMZ-012 tractor: characteristics of used engines

What specific parameters the units installed on this model can be found in the table below.

Engines KMZ-012



В2Ч 8,2 / 7,8

VANGUARD 16HP 305447


Power (kW / hp)







Fuel consumption (g / hp)





The SK-12 engine is manufactured by the Kazakh enterprise ZSA, V2CH - ChTZ-Uraltrak, VANGUARD 16HP 305447 - by Briggs & Stratton. HATZ 1D81Z units are manufactured at the plants of Motorenfabrik Hatz. This four-stroke engine with a vertical cylinder is installed on the latest version - KMZ-012N.

Tractor gearbox

The first modifications of KMZ-012 had 5 forward speeds and one back. Later, the manufacturer decided to equip the tractor with a box of a slightly different design. The tractor received a transmission with two reverse gears and four forward.

Actually the box itself at the KMZ-012 gear mechanical. Back this tractor can move with a maximum speed of 4.49 km / h, forward - at a speed of 6.82 km / h.

Model Transmission

All modifications KMZ-012 rear wheel drive exclusively. The front wheels of the tractor are mounted on a swinging beam.This allows the bridge to replicate road bumps. Consequently, the driver when working on this tractor does not experience any discomfort.

The transmission of this model is a mechanical dry clutch. The tractor is equipped with disc brakes. Installed last in the gear housing.

kmz 012 characteristics

Attachment Equipment

Hydraulic pump mini tractor KMZ works on transmissions. Unfortunately, many farmers find this design not very successful. The fact is that when the clutch is pressed, the hydraulics of the model does not function. Therefore, in the management of CMH-012 requires some skill.

Attachments in this model provides as many as two - front and rear. Both of these assemblies are hydraulically controlled and have a standard three-point attachment system. It is possible to aggregate with this model more than 20 types of attachments. For example, very often with such tractors are used:

  • snow plow;
  • dump;
  • front mower;
  • truck;
  • potato digger

Cabin model

This tractor is supplied by the manufacturer to the open market. That is, he initially has no cabin. To perform work in the summer, this option, of course, fits pretty well.But this model is often used in the winter. Of course, working without additional protection at this time of year is not particularly comfortable. However, the farmer can get a cab to this tractor, where it is heated, at any time.

Actually the workplace of the machine operator in the KMZ-012 model is equipped with a modern adjustable spring seat. The control panel with all sensors is located directly in front of the driver.

Tractor KMZ-012: instruction manual

Perform production tasks on this model should, of course, subject to certain rules. For example, when operating the front suspension, the rear should be set to the transport position, and vice versa. Before using the tractor for the first time:

  • check all nut and bolt connections;
  • check the oil level and top up if necessary;
  • lubricate joints and assemblies;
  • fill the tractor with coolant and fuel;
  • check tire pressure;
  • check battery and wiring connections.

kmz 012 reviews

What do consumers think about this model?

Opinion about the mechanics of this technique has developed just great.Tractor KMZ-012 farmers deserve at most good. Consumers consider its main advantage to be cost-effective. Fuel consumption of this model is less than many other similar ones.

Farmers relate to the benefits of CMH-012 and ease of management. Many people think that even a teenager can cope with this technique. Also, the advantages of the model are:

  • high safety performance;
  • versatility.

This model has also earned very good reviews for its complete maintainability. To fix it, if necessary, can almost anyone, at least a little versed in such a technique. Parts KMZ-012 also find quite easy.

Of course, the advantage of this tractor, many consider, and its relatively low cost. The disadvantages of the model farmers mainly relate only to the fact that the fuel tank is not very conveniently located near the battery.

kmz 012 attachments

How much is

The Kurgan plant has already stopped producing new models of the KMZ-012. To buy such a tractor today, as already mentioned, only with hands. These popular models cost an average of 120-180 thousand rubles. For almost a new model on the market can ask and 300 thousandIn comparison with imported tractors of the same group, this is, of course, relatively inexpensive.

Comparison with other models

In addition to KMZ-012, there are several other mini-tractors on the Russian market today that are popular with farmers. For example, the “Uralets” model is used quite often for all sorts of agricultural and communal works. These tractors are more expensive than KMZ. But at the same time, they are also considered more productive. The engines on them are set at 18-22 l / s. At the same time, Uralets can be used both on a wheeled and on a crawler track.

tractor kmz 012 instruction manual

Also, if desired, farmers can purchase the Belarus 132N mini-tractor. Engine power of these low-cost models is 18 l / s. Such equipment is a bit cheaper than KMZ-012. Farmers also deserve good reviews from this tractor. However, he, unfortunately, has one serious drawback - too large an angle of turn.

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