Methodist - who is this? Education, duties and career prospects

Educational institutions, whether commercial or state, need to systematize the process of educational activities. For this is the responsibility of an individual employee - a methodologist. This is a person whose work directly affects the quality of education. Consider this specialty in more detail in different directions.

Methodist is

Who is a methodologist?

Methodist is a specialist who performs a number of functions in the organization of educational and cultural activities. Methodists are in every educational and educational organization. The position of the methodologist does not imply only one theory; the workers do not abandon the practice.

Usually they take on this post teachers with work experience of at least three years. Because a person who knows the work from the inside, more fully understands the specifics of this activity.

The methodologist’s primary task is to develop a training plan in such a way that the teacher can clearly and competently present information to his students. The material should be within the meaning of a specific age group and maximize the efficiency of learning.

job instruction officer

Methodist education

When applying for a job, you must have higher pedagogical education. But there is the possibility of employment and with secondary special education in the specialty "Pedagogy". At the same time, the candidate should be well versed in clerical work, know the principles for developing teaching materials and have a long teaching experience.

From personal qualities, commitment, literacy, attentiveness and perseverance are welcome. The organization of the educational process as a whole depends on the work of the methodologist, as well as the students mastering the educational material.


Methodist demand

At the labor exchange, the work by the methodologist is quite relevant. This is explained by the fact that in any educational system, such as a kindergarten, school, university, cultural center, and a developing center, a person of this profession is required.A similar vacancy can be found in medical organizations, major travel companies and retraining centers. One word, an expert in their field will not be without work.

Methodologist in primary educational institutions

The senior teacher, who is the main assistant manager in her work, becomes the methodologist in the kindergarten. The right hand of the head of the educational organization is working to create a good atmosphere in the team. But the main task of such an employee in a preschool institution is to control the work of teachers. He develops the schedule of classes, training programs, controls their execution.

In simple words, a methodologist should issue an official document with a training plan to an educator, music worker, physical culture specialist, psychologist and speech therapist. It contains topics and questions that should be considered for a certain period, it is indicated how many hours to devote to a particular topic and what should be the result of the training activity.

In this case, the methodologist advises his colleagues, provides them with all the necessary educational literature.This is especially true of young teachers who have just graduated from university. Quite often, talks are held with teachers in new directions in education. To identify the pros and cons of work open lessons are arranged in the presence of the head. The profession of a methodologist is so significant that when there is no head, her duties are temporarily assigned to him.

The management is very serious about the selection of candidates, as a rule, they will not take a person from the street. First you need to prove all your knowledge and skills in the position of educator.

The methodologist must also monitor the availability of toys, necessary educational materials. Further, the pedagogical council resolves the issues that have arisen on this matter, and selects sources of funding for other important areas of educational activity.

Official duties of the methodologist of the kindergarten are quite diverse. Therefore, teachers with a great experience and significant work experience are accepted for this job. An invaluable burden of knowledge is used to improve and develop practical activities.

methodologist education

Methodist at school and university

The activities of a specialist in school and university are even more extensive. Methodist, whose education is higher, is able to analyze the entire educational process. A methodologist’s work plan is drawn up for each year, he must strictly adhere to it, and at the end of the year prepare a report on his work. In addition to the preparation of curricula, programs and schedules, the methodologist performs the following duties:

  • records management;
  • determination of the load for each teacher;
  • contact with outside organizations;
  • the introduction of materials to improve the qualification level of employees;
  • organizing competitions, contests, exhibitions;
  • development of manuals for the educational process;
  • organization of educational work, including with difficult adolescents;
  • the issue of wall newspapers and the content of the school site;
  • organization of school-wide parent meetings;
  • visiting open lessons followed by discussion;
  • organization of seminars in psychology and pedagogy for teachers.

And this is not a complete list of the activities of the methodologist, it all depends on the focus of the educational institution.

methodologist education

Methodologist in houses of culture and development centers

Modern parents care carefully about the comprehensive development of their child. Realization of him as a person and achievement of success in the future directly depends on this. That is why all kinds of development institutions are so in demand, both state-owned cultural centers and private development centers.

To organize the process of the work of such institutions, a methodologist must be present on the staff. Here he can fully express his creative potential.

The methodologist is the person who determines the number of people in a group, develops methodological manuals for each occupation, draws up curricula, provides and develops didactic materials. Also takes an active part in the preparation of scenarios for the play and concerts. His role in such institutions is very important, it depends on it, whether the topics of the circles will be interesting to children and whether they will have a desire to attend these classes.

methodist work plan


Methodist salary depends on the institution in which he works. If it is a public institution, then it only slightly exceeds the salary of an ordinary teacher and is average in the region.If these are commercial establishments, then, as a rule, the salary is above the average and depends on experience and additional professional knowledge.

Rights and Responsibilities

The job description of the methodologist clearly prescribes his rights and obligations.
Methodist rights:

  • he should know all the innovations that the management of the institution intends to introduce;
  • the methodologist is the person who has the right to submit controversial issues for discussion;
  • he can also improve his qualifications at least once every five years;
  • has the right to develop and implement methodological documents on education, consistent with applicable laws;
  • may make suggestions for improving the structure of the methodological service.

methodist work plan

The job description of the methodologist prescribes great responsibility for the entire educational process. The charter of the organization and the instruction are the main documents of its work.

If the educational process does not show efficiency, then the methodologist will be primarily responsible. In addition, he is obliged to maintain in order all the necessary documentation, filling out all forms and tables, and on first request to provide them to management. Otherwise, you may lose the prize or get reprimanded.Like any employee, he is responsible for the material damage caused by his activities.

Career. Pros and cons of specialty

If the specialist shows himself from the best side and proves in practice the effectiveness of his work, he may soon become the head of the kindergarten or the head of the educational institution. Therefore, a methodologist is a person who can have a good career growth.

So, having considered all aspects of the profession, we highlight its main advantages:

  • demand for the labor market;
  • the possibility of a creative approach to activities;
  • constant self-education through the introduction of new methods;
  • social service to people, education of the young generation.

Methodist profession

The main disadvantage of the work of the methodologist is a small salary. But for those who want to fully realize their creative and professional potential, learn to find an approach to each person, it will definitely work.

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